TDCM Chapter 265: No Worries About Being Unable To Raise A Spendthrift

Ye Chenyuan felt that the tiny Yuan Chu was very adorable and he kept teasing her along their journey, but when he stepped foot into a courtyard, his expression suddenly changed.

In front of him was a luxurious European style palace. The courtyard was filled with light yellow coloured Muyi flowers, appearing very harmless, but from the moment he stepped in, he knew that he’d been locked in place by an array.

During the period of time that he had been in Wangchuan Mystic Realm, he had done thorough studies on arrays. This array that Ye Tianxu was using was meant to prevent him from running away and it also sealed off the use of any storage spaces. It looks like Ye Tianxu was determined to get him.

Yuan Chu obviously didn’t sense anything because in all her lifetimes, she had never learned about alchemy or refining, not to mention the even more complicated arrays.

After looking around, she said to Ye Chenyuan slightly sourly, “This imposter is so shameless. Not only did he steal your identity and the eastern palace your father left behind, he’s now even trying to steal your blood and kill you. How can he be so shameless?!”

Ye Chenyuan felt a warmth in his heart when he heard Yuan Chu feeling indignant on his behalf.

In fact, he didn’t think much of these worldly possessions because the things he’d accumulated in the Sky Pearl over the years was enough for him to use for the rest of his lifetime. However, he cherished this person that defended him against the injustice, so he held onto Yuan Chu’s body with one hand and stroked her affectionately as he transmitted his voice to her.

“Don’t be angry. If you like this place, I’ll snatch it and give it to you.”

Yuan Chu became lively when she heard this, “Alright, great! Don’t leave anything for that imposter! Let him get lost to where he belongs!”

Yuan Chu’s hands were clenched into tiny fists as she jumped about inside Ye Chenyuan’s clothes. Ye Chenyuan held Yuan Chu in both hands as if he were carrying her in his heart.

As long as she was here, even if he had to face the person he hated the most, he’ll be able to remain in a good mood.


Meanwhile, Ye Tianxu said to a person beside him.

“Do you remember the instructions?”

That person’s cultivation was at early stage Golden Core and his head was lowered as he replied in a hoarse voice, “This subordinate remembers.”

Ye Tianxu nodded his head in satisfaction, then he looked at Li Xuanzhi as he said with a sinister smile.

“It so happens that you also like Gu Qingke. Once Gu Qingke’s reputation is ruined, the Gu family will definitely accept you when you visit. Although you don’t have a strong ‘Yang’ bloodline, but after things are done, I can help you to find a person with the Divine Emperor Bloodline to exchange your blood with. At that time, you’ll definitely become the Gu family’s ideal son-in-law!”

Li Xuanzhi’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

He was the guy who admired Gu Qingke and had agreed to help her change Yuan Chu’s mystic realm token.

After the principal drove him out of the academy, he was recruited by Ye Tianxu who had ulterior motives.

“Your highness is serious?!”

Li Xuanzhi was initially doubtful about whether he’ll be able to become the Gu family’s son-in-law, but now he was very excited.

If he could have the Divine Emperor Bloodline, and Gu Qingke’s reputation was ruined, what reason would the Gu family have not to choose him?

Ye Tianxu said with a smile, “Of course I’m serious, I’ve already found someone who has the Divine Emperor Bloodline. Although the power of his bloodline is weak, it’s genuinely the Divine Emperor Blood, just a right fit for you.”

Hearing Ye Tianxu’s guarantee, Li Xuanzhi was even happier.

Ye Tianxu had observed all his expressions and he said with a smile, “You just have to transform into Ye Chenyuan’s appearance, force yourself on Gu Qingke, then make a commotion over this matter. When the time is right, I’ll send my people to wrap things up so that the Gu family won’t be able to hurt you. I’ll then break off the engagement, and when the Gu family is in turmoil, you can visit and request to marry her. The Gu family will definitely accept your sincerity.”

Li Xuanzhi became even more excited. He covered his face with the spirit tool Ye Tianxu had given him. Suddenly, his appearance changed into Ye Chenyuan’s as he knelt by Ye Tianxu’s feet.

“Your highness, please don’t worry. I’ll definitely complete this task! When this subordinate becomes the Gu family’s son-in-law, I definitely won’t forget your highness’ favour. I’m willing to repay this favour at any cost, I’m ready to risk life and limb!”

Ye Tianxu looked at the face that belonged to Ye Chenyuan that was kneeling in front of him and he felt a flash of satisfaction.

He helped him up as he said with a smile, “Go, I’ll await your good news.”

After he said this, Li Xuanzhi turned and left.

Ye Tianxu was lost in his thoughts as he looked at Li Xuanzhi’s retreating figure.

He didn’t want to marry Gu Qingke. It was okay to play around with a woman whose heart wasn’t with him, but marriage? Anyway, he can still have a firm grip on the Gu family if Li Xuanzhi married Gu Qingke, so why did he have to do it himself?

Of course, the most significant thing was that there were risks involved in doing the blood exchange. Although he had planned to capture Ye Chenyuan and complete the sacrifice today, it was still uncertain whether they’d succeed. Even if they were successful, it was still uncertain whether Gu Qingke would notice the changed blood. Marrying her would increase the possibility of exposing himself so if he had a choice, it’d be better to push her out.

Moreover, after today, everyone would know that it was “Ye Chenyuan” who had raped Gu Qingke. Even if Ye Chenyuan ended up dying in his hands, the number one academy would also have nothing to say.

His plan was perfect, and the next step was to capture Ye Chenyuan.


With a raised brow, Ye Chenyuan looked at the group of people who had suddenly appeared in front of him. They were all at the Golden Core stage and one of them was even at late stage Golden Core. It looks like Ye Tianxu had taken great pains to capture him.

Yuan Chu said excitedly, “Hit them, beat them all to the ground!”

Ye Chenyuan smiled helplessly as he transmitted his voice to her, “We can’t. Master, have you forgotten that we’re here to obtain evidence? Both the Su and Mu family are waiting for the evidence. As long as we expose Ye Tianxu’s identity, both the Su and Mu family’s anger will be directed towards the Empress and the Zhao family. By then, we’ll just have to sit back and watch them fight, then reap the rewards when they’re done.”

After all, be it Mu Qinghan or Su Heyue, both of them were their family’s reverse scale. At present, both families just haven’t found a breakthrough point so what he had to do was to deliver it into their hands.

Hearing that things were actually that complicated, Yuan Chu decided not to concern herself with it. In any case, she believed in the male lead’s brains so she said, “So are we going to surrender?”

Her tiny unhappy voice rang in his mind. Were it not for the current setting, Ye Chenyuan really wanted to bring her out and give her a kiss.

He comforted her in a soft voice, “Master, don’t worry. After we get the evidence, you can do whatever you want and the principal will deal with the aftermath.”


“Yeah, I’m not bluffing you.”

Yuan Chu immediately became happy, then she watched as Ye Chenyuan faked fighting with them.


After coming out, Gu Qingke first intended to look for Ye Chenyuan. The banquet was about to start and she didn’t know what the imperial grandson’s plan was. Was it to embarrass Ye Chenyuan in front of everyone? Or was there some other plan? Also, did Mu Qingge come?

Cultivators had strong recovery abilities and even though she was treated that way by Ye Tianxu before, she had now recovered.

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