TDCM Chapter 266: When The Plan Is Going Smoothly

All the guests entered one after another. The lunch banquet had been set up in an outdoor parterre and they were surrounded by spirit flowers and good wine. This unique design made all the guests say that the imperial grandson had been meticulous.

The Gu family felt honoured when these words reached their ears. The Gu family had favoured this girl for a long time, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken all that trouble to help prolong her life. Right now, when they saw the imperial grandson’s consideration towards Gu Qingke, they naturally felt happy. Unbeknownst to them, this entire day was a scheme and Gu Qingke was the sacrificial victim.

Everyone had gone to the parterre to attend the lunch banquet so there were fewer and fewer people outside. Gu Qingke knitted her brows, deciding to also go to the banquet because the imperial grandson would be arriving soon and as the hostess, she couldn’t be absent.

But it was at this moment that someone suddenly blocked her way.

“Chenyuan gege?”

Gu Qingke looked at “Ye Chenyuan” with wide eyes. He was dressed in white, looking at her with a gentle expression on his face and a smile that had an aura of wickedness.

“Can I talk to you?”

The fake Ye Chenyuan tried his best to imitate Ye Chenyuan’s tone and smile, and sure enough, Gu Qingke didn’t notice that anything was wrong.

Gu Qingke looked at him. She had already let go of him in her heart, but he was still someone she’d been interested in after all. She thought……that if Ye Chenyuan came to find her, it meant that he had realised his mistake and had turned back. If so, she might give him a small reminder so that he wouldn’t embarrass himself too badly later.

She understood Ye Tianxu too well. He appeared harmless, but that was only if he didn’t make a move. Once he did, he’ll be very ruthless, so she’d have to see how Ye Chenyuan behaved.

With this thought, she revealed a sweet-tempered smile and said rather proudly, “Chenyuan gege, I’ll be heading to the lunch banquet soon. There isn’t much time, but if you want, I can take a stroll with you.”

Seeing that there were palace maids in their vicinity, she said, “Follow me.”

Saying this, she brought “Ye Chenyuan” to a courtyard not far from the lunch banquet. Li Xuanzhi didn’t think that he’d be able to succeed so easily and although he was happy, he also felt somewhat hurt. However, when he recalled that he’d soon be able to obtain the girl he’d longed for, he felt excited and he quickly followed her.

“Alright……” Seeing that they were alone, Gu Qingke said with a smile, “Chenyuan gege, if you have anything to say, please say it now.”

At this moment, how could Li Xuanzhi still be thinking of talking? He eagerly pushed Gu Qingke against a tree and his hands started misbehaving.

“Qingke meimei, I regret it. You’re a hundred thousand times better than that Mu Qingge. Don’t marry the imperial grandson, I’ll marry you!”

Gu Qingke didn’t think that Li Xuanzhi would do this right at the start. This wasn’t something that the Ye Chenyuan in her memories would do, so she pushed him away before rebuking him angrily, “Chenyuan gege! What are you doing?!”

How could Li Xuanzhi still bother about anything else right now? Anyway, his cultivation was higher than Gu Qingke’s and he wasn’t afraid that she’d resist.

He said with a sneer, “What am I doing? After I make you my woman, you won’t marry someone else. Qingke, I like you!”

Saying this, he pounced on her again. This time around, he did it with a bit of brute force so Gu Qingke was unable to struggle free. She glared at him with a bright red face, “Chenyuan gege, if you still don’t let go, I’m going to shout for someone!”

Li Xuanzhi scoffed. With the imperial grandson around, before he succeeded, no one would come even if she yelled her throat sore. So his movements became even more urgent, and it looked like he was intending to rape Gu Qingke in broad daylight.

Gu Qingke didn’t think that Ye Chenyuan was such a person. If they were indoors right now, she might give in after making a show of reluctance, but how was it possible outside? She’d be screwed if someone saw them!

So she started struggling vigorously, yet she didn’t call out. With tears in her eyes, she looked at the face that made her heart beat, feeling anxious and embarrassed.

“Chenyuan gege! Don’t do this, we’ll be seen by others! Please……”

Li Xuanzhi was now doing as he liked. He thought to himself that being seen was exactly what he wanted, otherwise how will the imperial grandson be able to break off the engagement? So he became even more brazen, and Gu Qingke also felt a strange bit of pleasure.

But they couldn’t do this! This was the eastern palace!

So she started to resist even more strongly, though there was still a trace of pleading in her voice, “Chenyuan gege……l-let go of me! If you really want, after leaving the eastern palace, we can……”

“No!” Li Xuanzhi stared at her gentle and pretty face with slightly red eyes as he said in a hoarse voice, “You’re so beautiful! I want you right now! Everyone has gone to the banquet, they won’t find out. Qingke, give it to me!”

His words stirred up a bit of desire in Gu Qingke so she gradually started to resist less. She gritted her teeth and pointed to the courtyard beside them as she said, “Can we go inside that house? Outside, I’m scared……”

Li Xuanzhi smiled evilly when he heard this, “Alright, let’s go in!”


While Gu Qingke had fallen into the imperial grandson’s scheme, the same was happening to Ye Chenyuan. At this moment, Ye Chenyuan had fallen “unconscious”, but he was actually communicating with Yuan Chu in his sea of consciousness.

“Master. Later, Ye Tianxu will definitely start on the blood exchange straightaway because the divine sword mystic realm is about to open and he has become impatient. At that time, you just have to watch from the sidelines. Don’t make a move.”

Yuan Chu’s trait of wanting to destroy things was already becoming restless and for the sake of stirring up trouble later, she was very obedient and nodded her head repeatedly.

“I’ll listen to you!”

Ye Chenyuan felt very satisfied.

If it was before, coming to the eastern palace to obtain evidence would be a very dangerous matter, but ever since his cultivation reached Nascent Soul, all these were no longer a big deal. He had a feeling that with his current abilities, he might even be able to defeat an early stage Astral Realm expert. The only thing was that he had yet to try this out.

Very soon, he was brought underground by that group of people. Unexpectedly, there was a very large underground palace beneath the eastern palace!

Finally, Ye Chenyuan heard a sound.

“Your highness, we’ve brought him here!”

Ye Tianxu quickly turned around when he heard this.

There was still ten days before everyone who would be entering the mystic realm would go to the incense grounds. It was only after purifying their body and minds at the incense grounds could they then enter the divine sword mystic realm, so he didn’t have much time left.

He looked at Ye Chenyuan with a cold smile, “Isn’t he very strong? To think that he was defeated so easily. It looks like Elder Zhao only died because he was discovered by the principal. Fancy old woman Zhao worrying that much and telling me not to act rashly over and over again.”

It was only because the Empress had demanded it that he had held back for half a year before secretly making his move. He was just the Empress’ dog and she didn’t care how much he needed the Divine Emperor Blood.

Hidden in a corner, Yuan Chu was holding onto a “gigantic” recording pearl as she smiled craftily.

Her cultivation was at Astral Realm so none of the people here would be able to detect her. That’s the reason why she could spy on them so openly while also taking a video recording.

Seeing the ugly look on Ye Tianxu’s face, Yuan Chu held onto the recording pearl that was more than half her size as she thought angrily. I’ll let you run rampant for a few more minutes, hmph!

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