TDCM Chapter 267: Defiled By A Pig Again

Ye Tianxu didn’t keep talking for too long. After seizing Ye Chenyuan, he quickly brought him to the underground sacrificial altar. Yuan Chu followed them and realised that there was actually a blood lake! That blood was definitely human blood because she could sense the deep resentment when she approached it.

Although she’d long known that Ye Tianxu was cruel and ruthless, she didn’t think that he’d be so deranged.

Yuan Chu decided to record all of this. She had to drag this imposter’s reputation through the dust!

The space where the underground sacrificial altar was located was very large. Black stone walls were on all sides and they had the purpose of isolation, so that no matter what Ye Tianxu did, no one would be able to sense it from the outside.

The blood lake was emitting a strange red glow. At the centre of the blood lake was a small circular island that was covered in cracks of red blood, looking like it’d been covered in a layer of red spider web. Ye Tianxu and the rest walked across the stone bridge and onto the island while Yuan Chu followed behind them eagerly.

There were five people on the island right now, two responsible for protecting Ye Tianxu and keeping an eye on Ye Chenyuan while another was Ye Tianxu’s cousin, the grandson of the Emperor’s third brother.

“Are you going to do the blood exchange now?” Ye Wenqi looked at Ye Chenyuan curiously. His grandfather and father were colluding with the Zhao family so he knew all of Ye Tianxu’s secrets, including his identity, but he won’t expose him because they had a common interest.

Moreover, by being beside Ye Tianxu, he was also helping his family’s elders to keep an eye on him. Although their family and the Zhao family had a common goal, they both did things their own way. For example, regarding today’s matter, Empress Zhao was against Ye Tianxu changing his blood right now but their family was in support of this.

Ye Tianxu had an especially good attitude towards Ye Wenqi. In front of people who knew about his identity, he had no status to speak of. He was merely the son of the crown prince’s guard while Ye Wenqi was genuinely of the imperial family’s bloodline. So, regardless of what Ye Tianxu actually thought, on the surface, he still did everything properly.

He nodded his head, “There’s no time to lose. Since we’ve already captured him, it’s better to do the blood exchange as soon as possible lest trouble finds its way here.”

Ye Wenqi was still young, only fourteen years of age. When he heard this, there was a glint in his eyes before he said calmly, “Come to speak of it, I’ve never seen someone of the Divine Emperor Blood before. It is said that only people of that bloodline can see the divine sword, I wonder if that’s true.”

There was a slight change in Ye Tianxu’s expression, then he gritted his teeth as he said with a smile, “After I obtain his blood, all the opportunities will be mine!”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan pretended to wake up. When he saw Ye Tianxu, he even revealed a puzzled expression.

“Imperial grandson? Why did you capture me?”

Ye Tianxu was initially flustered to see that Ye Chenyuan had awoken, but he soon said with a sneer.

“Why……because you snatched my woman. Can’t I kill you?”

Ye Chenyuan thought of something and guessed, “Your woman? Did you perhaps sacrifice Gu Qingke in order to frame me?”

Ye Tianxu didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to be so clever and he became a little nervous, but he then recalled that there wasn’t anything for him to be afraid of because this place had layers upon layers of protective boundaries, so he said with a sneer.

“So what? In any case, by now, everyone would know that you raped Gu Qingke. But don’t worry, you won’t live to see that day because you’ll be dying right here.”

Sat on the ground, Ye Chenyuan didn’t look the slightest bit panicked amidst the dim red light and his calmness made Ye Tianxu feel uneasy.

Ye Chenyuan’s gaze swept past his surroundings, then he said with a smile, “What’s your true motive for wanting to kill me? Even if I’ll be dying, shouldn’t you let me die knowing the reason why?”

There was no need for Ye Tianxu to cover things up anymore. He said with a gloomy expression, “I can only feel at ease if you’re dead, and since you’ll be dying anyway, so just give me your blood!”

Saying this, he formed a few signs with his fingers, then Ye Chenyuan could feel that he had been held in place by something and was being forced to stand, his legs hanging in midair.

At this moment, he was as calm as ever.

“What do you want my blood for? Could it be that your Divine Emperor Blood is fake?”

This was the one thing that was the eternal pain in Ye Tianxu’s heart. He said through gritted teeth, “If I hadn’t used your blood back then, I wouldn’t have lost control of things like this! Let me just tell you the truth, you’re the imperial grandson, and I am just the child of your father’s guard!”

“But that doesn’t matter. After today, I’ll really have the imperial family bloodline! No one will be able to question me again!”

He had thought that after he said these, Ye Chenyuan would show an expression of shock, anger or something else, but unexpectedly, there was only a faint smile on Ye Chenyuan’s deity-like face.

“So you’ve occupied my position, taken everything that’s mine, yet you still want to kill me? Aren’t you worried that the day the crown prince returns will be your day of death?”

Looking at his smile, Ye Tianxu felt increasingly uneasy. He said ruthlessly, “What’s there to be afraid of? As long as I’m in a position of power, so long as I become the Emperor, even if he returns, I can also kill him!”

Yuan Chu was feeling very excited as she watched this show from the sidelines. It had all been recorded right? This d*mned imposter finally spoke the truth!

After this, Ye Tianxu didn’t talk anymore nonsense and got ready to begin the blood sacrifice immediately.

The chances of the blood sacrifice failing was still quite high and in order to lower the probability of failure, he had been taking a very evil kind of medicine for all these years. That medicine was harmful to the body and if he continued to take it, it would cause permanent harm.

So this time, he had to succeed, he couldn’t fail!

He quickly formed a few signs with his fingers and the two people who were protecting him also executed their techniques to lock Ye Chenyuan in place and immobilise him.

Ye Wenqi was obediently watching from the side. He also wanted to know if this blood sacrifice would succeed.

Slowly, Ye Tianxu also rose into the air, flying till he was facing Ye Chenyuan, then a giant complicated looking array appeared beneath their feet.

That array enveloped the entire space and the blood inside the blood lake started to surge and seethe. It was then drawn out, becoming countless threads of blood that twisted towards Ye Chenyuan.

Ye Tianxu had planned everything. He would fight a quick battle and resolve things in the shortest time possible. After all, once he was done with things here, he still had to go to where Gu Qingke was to catch her in the act of adultery.

As long as that incident became big enough of an issue, the number one academy wouldn’t dare to say anything even if Ye Chenyuan died in his hands.


Meanwhile, on the other side, a scream broke the calm.

Just as Gu Qingke and Li Xuanzhi were engrossed in what they were doing, a palace maid abruptly barged in before screaming as she ran out. Gu Qingke turned pale with fright. She didn’t even think about why she didn’t notice that someone was approaching. There was only one thing on her mind. She was done for!

She gave Li Xuanzhi an angry push, “Why didn’t you say that someone was coming?!”

With Ye Chenyuan’s cultivation, it wasn’t possible for him not to have sensed it. But to her surprise, he gave her a backhanded slap.

“You’re not a virgin?!” Li Xuanzhi had been suppressing his anger from the beginning, and after Gu Qingke pushed him, his anger surged so he vented it on her without a second thought.

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