TDCM Chapter 244: Blind Date

So I hope that you’ll look after her as much as possible, but you also have to pay attention to propriety and make sure not to give her any thoughts, and to correct her in time.”

Ye Chenyuan opened his mouth. Despite his usual eloquence, he didn’t know what to say right now. He loved Yuan Chu and could throw away everything else for her sake, but how was he supposed to voice his feelings right now?

He became even more moody and he also felt even more sorry for Yuan Chu.

As for Moqi Tingfeng, having recalled these painful memories, he didn’t feel like speaking anymore and he waved his hand to motion for Ye Chenyuan to leave and call Yuan Chu over.

Ye Chenyuan took a deep breath when he stepped out of the audience hall. The heaviness he felt from before had made it difficult to breathe.

He had long anticipated that it’ll be difficult to receive Myriad Sword Sect’s approval, but he didn’t think that it’ll be this difficult.

After Moqi Tingyu’s incident, it’ll practically be impossible for him to get master’s and Myriad Sword Sect’s blessings.

He had to be more careful. As long as master felt the same way about him, as long as master could be like him, have faith in him and resolve to be with him, only then would it be possible to get their approval.

He couldn’t let Myriad Sword Sect find out at this point in time. Even if he really wanted to get close to master, it would be best that he waited till after they left Myriad Sword Sect……

Just as he was staring blankly, Yuan Chu had come over. She had changed into Myriad Sword Sect’s uniform, and she looked like a fresh and green little loli.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan’s expression wasn’t quite good, she kept away her smile and quietly moved closer to him.

“Little disciple, did Uncle Sect Master scold you?”

Ye Chenyuan was shocked when Yuan Chu’s voice came out of nowhere. When he saw Yuan Chu, there was a conflicted look in his eyes but he felt strangely relaxed.

She seemed to have a light, and wherever she was, he would always forget the haziness in an instant.

Father-in-law and mother-in-law really knew how to torment each other, but he wasn’t Yuan Zhixu and Yuan Chu also wasn’t Moqi Tingyu.

“No……” Ye Chenyuan’s voice was low and hoarse but he soon cheered up, “Master, the Sect Master has given me the mystic realm’s token. It just so happens that that mystic realm’s entrance isn’t far from Frost Sword Peak, so in this period of time that we’re at the sect, I’ll be entering to temper myself for sixteen hours everyday.”

He had to become stronger as quickly as possible. Perhaps that was the only way to solve all the difficult problems.

Yuan Chu nodded her head when she heard this, “Okay! You have to work hard! But don’t tire yourself too much, after all there’ll never be an end to cultivating.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, then he reached out to tidy Yuan Chu’s neatly combed hair. The gentle and doting look in his eyes was just like before, only that it was a little more restrained now that they were at Celestial Pole Peak.

“Hurry on in, the Sect Master has called for you.”

Yuan Chu nodded before saying with a smile, “I haven’t seen him in a long time so I’ll probably be there for quite a while. You don’t have to worry about me, I won’t be scolded! I’ll see you later~”

Saying this, Yuan Chu bounced into the room. Ye Chenyuan watched her back figure, then he looked at the stately and vast audience hall that stood tall amidst the misty and ethereal clouds.

Behind the audience hall was an even higher literary hall. It was high up amidst the clouds and was occasionally visible.

Ye Chenyuan knew that Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor was enshrined there. At this thought, he became apprehensive and he turned to leave.

Whatever the case, he’ll have to increase his strength first.

Yuan Chu sensed an unusually heavy atmosphere upon entering and she immediately restrained herself and walked in in a very obedient manner.

Moqi Tingfeng was resting with his eyes closed on the high seat.

Sensing Yuan Chu’s arrival, he opened his eyes.

Seeing Yuan Chu’s large sparkling eyes and her adorable little face, Moqi Tingfeng felt much better.

In any case, Yuan Chu was still young and even if she were to do any wrong in the future, he could still correct her in time. Moreover, the current issue was related to her.

“Little Chu, do you know why I’ve asked you to return?”

Yuan Chu shook her head, “Didn’t you say that you wanted me to lead a team to the tournament?”

“There’s also another matter.”

Moqi Tingfeng had initially been a little hesitant, but after speaking to Ye Chenyuan about the past, he didn’t hesitate anymore. He looked at Yuan Chu.

“I’m thinking of arranging a marriage for you. Looking at the time, the other party should be arriving soon. Take a look and see if you have a bond with him.”

After Yuan Chu understood what he was saying, her eyes instantly widened.

“What? You’re arranging a blind date for me?!”

So scary! She was still a child!

Moqi Tingfeng frowned, “Stop acting so flustered. When he comes later, you better be on your good behaviour.”

Yuan Chu was caught unprepared, “Uncle, I’m still young! Aren’t you arranging this a little too early?”

In her last life, she’d only started going on blind dates when she was thirty, wasn’t this way too early!

Moqi Tingfeng let out a ‘hmph’, “You like running everywhere, I better find someone to keep you in check. Besides……I’m not asking you to get married right now, what are you panicking for?”

Yuan Chu felt like crying, “Who did you find to be my partner?”

Moqi Tingfeng said, “You’ve seen him before, he’s the ancient Jiang clan’s young master, Jiang Yue.”

There were many large clans among the Immortal Sects and most of them were hidden clans. The Jiang clan was one of them.

Yuan Chu tried her best to recall who he was. Wasn’t this Jiang Yue the male lead’s number one sidekick in her last life? So scary! The male lead had already become her disciple yet the Sect Master actually wants her to marry his sidekick?!

Yuan Chu asked with a strange expression on her face, “That Jiang Yue, what’s his cultivation right now?”

Moqi Tingfeng touched his nose, “He should have……already formed his core.”

“Core Formation?!” Yuan Chu was hopping mad. She removed her Thousand-Leaves Mask, and with a “bang” her true cultivation was revealed as she jumped about in front of Moqi Tingfeng.

“My dear uncle! Look carefully, I’m already at Astral Realm! Finding a husband for me that’s at Golden Core stage, do you want me to commit domestic violence?!”

Moqi Tingfeng was wide-eyed, and for the first time, he stuttered, “How……how are you at Astral Realm?!”

Yuan Chu had only gone out for a few years and she’d already become an Astral Realm? This……nothing like this had ever happened within the entire Heavenly Continent! After all, one’s cultivation would go up very slowly after reaching Nascent Soul. Yet she’d advanced by three levels?!!

Yuan Chu said agitatedly, “I’ve already told you that I’m the darling of heaven. I had hidden it before because I knew that you’d be shocked.  But look at you, you went and found me someone to marry? I don’t care, I don’t want anyone that can’t defeat me!”

When he heard this, Moqi Tingfeng thought gloomily: There isn’t any young and talented person that can defeat you alright? He can’t possibly let his lively little niece be with an old geezer right?

After thinking about it, he still thought that something was amiss so he said sternly, “Come here, I want to examine you. How could your cultivation have risen so quickly?”

Yuan Chu rolled her eyes as she said loudly, “Uncle! Can you deal with the important matters first? Can you deal with the matter of the blind date first?”


Not long after Ye Chenyuan set out, he saw a group of people heading up Celestial Pole Peak. Because no one was allowed to fly on their swords on Celestial Pole Peak, they were all walking up by foot. Although there were only around ten people, their clothes were magnificent and their bearing wasn’t ordinary.

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