TDCM Chapter 251: Bullied Underwater

But on second thoughts, they had grown up together and she’d already seen everything so after organising her thoughts, she said calmly, “Stand properly, I……I’ll help you remove your clothes.”

Ye Chenyuan was already topless because he’d been checking his injuries before. He had intended to take it off himself but since Yuan Chu was taking this initiative, how could he refuse her?

Ye Chenyuan quietly looked at her with a slightly raised brow while Yuan Chu gritted her teeth and boldly peeled off the only remaining pants he was wearing.

Her eyes were fixed on somewhere else but from the corner of her eyes, she still saw some things that she shouldn’t see.

Cough cough cough……he’s the male lead! Be it his software or hardware, it’ll definitely be the best. It’s a pity that the male lead is destined to be alone……there’s a certain thing on his body that will forever only be for show.


Why did she feel a little joyful over this?

Ye Chenyuan was glad that he had the habit of eating the cleansing pill. Although he usually acted in a close manner with master, but because his body didn’t show any reaction, master had never suspected him. She regularly sat in his embrace, saying that it was very comfortable to sit on him.

He suddenly felt a little shy for a second, but remembering that he was at Myriad Sword Sect, Ye Chenyuan didn’t tease her and obediently went into the water.

Yuan Chu stood on her toes and clung to the side of the tub as she asked.

“Oh right, Little Yuan Yuan, which mystic realm did you go to? Why are you always coming back this severely injured?”

In the water, Ye Chenyuan leaned closer towards her, “It’s Yinchuan Mystic Realm. I chose a more dangerous place on purpose because I want to become stronger.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head. Yinchuan Mystic Realm was a large mystic realm that was said to be overseen by a rank nine beast king. If Ye Chenyuan were to go deep into the hinterlands, it wouldn’t be strange for him to get injured.

The water gradually turned red and Ye Chenyuan’s brows were slightly knitted because the medicine was starting to take effect and it was cleansing his body.

This was part of tempering one’s body. Although the process wouldn’t be too comfortable, but with Yuan Chu looking at him anxiously on the side, Ye Chenyuan’s attention was fully on her until he couldn’t even feel the pain on his body.

The water turned redder and redder, and the contrast made Ye Chenyuan’s skin appear even paler. The striking contrast of colour from his hideous wounds and dripping wet hair together with the water vapour, made the scene look like a picture scroll.

Yuan Chu looked at the soul-stirring beauty in front of her and suddenly felt a little giddy.

Looking at Yuan Chu’s twinkling eyes, Ye Chenyuan let out a small smile. Just as he could no longer hold himself back and wanted to tease his little wife, Yuan Chu’s dazed eyes suddenly widened.

“Uncle Sect Master’s here!”


Ye Chenyuan immediately became alert. If Sect Master were to find out that he was taking a medicinal bath in master’s room, will he start overthinking things?

But Yuan Chu wasn’t concerned with this at all. She was just about to run over to welcome the Sect Master when her body was suddenly in the air, then she was dragged into the water by Ye Chenyuan’s spiritual energy.

“You……” What are you trying to do?!!

Yuan Chu’s mouth was covered by Ye Chenyuan and she could only open her eyes wide to express her feelings.

Ye Chenyuan quickly spoke into her ear, “Master, the Sect Master is a very old-fashioned person. If he sees me naked inside your room, he’ll be angry, so……can master please use the Thousand-Leaves Mask to conceal your presence? I’ll have to trouble you for a while……”

Saying this, Ye Chenyuan hid Yuan Chu under the water. The tub wasn’t large but because Yuan Chu was very small, and with the water being a red colour, she couldn’t be seen.

Yuan Chu was rather confused. Why did she have to hide? Although Venerable Sect Master was old-fashioned, he wasn’t that old-fashioned.

But because Ye Chenyuan had already hidden her, if she got up now, she’d be found out by Uncle, then things would really be difficult to explain.

Yuan Chu was already at Astral Realm so Moqi Tingfeng wouldn’t be able to sense her even if she didn’t use the Thousand-Leaves Mask, so she could only hide in the water obediently.

Upon entering the room, Moqi Tingfeng followed the medicinal scent and was quite surprised to see Ye Chenyuan, “Why are you here? Where’s Little Chu?”

He looked at Ye Chenyuan who was naked in Yuan Chu’s room, and his terrifying oppressive force charged towards him.

Ye Chenyuan also appeared very surprised to see him, but after that, he said calmly, “Recently, I’ve been tempering my body in the mystic realm and master said that she knows a medicinal bath method that can speed up this process so……I’m taking a medicinal bath here. And because master was missing one medicinal ingredient, she has gone out and I also don’t know where she is right now.”

Ye Chenyuan’s reply was flawless and his wounds spoke for themselves. Most importantly, Ye Chenyuan didn’t show the slightest unease at being caught in the act, Moqi Tingfeng felt that he must’ve been overthinking things.

“So it’s like this……”

He paused before walking towards Ye Chenyuan.

Because Moqi Tingfeng was also an alchemist, he could smell which medicinal ingredients were used in the medicinal bath and he raised a brow slightly.

“This body tempering prescription is not bad. It seems like Little Chu has had a fortuitous encounter.”

After giving it some thought, he retrieved a medicinal bottle, “This is jade manna, it can increase the medicinal bath’s medicinal properties. It’s just that, this might make the process even more exhausting but I believe that a resolute child like you will be able to endure it.”

Ye Chenyuan opened his mouth. He could……but master, she……

Upon hearing that her uncle was going to bring out his biggest move, Yuan Chu couldn’t hold back any longer. This medicinal bath already had an effect on her, but she was still able to endure this level of pain. If the bottle of jade manna was added, that might not be the case anymore. That was an extremely potent body tempering spiritual medicine!

But just as she was about to get up, she was embraced tightly by Ye Chenyuan. At such a close distance, even if she went into the Sky Pearl, there’ll be a fluctuation in spiritual energy that the Sect Master would be able to sense, so he could only let master suffer for a little while.

“Many thanks to Sect Master for gifting me with this medicine……”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t want to accept it, but the Sect Master was very happy and he poured the medicinal liquid into the tub. At once, the red medicinal liquid seemed to seethe as small bubbles popped up.

So scary! Yuan Chu was unable to bear the sudden stabs of pain. She wants to go out, she……

Before she could move, she heard Ye Chenyuan’s voice transmission, “Master, if you come out right now, what will Venerable Sect Master think?”

Yuan Chu froze, and Ye Chenyuan continued, “If you can’t explain things clearly, we’ll both be confined.”

Yuan Chu was so angry that she gave him a pinch.

D*mn it! If only she hadn’t been dragged in by him just now, she wouldn’t have to suffer this!

Ye Chenyuan also didn’t expect this sudden attack from Yuan Chu so he let out a groan. When the Sect Master heard this, he said calmly.

“Stay calm. Although this process will be tough, if you want to accomplish the great Dao, you’ll first have to go through hardships. You have to persevere.”

Ye Chenyuan’s face reddened slightly when he heard this, “Disciple……will bear Sect Master’s teachings in mind.”

The Sect Master nodded his head in satisfaction, then he went and sat down at the side. It seemed like he was planning to wait for Yuan Chu to return?

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