TDCM Chapter 254: Out Of Control Loli

The Winged Tiger didn’t think much of Yuan Chu. A mere late stage Nascent Soul, even with two more, would still be no match for it!

With its mouth wide open, it chomped down towards Yuan Chu. Yuan Chu watched as it closed in on her, then she opened her arms and there was a flash of golden light from her palms. That ray of light lengthened till it became a giant gold coloured wolf’s-teeth club.

“Take this!!”

There was an awful muffled sound, and before the Winged Tiger could react, it was hit and it flew away, its blood splattering everywhere.

Its face was deformed and half of its sharp canine teeth were broken.

It was only after this beating that it realised that the tasty looking little girl in front of it wasn’t really a late stage Nascent Soul but actually an early stage Astral Realm! She had actually concealed her powers!

After hitting it with her wolf’s-teeth club, the club became even larger, turning into a giant glittering battleaxe that was as large as a small hill.

With both hands on the battleaxe’s handle, she struck at the Winged Tiger angrily. That tiny body of hers was literally nothing when compared to the battleaxe, yet she was able to wield that thing. The Winged Tiger was alarmed when it saw this.

It had initially thought that their cultivation levels were similar and it had only been caught off guard just now, that it actually had a fighting chance. But when it saw that Yuan Chu was so ruthless, after it narrowly avoided this disaster, it was absolutely terrified and only wanted to escape quickly.

The instant the giant battleaxe struck the ground, there was a rumble and clouds of dust flew up. The battleaxe was deeply embedded into the ground and there was a crack that spanned a hundred li (50km).

When that Winged Tiger ran away, Yuan Chu was very angry and the battleaxe in her hand transformed again, turning into two cleavers that she used to chase after the Winged Tiger as she hacked at it.

“Who allowed you to bully my disciple! Who allowed you to bully my disciple! Why are you running? You have the guts to do it but you don’t dare to take responsibility?!”

The ground along the periphery of the land kept shaking for a period of time. The various demonic beasts scattered in fright while the beasts that were inland were enveloped by a frightening killing intent and didn’t dare to come out.

The Winged Tiger felt very bitter, and after suffering a few cuts, it decided to go all out and fight against Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu was happy that it was fighting back like this and there was chaos as they fought in the dense forest. It wasn’t until the forest lands were about to be razed to the ground that the Winged Tiger collapsed in front of Yuan Chu in a very unresigned manner, dying with a grievance.

Yuan Chu ate a healing pill before taking its core and throwing it to the White Dragon that’s about to hatch, then she returned with both cleavers.

However, she returned to find a bunch of demonic beasts outside her barrier. They all wanted to break the barrier and eat Ye Chenyuan!

They actually dared to think about eating her disciple?!

The instant Yuan Chu appeared, all the grotesquely shaped and vicious looking demonic beasts bristled in fear.

So scary! Such a fierce killing intent! The blood on her knife was that tiger’s? Run, quick! The slow ones will be hacked to death!

Hence, Yuan Chu’s expression had only just turned gloomy when all the beasts fled. Among them was a beast that had accidentally fallen over and gotten trampled on by the other beasts. It had only just gotten up with much difficulty when it saw Yuan Chu standing in front of it with her knife……it tensed, feeling terrified, then its eyes rolled back and it fainted.

It was only then that Yuan Chu let it off. She kept away her spiritual energy and her cleavers also disappeared.

As a gold spirit root, she could metamorphose various tough weapons without needing to forge them. She had been too angry just now, so much so that she actually killed that tiger without even using any spirit tools. Although she’d suffered a few injuries, it didn’t matter because she’d been bursting with rage.

Her large eyes were eerily fixed on Ye Chenyuan who looked half dead. She kept away the barrier and used her token to recall the Sect Master’s token before immediately leaving the mystic realm.

When she came out, the disciples on guard wanted to greet her, but when they sensed the evil aura that was coming from Yuan Chu, they tactfully kept their mouths shut.

So scary, she’s clearly the youngest and cutest of the sixteen peak masters. Why was she so scary all of a sudden?!


When Ye Chenyuan awoke some time later, the one he saw was actually Little Qiu.

Ye Chenyuan was baffled, “……Little Aunt Qiu, where’s master?”

Little Qiu had been called out from seclusion by Yuan Chu. She looked at Ye Chenyuan rather helplessly as she smiled.

“Lady has gone into seclusion.”


Ye Chenyuan was surprised and immediately moved to sit up but Little Qiu quickly pushed him down, “Don’t get up, you’ve yet to recover from your injuries. Your injuries are quite severe this time. Even with your body’s strong recovery abilities, you almost died. Lady had to beg Sect Master to refine a rejuvenation pill to heal your internal injuries, but you still have to recuperate.”

Upon hearing that Yuan Chu was concerned about his injuries and had even begged the Sect Master to refine a pill, Ye Chenyuan knew that she did care about him. But……seclusion? Had master perhaps injured herself? That demonic beast had been stronger than her after all.

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan was torn with anxiety.

“This won’t do. Little Aunt Qiu, I have to look for master! Was she injured?”

Little Qiu pushed him down again, “No, it’s just superficial wounds. In the two days that you were unconscious, Lady has already recovered. She said that she only wants to stabilise her cultivation and asked that we not disturb her.”

Ye Chenyuan felt all the more that things were bad. If master wasn’t injured, then she must be angry!

That won’t do! Master disliked going into seclusion the most, and the more she kept it in, the angrier she’d become! He needed to coax her as soon as possible.

So Ye Chenyuan ignored Little Qiu’s attempts to stop him and dragged his weak body to Yuan Chu’s door.

He was met with a restriction that she had placed on her door. He had only just reached out his hand when an intangible force pushed him away.


Ye Chenyuan knew that Yuan Chu must have heard him. With a frown, he called out softly.

Was Yuan Chu in seclusion? Of course not! She was very angry, and behind that closed door, she was currently venting her anger by eating.

When she heard Ye Chenyuan’s voice, she let out a ‘hmph’ before biting into the two spirit eagle drumsticks that she was holding in both hands. These had been made by Ye Chenyuan in the past and she’d kept the leftovers she couldn’t finish.

Outside the door, Ye Chenyuan let out a sigh.

What should he do? His secret trips to a dangerous place had been found out. It would’ve been fine if he was alright, but he’d almost died there. With this, master would surely be very angry.

“Master, can you let me in? I assure you that I won’t dare to do this again!”

Yuan Chu ate as she thought angrily. He had lied to her, almost died, and then still had the nerve to come knocking on her door? Don’t even think about it! She was determined to ignore him!

Ye Chenyuan was at a loss, and feeling troubled, he rubbed the space between his brows.

At this moment, his white garments were dragging on the floor and his long black hair made his handsome face appear even paler, but he will not leave!

“Master, are you really in seclusion? Didn’t we agree to go to the divine sword mystic realm together?”

After giving it some thought, Yuan Chu felt a little tempted. The most important thing was that the divine sword was Ye Chenyuan’s. If he didn’t end up going because of her, what should she do if someone else took the sword?

With this thought, her expression became conflicted and the meat she was eating wasn’t tasty anymore.

Ye Chenyuan continued, “Also, didn’t we decide to go and disrupt the imperial grandson’s betrothal banquet? How about this? When the time comes, I won’t make you stay in the Sky Pearl. We can go together, and you can go and have fun with whatever you want. How about that?”

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