TDCM Chapter 280: The Past Where She Was Bullied

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Yuan Chu lowered her head even more. Venerable Li’s voice became even louder, “And look at you, as a master, do you even look like one? You don’t put effort into cultivating and always sleep till it’s late in the morning. You don’t give Little Yuan much pointers and he always has to solve any problems and make the decision himself! Yet you want the best food and clothing, it’s expensive and troublesome to provide for you! Someone like you……I’m afraid that Little Yuan actually wants to marry you off quickly so that he can escape from the abyss of misery!”

Yuan Chu hung her head.

All of a sudden, she quite believed the idea that Little Yuan Yuan was raising her as his daughter.

The occasional accidental glances and what not, they absolutely weren’t him doting on her but him pampering a child! She had misunderstood things!

Like she’d said, how could Ye Chenyuan fall for her? He was someone who was so malicious towards her in her last life. She’d indeed overanalyzed things.

When Yuan Chu recalled the upsetting things in her last life, the small fantasy in her mind was broken till there was nothing left.

She remembered there was once where she urgently needed the reishi mushroom to raise her cultivation. When she later learned that a certain mystic realm belonging to the male lead happened to have this item, she had gone there in search of it.

After she successfully obtained it, she ran into Ye Chenyuan and when he saw the thing in her hand, he immediately moved to snatch it from her.

She didn’t manage to win the fight and not only was the reishi mushroom snatched by Ye Chenyuan, she was even tied up and humiliated!

The key point was that after humiliating her, he even said pretentiously.

“You were the one to find the reishi mushroom first so it should belong to you, but you cultivate both spiritual energy and demonic energy and it isn’t suitable for you so I’ll trade it for the autumn wind grass.”

So, without listening to her protests, he stuffed a huge bunch of autumn wind grass to her. Yuan Chu was so angry that she wanted to beat him to death!

“I don’t want this grass, why are you trading this grass for my reishi mushroom?! Even if the autumn wind grass is also a grade five spiritual herb, but I don’t want it! I want my reishi-”

Before she could finish, Ye Chenyuan stuffed the grass into her mouth with a blank expression on his face.

Once the autumn wind grass entered her mouth, it was converted to a warm current that poured into her. Unexpectedly, this warm current didn’t reject her demonic energy and she absorbed it without any trouble. She was quite surprised.

But……perhaps the reishi mushroom would have an even better effect?!

She glared angrily at Ye Chenyuan, “Don’t think that I’ve agreed just because I’ve eaten it! Let me tell you, there’s no way! Hurry up and return the reishi mushroom to me, you don’t need it anyway, why are you fighting over it with me?!”

Was it possible that because she kept snatching his things, all of a sudden, he also wanted to experience it for himself?

At this thought, her gaze towards Ye Chenyuan became one of disdain, “You appear cold but I didn’t think that you’d actually be the kind of person to hold a grudge. You’re disgusting! In any case, I’m such a beauty, you……mm!”

Ye Chenyuan stuffed another blade of autumn wind grass into her mouth.

Yuan Chu was furious! “I’d rather die than eat any food that’s handed out with contempt! You……mm!”

“Ye Chenyuan!! D*mn……”

At the end, Yuan Chu felt like crying, “Stop stuffing, the spiritual energy in my body is about to explode. You’re wealthy so you can do whatever you want. Just go, you can leave the remaining autumn wind grass behind……”

Ye Chenyuan raised his brow slightly, “We’re trading the reishi mushroom?”

“Trade, we’ll trade……”


Recalling that “tragic” and painful past, Yuan Chu trembled involuntarily. Someone like Ye Chenyuan, the type that’s destined to be alone for his entire life, why had she overanalyzed things?

She said to Venerable Li earnestly, “Alright, I was just joking with you. I wanted to see if you’ve become muddle headed after sleeping for so long.”

Venerable Li raised a brow, “Who are you calling muddle headed?”

Yuan Chu revealed a devilish smile, “I’m referring to you! You actually said that I won’t be able to find someone to marry? Old fellow, let’s have a fight to the death!”

“Little troublemaker, bring it on!”

The boisterous fun had resumed on this side but what they didn’t know was that Ye Chenyuan’s entire body was soaked in water right now, and it was very painful.

He could feel that he was increasingly unable to restrain himself. Perhaps it was a negative repercussion from suppressing his feelings for too long, or perhaps his desire to possess her was just this strong.

He had initially planned to confess his feelings after returning from the divine sword mystic realm because master would have grown up by then. Although the years spent in the mystic realm didn’t count to one’s age and Yuan Chu was still twelve or thirteen to others, she had previously spent five hundred days in the mystic realm so her body was actually fourteen already. After another year in the divine sword mystic realm, her body should have grown up enough……

But could he still wait another year?

Ye Chenyuan frowned frustratedly.

Even if he couldn’t wait……he had to wait! If she was too young, she might be frightened by his feelings……

Ye Chenyuan thought uncertainly.


The next day, Ye Chenyuan suddenly realised that Yuan Chu’s attitude towards him had changed. She had become even clingier to him.

Ye Chenyuan found this rather odd. She should have perceived his recent excessively intense feelings these past few days and previously, she’d already become more restrained in her behaviour towards him so why was she now taking the initiative again?

For the entire day, she stuck to him like candy floss and acted in all manners of a spoiled child. To him, this was really a sweet torment.

However, Yuan Chu had also become a little more independent, like how she was insisting on carrying her own bundle right now.

“Master, didn’t we already split our roles?”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her in confusion as he held the rather heavy bundle in his hands.

It would’ve been fine if he didn’t mention it, but once he did, Yuan Chu’s face turned slightly red. She recalled what Venerable Li had said last night about her not acting like his master. That was true, she always took advantage of her disciple just because he was easy to bully, and that wasn’t good!

So Yuan Chu shook her head resolutely, “These are all my things, how can I make you carry them? I think that I should do my own things myself!”

So she moved to grab the bundle from Ye Chenyuan’s hands but he raised it up high as he looked at her with a smile.

“Master, I’m your disciple. I ought to treat you well.”

Yuan Chu felt a little guilty……

“Actually, this isn’t how a disciple is supposed to act. You’ll spoil me like this……”

Moreover, she has realised that she seemed to have been spoiled a little. Nevertheless, Ye Chenyuan was very adamant, the bundle in one hand as he grabbed Yuan Chu’s hand with the other and led her outside.

“Master, your disciple is different from other people’s disciple.”

Yuan Chu looked at him dazedly. What’s different? That he’s especially handsome?

Ye Chenyuan looked at her ever-changing expressions and he revealed a small smile.

“Because other people’s disciples don’t have such a cute master.”

Yuan Chu felt an inexplicable sweetness in her heart when she heard this. After receiving a blow from Venerable Li yesterday, she had been feeling a little hurt but she’d been cured in this instant.

She ran after Ye Chenyuan as she asked repeatedly, “Really? Do you really think so? You don’t think that I’m greedy and lazy and hard to please? You’re not thinking about finding someone to marry me off to?”

Ye Chenyuan suddenly realised why Yuan Chu’s attitude had changed. He let out a sigh.

“Master, don’t listen to Venerable Li, he’s just jealous of you.”

“Jealous of me?”

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