TDCM Chapter 252: Unexpected Situation

The corner of Ye Chenyuan’s lips twitched. He could only blame this on his excessive nervousness. How nice would it be if he’d just sent her into the Sky Pearl? Then all this wouldn’t be happening.

Yuan Chu was also very unhappy. She was currently stuck very close to Ye Chenyuan and the medicinal liquid’s tempering of her body was very painful so she kept pinching Ye Chenyuan angrily. Anyway, the wounds on Ye Chenyuan’s body had healed very quickly so she didn’t have to show him any mercy.

But when she realised that no matter how much she pinched him, Ye Chenyuan was still hugging her wordlessly, she started to tickle him.

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan was truly experiencing a sweet torment. On one hand was the pain from the body tempering medicinal liquid while on the other hand was the itch from her tiny hands teasing him. That itch travelled and reached into his heart……

But at this moment, he was horrified by the sudden realisation that due to the body tempering medicinal liquid’s effects, the effects of the cleansing pill he’d eaten was disappearing. If this goes on, he’ll soon show a reaction!

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan started to become nervous, then he quickly said to the Sect Master who was at the side.

“Sect Master, I’ve just recalled that master had said that she’d be at the medicine field at the back mountains. If you have any urgent matters, you can find her there.”

Moqi Tingfeng gave Ye Chenyuan a strange look. This child had always been very composed, why was he suddenly……

Ye Chenyuan’s face was flushed as he said in a low voice, “Also……I’m about to get out.”

The Sect Master frowned and he said in a low voice, “No, you should stay inside for a while longer and use up all the medicinal liquid’s effects.”

Ye Chenyuan was between laughter and tears……

On one hand was his beloved’s involuntary provocation, on the other hand was the Sect Master’s endless pestering. What would master think of him if he’s unable to control himself and ends up exposing himself?

So he gritted his teeth and said, “Sect Master doesn’t have to worry. Master has said that this prescription is special and in my current condition, it’s not suitable for me to soak in it for too long. Cultivation stresses advancing step by step, I will work hard!”

Since he’d said this, Moqi Tingfeng didn’t understand Ye Chenyuan’s condition so he could only nod his head.

“Alright then.”

He stood up, “Then listen to Little Chu, I’ll go to the medicine field to find her.”

Ye Chenyuan lowered his head, “Please pardon me for being unable to get up and see you out.”

The Sect Master nodded his head and left. He had come to find Yuan Chu regarding her body. She was already an Astral Realm at such a young age. He had been busy for the past two days so he must examine her today.

Once the Sect Master left, Yuan Chu came out of the water and let out a long exhale. Her wet clothes were stuck to her body and with only one look, Ye Chenyuan’s breathing stopped.

Yuan Chu let out a ‘hmph’ and stared at Ye Chenyuan as she said, “It was your stupid idea, it hurts!”

Saying this, she pointed at Ye Chenyuan’s forehead with her tiny fingers and pushed down on it harshly.

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu’s flushed face and her watery and sparkling eyes, and his body immediately reached a critical point……then he escaped into the Sky Pearl.

It was fortunate that Yuan Chu had previously brought up the idea of cancelling the sharing of the Sky Pearl otherwise Yuan Chu would be able to see this embarrassing appearance of his with just one thought.

He looked down at his body that had indeed reached a breaking point and felt quite embarrassed and at a complete loss……the last time he’d had a reaction was because of the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense, and he had learned from that incident and always ate the cleansing pill.

But what should he do now? How was he supposed to deal with the current situation?

Because he had never been taught, his walk on the road of love had always come from his heart and he’d try to figure things out by himself, so when anything unexpected happened, Ye Chenyuan’s wise eyes would become confused……

Yuan Chu froze. Why did Ye Chenyuan suddenly escape into the Sky Pearl? She hadn’t even scolded him yet!

So angry! Her little disciple now knew how to escape from punishment. Hmph, wait and see, if he’s disobedient like this, she won’t help him to nurse his injuries tomorrow.

Despite saying this, in the following days, whenever Ye Chenyuan returned riddled with injuries, Yuan Chu would still help him to treat them.

Fortunately, with every time that Ye Chenyuan returned, the injuries on his body were fewer and fewer. He didn’t want Yuan Chu to worry and didn’t want her to be so busy because of him so whenever it came to a month before his departure, Ye Chenyuan would set up an array and treat his injuries. All this was just for Yuan Chu’s expression of relief whenever he came out.

A month passed by in a flash and the sect tournament was also coming to an end but Yuan Chu wasn’t the slightest bit relaxed because she felt that the killing intent on her little disciple was becoming stronger.

Yinchuan Mystic Realm. A day outside was equal to three months inside. When totalled up, he hadn’t been training inside for very long right? Then what was with that strong killing intent that was emanating from him?

Ye Chenyuan didn’t realise that Yuan Chu had already noticed that something was wrong. He was currently within the mystic realm’s lands, hoping to challenge higher level demon beasts in preparation for him breaking through his fourth meridian.

However, he was very careful, only walking around the periphery because he could sense that the demon beasts in the hinterlands were more powerful than the ones he had just encountered when entering. He didn’t want to become surrounded.

Meanwhile, after she was done with her task of leading a team, Yuan Chu went to report back to the Sect Master.

The Sect Master had already examined her body before, and when he didn’t discover any hidden dangers, he didn’t get all twisted up about her cultivation anymore.

He was a little surprised to see that she’d obediently completed this task without being absent for even a single day.

“Not bad, after going out to temper yourself for a few years, you’ve become more steady than in your childhood. After this, do you want to go into seclusion for a few years to stabilise your cultivation?”

The Sect Master suggested.

Yuan Chu immediately waved her hands, “No no no, I still have something to do. The Empire’s divine sword mystic realm is about to open and I intend to go and watch the fun!”

Hearing this, the Sect Master raised a brow slightly, “You’re going to the Empire again?”

Seeing that Yuan Chu’s gaze was fixed on him, the Sect Master paused before saying unhappily, “You can go to the Empire if you want to, but you have to take note to stay away from the Empire’s imperial family and aristocratic families. People in the Empire are superficial and eager for fame, and they’re unable to calm their minds to concentrate on cultivation. Don’t be led astray by them, got it?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head repeatedly, “Don’t worry, I won’t be led astray!”

The Sect Master was still worried, but he thought of the fact that Ye Chenyuan would be with her so she should be fine, but……what about Ye Chenyuan? He hadn’t seen him at all recently, was that kid still in the Wangchuan Mystic Realm?!

He asked Yuan Chu about Ye Chenyuan’s whereabouts and Yuan Chu gave him a strange look, “He’s been tempering himself in the mystic realm. For sixteen hours daily, without missing a day.”

The Sect Master was shocked. He had thought that Ye Chenyuan would only stay inside Wangchuan Mystic Realm for a few days at most, then he wouldn’t return anymore. After all, there were many demon beasts inside and danger lurked everywhere.

But Yuan Chu was saying that during this period of time, he had gone into the Wangchuan Mystic Realm everyday?!

He looked at Yuan Chu frustratedly, “That child is eager to excel, why didn’t you stop him? It’s fine to enter Wangchuan Mystic Realm just once or twice but you actually let him train inside for a month?”

Yuan Chu was baffled, asking with her eyes wide opened, “What Wangchuan Mystic Realm, wasn’t it……Yinchuan Mystic Realm?!”

At this moment, how could the Sect Master not know that Ye Chenyuan had lied to Yuan Chu?

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! Uh oh the lie is finally exposed! This sect is seriously too lax, no one confirms anything here lol


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