TDCM Chapter 279: Do You Think He Likes Me?

Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief, then she watched as Ye Chenyuan packed, but the strange thing was that he was packing her things!

“You……it’s just a few days, why are you packing so many clothes for me?”

Ye Chenyuan said helplessly, “Doesn’t master have the habit of changing clothes everyday? These clothes are very light and don’t take up much space anyway.”

Yuan Chu felt very embarrassed all of a sudden and she knelt on the bed as she said embarrassedly, “We’ll only be there for seven days so I just won’t change. We can use a cleaning art anyway.”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her with a raised brow, “Doesn’t master want to look pretty?”

He pointed out Yuan Chu’s thoughts at once. Although she wasn’t very old yet, she still liked to look pretty! Otherwise she wouldn’t change her clothes everyday and even ask Ye Chenyuan to comb a nice hairstyle for her.

Yuan Chu blushed and pounced over to grab her clothes, “It’s just seven days, I can bear it!”

There was a twinkle in Ye Chenyuan’s eye and he looked at her as he asked softly, “Is master worried about tiring me out?”

Under his gaze, Yuan Chu’s face inexplicably turned red. Her delicate appearance made Ye Chenyuan feel an itch in his heart. Then his body moved faster than he could react and he pushed Yuan Chu down.

Yuan Chu let out a soft gasp as she looked at him dazedly.

Ye Chenyuan’s grasp tightened around the bed sheets beside her.

The cleansing pill no longer worked and he couldn’t eat the heart essence pill daily. As he looked at Yuan Chu, the burning in his eyes seemed like it could swallow her.


He called out in a hoarse voice, then he took a deep breath before asking with a restrained smile, “Master……do you feel sorry for me?”

Yuan Chu’s entire body tensed. She looked at Ye Chenyuan who was above her as she clutched tightly at her own clothes. Ye Chenyuan’s face was originally still a little childish and he wasn’t as tall and slender as he was right now, but ever since he came out from the Wangchuan Mystic Realm, although he was still a young man, his aura was no longer that of a youth.

“I……” Yuan Chu was very nervous. They had played around on the bed before, but there hadn’t been once where the feeling was this different. At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was all she could see and her heart was speeding up.

Ye Chenyuan, Ye Chenyuan he……

But how could Ye Chenyuan resist her silent temptation? He lowered his head slightly, feeling that the scent on her body was like a small hook that was constantly teasing his starved mental state.

But at this moment, there was a “bang” and a ball of black smoke poured out from between Ye Chenyuan’s brows before finally turning into an old man.

“Hahaha! I’m finally awake! Did you miss me?”

As if something had suddenly been broken, Ye Chenyuan’s eyes immediately became clear and he quickly sprung up from Yuan Chu’s body before packing all the clothes on the bed.

Venerable Li noticed that the atmosphere was a little unusual and his expression changed to one of hurt, “Perhaps, neither of you welcome me?”

Yuan Chu sat up on the bed. She didn’t dare to look at Ye Chenyuan and only said in a muffled voice, “No……it’s just a little unexpected.”

Ye Chenyuan had already composed himself and with the clothes in his arms, he said, “Master, I’ll go out to see if there’s anything left to pack. You both can talk.”

Saying this, he turned and left the room.

Venerable Li was confused, why were the both of them acting so strange? He had been asleep for a very long time! Why weren’t they the slightest bit excited?

Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief when Ye Chenyuan left. She looked at Venerable Li. Because Venerable Li had sustained very serious injuries that time, even with the ten thousand year spirit essence, he had still spent a lot of time to recover. In any case, he made it before the divine sword mystic realm.

When Venerable Li saw that Yuan Chu was staring at him, he couldn’t refrain from asking, “What is it? The both of you quarrelled?”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu touched her chin……say, Venerable Li was a soul that was living in Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness, he was probably a reliable person to get some answers from.

So she called Venerable Li over and asked in a lowered voice.

“Venerable Li, I have something to ask you, you have to answer me truthfully.”

Venerable Li nodded his head, “What is it? Ask away!”

Yuan Chu said mysteriously, “Umm, do you think that……Little Yuan Yuan he……likes, umm……has someone he likes?”

Yuan Chu still didn’t dare to ask directly: Do you think that he likes me?

So she used this roundabout manner of asking instead.

Venerable Li gave her a strange look, “Why are you asking me? Ask yourself! You’re by his side every day, I’ll be asleep sometimes!”

But he then thought of something and laughed mischievously as he moved closer to her, “Why? You’ve realised that Little Yuan……has fallen for someone?”

Yuan Chu’s expression froze, then she said, “Haha, no. I just think that I’m very charming and was worried that he’ll fall in love with me. Hahahaha! If he has someone he likes, I can be reassured right?”

She laughed as she said this, then she fixed her gaze on Venerable Li. Who knew that Venerable Li would laugh in an even more exaggerated manner than her.

“Hahahaha! Little Chu, aren’t you being too……too confident? He likes you? Hahahaha!” Venerable Li was dying of laughter, to the point that even his soul force was shaking.

Yuan Chu’s fragile heart was hurt by his laughter and she said angrily, “Why isn’t it possible for him to like me? I’m pretty good!”

Venerable Li glanced at her and clicked his tongue, “I’ve also been young before. Someone of Little Yuan’s age usually likes mature and sophisticated women. The kind that’s flat on both sides like you……umm……the type that isn’t sticking out a lot, how could Little Yuan possibly like it? Besides, you’re his master alright? How could such a polite and respectful child like him harbour such disrespectful thoughts?”

Yuan Chu heaved a small sigh of relief when she heard this, but she still cupped her face as she asked worriedly.

“Are you sure he doesn’t like me in the slightest? I’m obviously very cute……” Venerable Li had an expression of disdain when he heard this, “Cute is used to describe girls, look at you, you’re always causing trouble and Little Yuan has to chase after you. How is that cute? Besides, with you being so hard to please, whoever you marry will be in trouble alright? Only Little Yuan would be so obedient and happy to serve you. Are you possibly thinking of relying on him for the rest of your life? He’s your disciple!”

Yuan Chu felt very attacked by Venerable Li and she stared at him emotionally as she said indignantly, “I’m not that bad! When did I cause trouble, when was I ever difficult to please!”

Venerable Li counted them for her one by one, “You didn’t? Look here, you’re always eating nonstop all day long, yet you want quality ingredients and you don’t want to eat the same thing. Little Yuan has to spend a lot of time just looking for the ingredients. Tell me, are you bad or not?!”

Yuan Chu felt a little embarrassed by what he said and she lowered her head slightly as she emphasised.

“……Little Yuan Yuan did that of his own free will!” Venerable Li said with a ‘hmph’, “Look at you! You’re still young yet you’re always causing trouble. He took his eyes off you for a moment and you had run off to the Hunyuan Demon Patriarch’s island, so Little Yuan had to go around searching for you! In the blink of another eye, you managed to almost get yourself killed and Little Yuan had to think of ways to save you even while he’s in a mystic realm! During a visit to someone’s house, you even suffered from the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense……tell me, are you always causing trouble or not?”

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