TDCM Chapter 256: The Little White Dragon Hatched

That little hand tore at the shell in a very aggressive manner and it wasn’t long before the shell broke into even more pieces. Ye Chenyuan and Yuan Chu had surprised expressions on their faces. Then, with a few “crack crack crack” sounds, the dragon egg cracked open completely and a clean and fresh little baby was sitting there with a piece of shell in his hand.

This……was this really a dragon egg? Was there a mistake? How could there possibly exist a beast that could transform upon breaking out of its shell? Even divine beasts didn’t have such unbelievably good cheats!

Yuan Chu looked at Ye Chenyuan in shock. Ye Chenyuan was also feeling rather doubtful. However, when they saw the horns that obviously belonged to a dragon on that fluffy head of grey coloured short hair, they confirmed that this was the White Dragon.

Moreover, the fact that it could transform at birth meant that it had rank six abilities!

The little White Dragon threw away the piece of shell in his hand, looking rather confused but he didn’t cry or make a fuss. His cute little face looked endearingly silly as he bit his finger, looking towards the left at Yuan Chu one moment and looking towards the right at Ye Chenyuan the next. Although he knew that Ye Chenyuan was his contract partner, he only hesitated for a moment before jumping into Yuan Chu’s embrace.

“Big sister, hug hug~~”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression darkened.

He reached out to carry away the little dragon brat but Yuan Chu shielded him. The little White Dragon was very adorable and when she hugged him, he felt very nice to the touch.

“Ahhh! He’s too cute! Little Yuan Yuan, I want to raise him, I want to raise him! Weren’t you going to make some pastries? Go on, hurry! Remember to heat up a bit of milk, this child will definitely like it!”

A trace of craftiness flashed in the little White Dragon’s eyes, then he revealed a sweet smile as he said without the slightest hint of shyness.

“I want! Baby wants to drink milk milk……”

Ye Chenyuan was speechless. The White Dragon had received its inheritance before it hatched. Even if it couldn’t recall everything, it definitely wasn’t an ignorant little child! It was doing this on purpose!

So he reached out again to carry this irksome brat away. However, although the White Dragon’s human form looked to be only a few months old, it was still a rank six divine beast and it nimbly avoided him. It then hid behind Yuan Chu as it looked at Ye Chenyuan with an accusatory glance.

“Big sister, I’m scared!”

Yuan Chu was amused by this. She guarded the kid behind her as she glared at Ye Chenyuan, “What are you doing? Hurry and heat up the milk, I want to play with him!”

Ye Chenyuan pursed his lips slightly as he shot a cold glare at the brat that was pretending to be scared. Behind Yuan Chu, the brat revealed his canine teeth with a smile as he looked at him with a provoking gaze.

Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes, then he smiled.

“Master, he still doesn’t have any clothes, I’ll be back after getting him some clothes.”

Saying this, he grabbed onto the White Dragon before she could even protest. Although the White Dragon had powers equivalent to a Nascent Soul, he wasn’t a match for Ye Chenyuan who was at late stage Golden Core. He started crying as he looked at Yuan Chu with watery eyes.

Yuan Chu felt sorry for him and promptly tried to save him, saying, “Quick put him down, I-I’ll prepare clothes for him.”

Ye Chenyuan said, “Master, don’t worry. Since he’s my contracted divine beast, I have something to tell him.”

Saying this, he quickly brought the little White Dragon away. Initially, Yuan Chu was still feeling a little reluctant but when she thought of the fact that this White Dragon was able to transform when it had just hatched, she thought that things were indeed strange and she should let Ye Chenyuan ask him about this.

Once they came out, the White Dragon stopped bawling and instead brandished his claws at Ye Chenyuan.

“What are you doing? You’re just jealous that I’m cuter than you!”

Ye Chenyuan noticed that this White Dragon’s divine senses were very high even though it’d just been born, it had memories from when it was inside the egg. He looked at this little thing rather unhappily. Although he still had a smile on his face, the words he said made the little White Dragon shiver.

“It looks like you remember a lot of things. Then, I hope that you can remember the most important thing. She’s mine. If I see you throwing yourself at her again, I’ll keep you inside the spirit beast bag!”

The White Dragon looked at him with an accusatory glance and in his grey coloured eyes was disbelief, “Are you for real! At this point, Little Chu Chu might not even end up being yours! I also want to be with her, and I’ll dual cultivate with her after I grow up……”

In the next second, Ye Chenyuan brought the White Dragon into his space.

The White Dragon was feeling rather confused when he was thrown onto the grass, but when he looked back to see Ye Chenyuan’s gaze that was filled with a killing intent, he immediately became scared.

“W-W-What are you trying to do? We……We’ve signed a life contract!”

A black dagger appeared in Ye Chenyuan’s hand. At the thought of what the little White Dragon had just said, a black flame seemed to be burning all around him.

“……but you’re thinking about stealing my woman.”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan looked like he wanted to kill him, the little White Dragon immediately became well-behaved.

“I……I was actually joking……daddy is so powerful, Little Chu……big sister, should belong to you……”

After saying this, he felt like crying a river……

Before this, he had wished upon the stars and moon, hoping that he could hatch sooner so that he could pursue Little Chu Chu, but things were now over before he could even start. The main thing was that his contract partner was too scary, he had only just spoken one sentence and the murder weapon was already brought out!

Ye Chenyuan was happy with his words. He looked down at the little White Dragon.

“How did you know about my feelings for her?”

Sat on the ground, the White Dragon said weakly and indignantly, “Whenever big sister Chu isn’t paying attention, your gaze towards her is as if you want to eat her. Only someone as blind as Venerable Li won’t be able to see it……”

Ye Chenyuan was stunned and he narrowed his eyes as he said.

“Then will you tell others about this?”

He had clearly said this with a very gentle voice, and it was even very light, but the White Dragon felt a chill down its back and it sensed a mounting killing intent.

He said with a derisive smile, “How……How can that be……I, I’ll definitely h-help you in the future……”

Ye Chenyuan moved closer towards him and squatted down. The White Dragon was so scared that he wanted to turn and run but he was pressed down by Ye Chenyuan.

“Oh? How are you going to help me?”

Looking at Ye Chenyuan’s pitch-black eyes, the White Dragon felt like he was about to be scared to death!

“I assure you that I won’t tell anyone about your secret. I’ll even do everything I can to play matchmaker between you and big sister Chu! From now on, you’re my father!”

Ye Chenyuan sneered, “What did you just call me?”

“Father! Father!”

“Then what do you call master?”

Feeling the dagger against its neck, the White Dragon suddenly had an idea.

“Mother! From now on, she’s my mother!”

It was only then that Ye Chenyuan kept away the dagger. The White Dragon heaved a sigh of relief, then Ye Chenyuan stood up and said.

“If you dare to ruin things, I’ll kill you even at the risk of sustaining serious injury.”

Although Ye Chenyuan and the White Dragon had signed an equal contract, it wasn’t completely equal. If Ye Chenyuan died, the White Dragon would die, but if the White Dragon died, Ye Chenyuan would be severely injured, but he might not necessarily die.

Hearing Ye Chenyuan’s cold voice, the White Dragon asked fearlessly, “Then……Then can I go and look for mother now?”

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  1. I’m almost at the brink of doing MTL when I found you continued the translation, good thing I visited NU
    So many chapters accumulated. So happy >.<
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