TDCM Chapter 250: Taking Care Of Him

When Ye Chenyuan awoke the next day, Yuan Chu had yet to wake up. He moved closer towards her and couldn’t resist dropping a kiss on her forehead.

Having been disturbed by someone, Yuan Chu frowned and suddenly turned over. Her movement gave Ye Chenyuan a scare and he quickly retreated, only relaxing when he saw that Yuan Chu didn’t wake up.

Really. Didn’t he say that he’d control himself while in Myriad Sword Sect? Just now……why couldn’t he control himself?

But at the thought that he’d only be able to see her after more than two hundred days in the mystic realm……a bitter feeling came from all his limbs and bones……he smiled wryly. Sure enough, finding solace in feminine charms was a hero’s grave.

He shook his head with a smile and left with lively steps.

Master was so outstanding. How could he be a good match for her if he didn’t work hard?

At this moment, the sky was still dark and as Ye Chenyuan stood at the mystic realm’s entrance, the guards had yet to arrive.

Wangchuan Mystic Realm was where the demon beasts were imprisoned and the barrier was very secure so no one was worried that those demon beasts would come out.

A streak of white light flashed by and Ye Chenyuan was now inside the mystic realm. He had only been gone for eight hours but a few months had passed inside the mystic realm. However, the smell of blood had yet to dissipate.

Upon his entry, the killing intent that burst out of his body provoked many of the demon beasts in the forest. Once again, they rushed towards Ye Chenyuan angrily, and with his sword in hand, Ye Chenyuan thought boredly.

When he finished killing everything in the forest, he might be able to venture a little deeper. Beyond the forest……there must be even stronger demon beasts!

It was noon by the time Yuan Chu awoke. She sat up confusedly, only to realise that the milk and linghua crisp on the table was still warm.

Little Qiu had gone into seclusion so these must’ve been prepared by Ye Chenyuan? Moreover, he’d even specially set up a small fire array to preserve the food’s temperature.

Yuan Chu moved over and reached out her hand to poke it and that array disappeared. She felt a little surprised. Ye Chenyuan’s specialty was refining pills and writing talismans but arrays had always been his weak point. Why did it now look like he had precise control over it?

Was it possible that……Venerable Sect Master had secretly given him special attention again?

After she finished eating, Yuan Chu commenced a new day of leading the team. Little Chu the mascot was still as listless as before, and when nighttime came, there was the smell of blood in the house again.

Yuan Chu knitted her brows.

This time around, Ye Chenyuan didn’t make dinner and she walked in only to see Ye Chenyuan lying lifelessly on the kitchen floor.

Yuan Chu was shocked. She hurried over to examine him, only to see that the injuries on Ye Chenyuan’s body were healing very quickly, just like he had said. However, because his internal injuries were severe, his wounds would split open after only just healing a little. This cycle continued and it grew in intensity.

Yuan Chu cursed and made herself a little larger before carrying Ye Chenyuan back to the room.

She fed Ye Chenyuan a medicinal pill then helped him to sort out the excessively wild spiritual energy in his body.

But with this, she was surprised to see that Ye Chenyuan’s body had become very clear.

Although cultivators could abstain from food, eating medicinal pills and what not will produce impurities to a certain extent. Unless if someone was like her, with a cultivation over Astral Realm and eating foods that didn’t contain any impurities, only then will their body be clean.

In the past, Ye Chenyuan’s body had impurities left behind by medicinal pills, but after only two days of tempering his body in the mystic realm, the impurities in his body were gone.

Yuan Chu’s expression became conflicted……

On one hand, she was happy for him, that his cultivation was showing results. With the impurities gone and his meridians widened, he will go even further than others in the future.

On the other hand, she was worried. Did he really have to……use this injurious method to temper his body? Wasn’t there any other method where he wouldn’t have to suffer so much?

Also, exactly which mystic realm did he go to? With Ye Chenyuan’s current abilities, he couldn’t possibly be standing there and letting the spirit beasts attack him right? Then which mystic realm could have left him in such a sorry state?

Just as Yuan Chu was deeply pondering over this, Ye Chenyuan woke up.


He felt a little dazed and for a moment, he couldn’t figure out where he was.

“Don’t move!” Although Yuan Chu was now tiny after transforming back, she still had an imposing manner, “Lie down, you’re not allowed to go anywhere!”

“But……” He had yet to prepare the food?

Yuan Chu knew what he was going to say the moment he opened his mouth. She said angrily, “Don’t worry! I won’t die of hunger by skipping one meal!”

Ye Chenyuan was pushed to lie back down and he stared at her dazedly.

Yuan Chu couldn’t say anything else. After all, Ye Chenyuan had worked so hard and as his master, she shouldn’t dampen his enthusiasm, but she still felt very distressed that he was working this hard. How many treasures had she spent to raise the male lead so nicely, but after only two days, he had lost a lot of weight!

“Lie down properly!” Yuan Chu muttered under her breath, “Today, I’ll take care of you.”

Ye Chenyuan felt like laughing. How can master’s hands be used to take care of someone? But when he smiled, he accidentally pulled on the wound on his face. He thought to himself that he must look very ugly right now, he should behave a little more.

After dealing with his injuries, Yuan Chu went to prepare some food in a solemn manner, creating a distinct contrast to her usual sluggish manner.

Soon, Yuan Chu brought over the dishes she’d made, even insisting on feeding him.

Ye Chenyuan felt very helpless, “Master, you can eat it yourself, I’ve already abstained from food.”

He would’ve actually liked to eat it himself, but it’s a pity that he couldn’t move his body right now.

With a straight face, Yuan Chu stubbornly brought the spoon to his mouth.

“You can take care of me but I’m not allowed to take care of you? Who’s the master and who’s the disciple?”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hold back a laugh. He still treasured master’s kindness towards him so he didn’t refuse her anymore and let her feed him.

The room fell silent. Although Yuan Chu was feeding him with a serious expression on her face, she actually felt like she was sitting on a pin cushion.

What was this rebellious disciple staring at her for? It wasn’t like there weren’t any dishes, did he need to look at her face to go with the rice?

So she quickly fed him the food and cleared everything away before changing the bedsheets, then she used a cleaning art to clean the entire house and disperse the smell of blood.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan’s wounds were no longer bleeding, she breathed a sigh of relief, but then she heard Ye Chenyuan say.

“Master, I need to take a medicinal bath.”

At the mention of a medicinal bath, Yuan Chu recalled his appearance the day before. So he wasn’t bathing but had been taking a medicinal bath to temper his body?

Yuan Chu didn’t question him any further and only nodded her head before running out. Venerable Li must’ve taught Ye Chenyuan a lot of methods to temper his body, and now that Venerable Li wasn’t around, she felt that she as his master had an even bigger responsibility.

After filling the water from the spirit spring into a large tub, she went over to help Ye Chenyuan. With a smile on his face, Ye Chenyuan leaned on the short “crutch” as he walked.

He poured a medicinal liquid into the tub, and when the medicinal bath started to steam, the medicine started to disperse.

Yuan Chu was at a loss as she looked at Ye Chenyuan……because she had to help him remove his clothes. Specifically, his pants……

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