TDCM Chapter 245: I’m Your Master’s Husband

Ye Chenyuan didn’t plan to pay them much heed, but when he saw that the group was led by a young man, he paused in his footsteps and looked straight at the other party.

Jiang Yue was feeling rather gloomy. This marriage was very out of the blue and be it the other party’s family background or cultivation, they were excellent in every respect. Truthfully, the other party would be marrying beneath her.

But……he was only at Golden Core and really didn’t want to marry a Nascent Soul……

It was at this moment that he saw Ye Chenyuan, and after zoning out for a moment, his eyes lit up.

“Hold on! I remember you, you’re Ye Chenyuan!”

Ye Chenyuan also had an impression of this person. After all, they had exchanged blows before, but what he was more curious about at this moment was that this person didn’t end up joining Myriad Sword Sect, so what was he doing here right now? Could this perhaps……have something to do with master?

Jiang Yue informed the few old men beside him before running towards Ye Chenyuan alone.

He had heard that Ye Chenyuan had ended up taking Yuan Chu as his master. He could ask him about it.

“Young Master Jiang, do you have business with me?” Ye Chenyuan’s brow was slightly raised and he had a demeanour of meeting all changes by remaining unchanged.

Jiang Yue had his usual ‘young master’ demeanour as he looked at Ye Chenyuan with shining eyes.

“Of course I do! I won’t concede to that defeat, let’s swap pointers again later!”

Saying this, he noticed that Ye Chenyuan was also a Golden Core and he started feeling a little moody. He had barely managed to advance to Golden Core after eating many treasures and being sent by his father to numerous mystic realms to temper himself……

Being a Golden Core at his young age, he had initially been quite proud of himself, but when he saw that Ye Chenyuan was also a Golden Core, that bit of pride was shattered till nothing was left.

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan glanced at the group of people who were not far away before he suddenly asked, “You came to Myriad Sword Sect to spar with me?”

Jiang Yue replied, “No! I’m here to meet a prospective marriage partner!”

After saying this, he smirked and looked at Ye Chenyuan as he said derisively, “Perhaps I’ll become your master’s husband in the future! Hahahaha, are you surprised?”


An indistinct sound came from under Ye Chenyuan’s sleeve. If it weren’t for the fact that he still remembered that this was Celestial Pole Peak, he might have thrown a fist at him.

He looked at Jiang Yue’s handsome face, the face that was asking for a beating, and he gave him a small smile.

“Young Master Jiang really wants to marry my master?”

Jiang Yue’s smile froze, then he said awkwardly, “Actually……I don’t really want that. I still want to play around for a few more years and I really don’t want to get engaged so early……alright, enough about her! I quite like you, we might be able to become friends! That is, if you’re able to defeat me.”

Jiang Yue had a very good impression of Ye Chenyuan. Since he was young, he had been surrounded by people who only praised him and the only blow he’d ever gotten was when he met Ye Chenyuan. Back then, even his family’s elder had made a move yet Ye Chenyuan still refused to admit defeat, so he had sincerely thought that Ye Chenyuan was someone that he could become friends with.

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes flashed when he heard this, “I’m afraid we can’t be friends.”

“Why?” Jiang Yue looked at him in shock. There was someone who didn’t want to be his friend?

Ye Chenyuan moved closer towards him and in a low voice, he said word by word.

“Because……I love Yuan Chu. In my heart, she isn’t just my master but also my woman, yet you want to marry her. Do you think we can become friends?”

“What?! You!!” Ye Chenyuan covered Jiang Yue’s mouth before he could finish his words, then he ignored everyone’s gazes as he dragged Jiang Yue to the side.

Jiang Yue had a shocked and incredulous expression on his face, then it changed to conflict and sympathy.

After Ye Chenyuan let go of his mouth, Jiang Yue said in a lowered voice, “Are you kidding? You actually like your master? Do you know that this is a taboo in Myriad Sword Sect?”

Even though he said this, his eyes were shining slightly, as if he was ready to watch the show.

From his expression, Ye Chenyuan knew that he had won the gamble. He feigned a downcast expression.

“As long as I can have a bit more time, I’ll definitely get her. So, are you going to fight over her with me?”

Hearing this, the gossipy fire was lit in Jiang Yue’s heart. He hadn’t encountered such an interesting thing in a very long time, he wanted to make this friend!

He waved his hand repeatedly, “Don’t worry, don’t worry, I never said that I had to marry her. I’m just here to see her. Besides, I’m only an early stage Golden Core and she’s already an early stage Nascent Soul. I’m actually a little bit afraid of her……you’re so brave, daring to make your move on such a powerful girl. Aren’t you afraid that she’ll beat you up behind closed doors?”

Ye Chenyuan imagined Yuan Chu shutting the doors and beating him up, then he recalled the time that Yuan Chu had pressed him down onto the bed and hit his……his ears turned red.

He let out a cough and looked at Jiang Yue, “What early stage Nascent Soul? Master is now at the greater perfection of Nascent Soul.”

Jiang Yue’s handsome face paled when he heard this, “No way. Late stage N-Nascent Soul? Didn’t they say that she was at early stage?!”

It was fortunate that he didn’t like Yuan Chu. Her cultivation was already scary high, and she was also Myriad Sword Sect’s little princess so her backing was solid. If he really married her, he won’t even be able to speak up at home. In this lifetime, not to mention a concubine, he won’t even be able to go to drinking parties that had female entertainers.

Ye Chenyuan sneered, “Early stage? That was five years ago. Now, it’s only a matter of time before master breaks through to the Astral Realm.”

Jiang Yue made up his mind after weighing the pros and cons. He had to refuse this marriage, otherwise he’ll never be able to hold his head up high ever again!

So he said with a stiff expression on his face, “Don’t worry, one must keep a distance from a friend’s wife. Since I want to be friends with you, I’ll definitely not vie for the woman you like, definitely!”

It was only then that Ye Chenyuan nodded his head with a smile, “Young Master Jiang is righteous indeed. Don’t breathe a word of this matter, and from now on, we’re friends.”

Jiang Yue nodded his head repeatedly, “Don’t worry, I won’t speak a word of it. When the time comes, I’ll definitely attend your wedding!”

Ye Chenyuan left after reaching this consensus, and Jiang Yue went off excitedly to break off the engagement.

He saw Yuan Chu the moment he entered, then his eyes were wide open.

Goodness gracious, if he remembered correctly, Elder Yuan Chu had this appearance six years ago, but after six years, why was she still a child?!

Jiang Yue was starting to feel that his father wasn’t reliable. Not only did he find him a powerful wife, she was also a child? Was he supposed to marry her and bring her home to raise her?

And that Ye Chenyuan, was he a bit of a beast? He could bear to make his move on such a little girl?

As for Yuan Chu, there was no part of Jiang Yue that she found pleasing to the eye, and not realising that Jiang Yue was also very critical of her, both Yuan Chu and Jiang Yue said in unison in front of both families.

“I’m not interested in this match!”

Ye Chenyuan only relaxed after he heard this through the dragon egg.

It was obvious with one glance that Jiang Yue was a simple-minded and loyal person. With his rejection, the marriage definitely won’t happen.

It’s just that, they really couldn’t stay at Myriad Sword Sect any longer. Not only were they hindering him and master, they were even thinking of ways to push someone towards master. This was ridiculous, it’s best that they come back less in the future!

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