TDCM Chapter 278: Limitless Doting

It’s just that she herself didn’t notice this, and she looked at Yuan Fu emotionally, “Family head……you’re willing to believe me?”

She revealed her most coquettish expression, intending to continue to charm Yuan Fu, but who would’ve known that the surrounding people would suddenly look at her as if they’d just seen a ghost.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, puzzled. Having seen such a strange scene, Yuan Fu instinctively took a step back. Jin Rou finally sensed something and she touched her face, only to realise that her facial features were sagging! She was frightened and quickly ran to her dressing table.

In just the distance of these few steps, her body had become heavier and heavier, and by the time she reached the mirror, her entire body had already inflated like a balloon……

Jin Rou looked at herself and let out a shriek.

Off to the side, Zhu’er and Yuan Fu were speechless with shock. Only Li Yunniang burst into laughter when she finally reacted.

“Retribution! This is retribution! Don’t you always rely on your face to go around seducing everyone? It’s very good that you’re like this right now, if you maintain this appearance, the Yuan family will provide for you for the rest of your life!”

Jin Rou’s screams were still going on but Yuan Chu didn’t want to watch it anymore. She dusted her hands and held Ye Chenyuan’s hand as they left. Because their cultivations were very high and they didn’t make any noise, no one noticed them.

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu, feeling rather surprised.

He had thought that master would use a gentler method because she had never been a very aggressive person, so he was surprised by what she’d just done.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan was staring at her, Yuan Chu turned and gave him a smile.

“I know what you’re thinking……initially, I had planned to do things in an open manner and teach her a lesson, but after seeing that she’s so detestable, I suddenly don’t feel like doing things in a roundabout manner anymore. I want her to be taught a lesson right now!”

A profound meaning emerged in her usually clear eyes.

“A woman who’s that good at pretending, isn’t it interesting? But I really want to know how she’ll get by in the future without her looks or body!”

What she had used on Jin Rou just now was a very evil witchcraft known as the dry bones technique. This type of spell was very harmful, so besides those evil people who feared nothing, it was seldom used by others.

That’s because once this witchcraft was used, Jin Rou would never be able to advance her cultivation in this life, nor can she regain her former appearance. This type of spell that could ruin a woman was one of the magic spells that were banned in the Heavenly Continent.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan still wasn’t speaking, Yuan Chu bit her lip and asked with an uncertain look in her eyes.

“Do……you think that it was very cruel of me to do that?”

Hearing that, it was only a while later that Ye Chenyuan said, “I was only thinking that since master dislikes that person so much, should I just go and kill her?”

His words made Yuan Chu laugh. The haziness from before was gone, leaving behind a heart filled with joy.

“There’s no need, we’ll just leave it at this. That woman won’t live a good life anyway. Letting her live like this is the best punishment for her!”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t deny that he still thought that there’d be unexpected situations as long as she was still alive. Master disliked that woman so much, it was better to kill her.

On their way back to the academy, Yuan Chu couldn’t refrain from asking.

“Little Yuan Yuan, say, why did my scumbag dad fall for her? He has such a unique taste! Abandoning my mother for such a woman. Now that I think about it, my mother’s death was not worth it……”

When Ye Chenyuan heard this, he consoled her in a low voice, “Perhaps……after all these years, your father has already found a way to revive your mother?”

Yuan Chu looked up at him, “That’s not possible. I’m their biological daughter. If they’re alright, will they not come to find me?”

Besides, they’d never appeared in her last life. Could they be dead?

Seeing that Yuan Chu seemed to be in low spirits, Ye Chenyuan said very seriously.

“Anyway, I’ll never be like him!”

Yuan Chu looked at Ye Chenyuan’s serious expression and snorted with laughter.

“Then it’s settled! When you get a wife in the future, you cannot forget your master.”

Ye Chenyuan also smiled when he saw that she had regained her smile, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget you.”

Yuan Chu let out an exclamation of surprise as she looked at him.

“You actually didn’t refute it? Perhaps our Little Yuan Yuan is already thinking of getting a wife?”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips and looked at her for a long time with a conflicted expression, then he held her hand as he said.

“Let’s go, master. I’ll make some pastries for you.”


Time passed like this day by day and the Zhao family had already been forced to close many of their shops. Even after their commercial districts were snatched, they didn’t dare to make a fuss and completely withdrew themselves.

However, the other families had no intention of letting them off and continued to press on.

His majesty was still in seclusion right now but once he returns, both the Su and Mu family would probably present the evidence of Ye Tianxu not being of the imperial family’s bloodline.

The date of the divine sword mystic realm’s opening drew closer and although things were unstable from the various major aristocratic families’ fighting behind the scenes, it didn’t affect the people who were about to enter the incense grounds.

Everyone who would be entering the divine sword mystic realm needed to fast at the incense grounds first, and right now, Yuan Chu was packing her things.

The incense grounds were quite a mystical existence. It advocated for freedom from desires, so entering there was equivalent to suffering hardships and cultivating. Not to mention interspatial rings, she wouldn’t even be able to open the space in her sea of consciousness.

So before entering the incense grounds, Yuan Chu needed to properly select the things she would be bringing.

Various items were spread out on her bed and Yuan Chu looked at them in frustration, realising that she wanted this item and that item! In the end, she simply rolled on the bed, rolling all the way to Ye Chenyuan’s side.

Ye Chenyuan was packing some things that he thought he would need. After Yuan Chu rolled over to him, he caught her with a smile, only to see her say with a serious expression.

“Little Yuan Yuan, I want to bring everything, what do I do? I feel that all of them are necessary!”

Ye Chenyuan looked at the various bundles of pastries, sweet fruit wine and shortbreads on the bed and he couldn’t help but to laugh.

“Are all of them really necessary?”

Yuan Chu clutched onto his arm as she nodded her head earnestly, “I’ll die without them!”

Looking at her delicate and adorable appearance, Ye Chenyuan shook his head helplessly, “Alright, then just bring them all.”

Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up at once and she asked cheekily.

“Will it be too exhausting for you? It’s quite tiring to carry all these.”

Previously, they’d already split their roles very “fairly”. Ye Chenyuan would carry the daily essentials while Yuan Chu would take care of the very important items such as medicinal pills.

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “Then, would master like to take out some items as you see fit?”

Yuan Chu glanced at the entire bed of items and frowned, contemplating over it for a long time before she removed a small jar of wine from the bed.

“We won’t bring the wine, it’ll be difficult without a storage space.” Saying this, her large eyes continued to wander around the bed, only to see that there wasn’t anything else that she could remove. When Ye Chenyuan saw Yuan Chu looking so conflicted that her chubby face was all scrunched up, he quickly said, “Alright, it’s fine removing just the wine jar, there’s no need to cut back on the remaining items. Master, thank you for helping to lighten my load.”

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