TDCM Chapter 255: Coaxing Little Master

Ye Chenyuan’s voice was very gentle and it had a hint of pleading.

“Master, on account of my sincerity, can you let me in? I only want to see if you’ve suffered any injuries, see if you’ve recovered fully.”

That elegant voice was exceedingly silky and Yuan Chu couldn’t bear it anymore so she threw away the meat in her hands and after using a cleaning art on herself, she jumped into bed and covered her ears with her pillow.

She won’t listen to it, blah blah blah, shut up! Thinking of coaxing her so easily, no way!

No! She was very angry this time, the type that couldn’t be coaxed!

Seeing that there was no movement from Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan used his trump card.

He narrowed his eyes and said in a lowered voice, “Master, if we still don’t leave, we might not make it in time for the imperial grandson’s betrothal banquet. By then……”

At this, he suddenly started coughing. When Yuan Chu heard Ye Chenyuan coughing, she raised her head to listen and used her divine senses to look. Her divine senses had only just reached over when Ye Chenyuan fell to the ground “weakly”. Without a second thought, Yuan Chu sent out her spiritual power to support him, but she accidentally unsealed her barrier.

Ye Chenyuan took this chance to teleport inside.

Yuan Chu looked at Ye Chenyuan who had appeared in her room. Sat on her bed, she said angrily, “You were bluffing!”

She turned her back to him and faced him with her butt. She displayed her rejection with her entire being.

Ye Chenyuan was actually still in trepidation.

When he was heavily injured, he had thought more than once about what would happen if he really died in the mystic realm. How could he bear for that to happen?

So when he saw her this time, he couldn’t hold back any longer and he sat on the bed and hugged Yuan Chu from behind.

Yuan Chu was surprised by his actions, “W-W-What are you doing?!”

Ye Chenyuan buried his head into her neck and breathed her fragrant scent. Then he said in a hoarse voice, “Master, don’t move. Let me hug you for a while……”

Hug? Hug my arse! This rebellious disciple is trying to rebel again?

Just as Yuan Chu was about to shake him off, Ye Chenyuan said, “Master, thank you for coming to save me. I almost thought that I’d never get to see you again.”

There was a tremble in his soft voice, such that Yuan Chu didn’t have the heart to push him away……now you’re frightened and start looking for mum? No no, master! Weren’t you very arrogant when taking risks before?

Hmph, she didn’t know that the steady male lead was actually such an extremist.

Despite thinking this, her movements halted because Ye Chenyuan wasn’t the only one who was scared. She had been scared too……

After the many years they’d spent together, he’d already become a vital part of her life. Or perhaps, he was actually her emotional support in this world. When she suddenly realised that he could die, she was afraid. She didn’t dare to think about what would happen if she’d arrived a second later.

As he embraced Yuan Chu’s soft body, Ye Chenyuan’s restless heart was finally calmed. However, he didn’t forget about having to coax her. What better time if not now?

So he said by her ear in a lowered voice, “Master, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have taken the risk. I was too impatient this time, I wanted to raise my cultivation quickly so that I’ll be able to protect you……”

He said in a muffled voice, “You’ve always said that I’ll become very strong in the future, that I’ll be unrivalled. How can I disappoint you? I only……wanted to achieve that faster. Can you understand my feelings?”

Yuan Chu felt apprehensive. Could it be that……she’d been putting too much pressure on him?

In her last life, Ye Chenyuan had only formed his core when he was over twenty years old, but she’d just realised that Ye Chenyuan was already at late stage Golden Core right now. Was it because of the expectations she’d inadvertently revealed that he had advanced so quickly?

She knitted her brows as she said, “But……there are steps to follow in cultivation. Is there anyone who does it like you? Wangchuan Mystic Realm is a place that even I don’t dare to venture into. How old are you? Aren’t you too daring and unafraid of death?!”

“Master is right.”

Ye Chenyuan readily accepted her words, and whilst she wasn’t paying any attention to him, he closed his eyes and gently dropped a kiss on her hair. Then he said with a smile.

“I was wrong, I won’t advance rashly in the future. But master, I advanced two ranks in the mystic realm. I’m now closer to you, are you happy?”

Yuan Chu let out a ‘hmph’, “I guess that’s not bad.”

With this, it meant that she’d already been coaxed. Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips and chuckled. Master was really easy to coax, and she was also very adorable.

However, Yuan Chu was still thinking about what he’d said before so she added worriedly, “I was just joking when I said that you’ll protect me in the future. You’re still young, we can leave those things to the future. Now, you just have to be my good disciple, got it?”

Ye Chenyuan smiled helplessly.

His master was so silly. If he didn’t work hard now, how would there come a day that he’d be able to protect her? However, he still said.

“I’ll listen to master. Master……don’t ignore me alright? I’ve made new pastries for you, the kind that you’ve never tried before.”

Yuan Chu didn’t notice that she was still in Ye Chenyuan’s embrace, and when she heard that there were new pastries, it became slightly harder to keep things up. But she had to hold it together right now, otherwise this rebellious disciple won’t be afraid of her and will become even more unruly in the future.

So she said sternly and coldly, “Alright, I’ll give you a chance to atone for your wrongdoings……umm…it’s really the ones that I’ve never tried before?”

Seeing her adorable appearance, Ye Chenyuan tightened his arms around her, “You’ve definitely never tried them before.”

Saying this, he released her. If they were in the Empire, he’d definitely think of various ways to take advantage of her because master was always so cute that it made it difficult for him to control his feelings.

But now that they were in the Immortal Sect, he had to control himself.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan looked like he was going to head off to the kitchen to cook right now, Yuan Chu turned around and grabbed onto his sleeve.

“Oh no!”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Chenyuan looked at her.

Yuan Chu carefully sensed it before saying with a strange expression on her face, “It’s hatching!”

Saying this, she brought the White Dragon out from her sea of consciousness. The rank seven demon core from before had supplemented that final bit of power that the White Dragon needed. Once she brought out the dragon egg, there was a “snap” and a small crack appeared on the shell.

Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan exchanged glances. Ye Chenyuan quickly put up a barrier and the two sat on the bed as they watched the dragon egg crack open little by little.

“Little Yuan Yuan, say, will the baby dragon look like a snake? If that’s the case, I don’t want to raise it, I don’t like snakes.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, “Generally, divine beasts will only be able to transform when they advance to rank six. Its claws have yet to grow out so it’ll probably look like a white snake.”

Rank six was equivalent to Nascent Soul stage. Yuan Chu recalled that in her last life, it was only very far on in time that the White Dragon grew to the point that it could carry the male lead on its back as it flew. She suddenly felt that this would be a long and arduous task, “Then there’ll be a long wait……”

Finally, a piece of the shell broke off.

Just as Yuan Chu was thinking that a snake-looking dragon head would appear, what came out was a chubby little hand! Wait, a hand?!

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