TDCM Chapter 243: An Ill-Fated Relationship

Moqi Tingyu had only done this after careful consideration. Although she believed that her brother would take good care of her daughter, no external force, no matter how powerful, could beat her daughter having the ability to defend herself. That’s why she’d taken the risk and used a forbidden technique to enlighten her. She believed that her daughter would be able to endure it.

It was already too late by the time Moqi Tianhou realised it. Moqi Tingyu’s powers were gone and she’d become a complete waste.

She could no longer be saved, not even if the Golden Immortal[1] were here right now.

In the end, Moqi Tingyu had kowtowed to Moqi Tianhou, and with every kowtow that she made, an inch of her hair turned grey. Even though Moqi Tianhou had resented this daughter of his, now, he only felt heartbreak.

His perfectly good daughter had become like this just because she had fallen for someone that she shouldn’t have……

Tearfully, he asked Moqi Tingyu why she’d done something like this. No matter how angry he was, he would’ve still saved her!

Moqi Tingyu only shook her head with a smile.

She knew that Yuan Zhixu would soon be regaining consciousness, and having spent ten years trying to revive him, she didn’t want to see him acting all lovey-dovey with someone else……

Back then, he’d been willing to die for that woman, and now that he had come back to life, he’d definitely continue the relationship with that woman, so why would she let her heart be broken a second time?

Moreover, with the current condition of her body, there was only a small chance of recovering, so instead of continuing to burden her father, why don’t she just die.

In the end……Moqi Tingyu had died in Moqi Tianhou’s arms. She said that she didn’t have any regrets, and she named her daughter Yuan Chu (beginning).

How nice would it be if things could return to the beginning?

Myriad Sword Sect had arranged a low-profile funeral for her, but unexpectedly, Yuan Zhixu actually came on the day of the funeral.

He had rushed over as if his life depended on it, only to be met with Moqi Tingyu’s dead body.

He didn’t even have time to tell her that he’d actually regained his divine senses seven years ago, or that after so many years, he had long fallen for her.

He had worked hard with her to regain consciousness, using his soul to pound against his body day and night nonstop, just so that he could open his eyes sooner.

He had thought that when he woke up, the both of them would be able to continue on with their predestined relationship, and he’d also spare no effort to cure her body, that he’d be able to spend his life with her and their daughter. But unexpectedly, just before he woke up, she had brought him back to the Yuan family and didn’t wait for him to wake up!

Even more unexpected was that by the time he chased her here like a madman, her cultivation had already vanished and she’d already passed away.

No one in Myriad Sword Sect wanted him there and they tried to chase him away, but Yuan Zhixu didn’t believe that Moqi Tingyu had already died. He felt that they must be lying to him, so he had created a commotion in Myriad Sword Sect all by himself.

Moqi Tingfeng held bitter hatred for this person, so he had dragged him in front of his sister’s body.

Although she was already dead, the sword energy in Moqi Tingyu’s body couldn’t be dispelled so her body was riddled with gaping wounds. Only her face was intact, appearing pale and lifeless.

Yuan Zhixu had immediately gone crazy. He wanted to bring Moqi Tingyu’s body away, but he was no match for Moqi Tingfeng.

As the fighting intensified, Moqi Tianhou was alerted by the commotion and he came over. He then brought his daughter’s body in front of Yuan Zhixu.

Everyone was confused and Yuan Zhixu thought that he was handing the body to him so he quickly reached out to receive it but in the next second, a dark blue fire was ignited and in an instant, Moqi Tingyu’s body was turned to ash in front of Yuan Zhixu, disappearing in front of his eyes.

Moqi Tianhou simply said, “The person you’re looking for is no longer here, she doesn’t exist anymore.”

Saying this, he looked like he had aged ten years in an instant, and he’d been in closed-door seclusion ever since.

Moqi Tingfeng also didn’t expect his father to do something like that and he was dumbfounded. Yuan Zhixu reached out to grab the scattering dots of light in vain, forgetting to even cry.

Her body was now gone, it was useless even if he managed to collect her scattered primordial spirit.

Moqi Tingfeng was inconsolably grieved and he pointed his sword at him as he said angrily, “Today is her death anniversary, I won’t kill you, but if I ever see you again, I’ll definitely make sure that you’ll never get to reincarnate!”

Yuan Zhixu was then chased out, regardless of whether he was willing or not.

After this, Yuan Zhixu had stirred up trouble for a long time but he wasn’t able to enter Myriad Sword Sect. Later, they heard that he’d suffered a Qi deviation and disappeared.

The Yuan family had chased after him and didn’t expect this to be the result. It wasn’t easy for him to be revived yet he’d ended up going crazy?

They blamed Yuan Zhixu’s Qi deviation on Myriad Sword Sect and during that period of time, the rumours were flying everywhere.

Saying things like Myriad Sword Sect being the leader of the Immortal Sects yet something like this had happened. That Moqi Tingyu deserved it! She had disregarded her status and fallen for her own disciple, marrying beneath her to someone who didn’t like her, creating such a farce……

With all kinds of public opinions and rumours spreading about her, Myriad Sword Sect’s standing was at risk.

Some were even saying that Moqi Tingyu had forced Yuan Zhixu, which was why the Yuan family had come searching for him.

A smaller sect, after receiving orders from someone, had widely publicised this matter to let Myriad Sword Sect lose face. This resulted in Moqi Tingyu’s reputation being slandered.

But what no one expected was that one day, Yuan Zhixu would go to that small sect and in a single night, he slaughtered all the tens of thousands of disciples in the sect.

This incident had shocked all the Immortal Sects. After this, no one dared to bring up Moqi Tingyu’s name any longer, as if it’d become a taboo.

After learning of this, Moqi Tingfeng didn’t bother with it. He made a drastic rule that forbade anyone from speaking of this incident, and after many years, this matter was finally suppressed.

It was also from that time that Myriad Sword Sect’s rules became stricter and no one dared to make any mistakes because the consequences weren’t something that they could bear.

As such, after so many years, Yuan Chu had never heard of her mother’s matter. She had questioned them many times, but no one uttered a word about it, and after the Sect Master learned that she was asking around, she was even confined. So gradually, she didn’t dare to ask about her mother anymore.


Although many years had passed, Moqi Tingfeng’s expression was still one of deep hurt when he spoke of this matter. He shouldn’t have spoken so much about this, but perhaps because it had been a long time since he’d spoken to someone about his sister, he ended up telling Ye Chenyuan everything.

He said with a sigh, “Back then, if……I was a little firmer and restrained that bit of affection she had, she wouldn’t have……”

At this, Moqi Tingfeng felt a deep regret and the rims of his eyes reddened before he finally closed his eyes and didn’t speak anymore.

Ye Chenyuan also didn’t speak after hearing all these.

A moment later, Moqi Tingfeng sorted his feelings before saying, “I’m only telling you this to let you know that Little Chu……she is a pitiful child. She lost her parents at a young age and even with me looking after her, there’ll still be a large piece missing in her heart.”

1. To put it simply, the “Golden Immortal” is the strongest person in the world.

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4 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 243: An Ill-Fated Relationship

    1. Yeah but like he said if her family had been stricter with her (like simply lock her up in the sect) then this tragedy wouldn’t happen either. Of course blame the author for all this unnecessary drama lol


  1. So, you can say that Yuan Chu’s father basically killed her mother.
    First time his life was saved, Yuan Zhixu could repay the favour in a million different ways, like, bring all treasures from the world. Since he didn’t truly ask to save him, and it was solely Moqi Tingyu’s decision. But he eventually chose to marry Moqi Tingyu. Or, if it was the law of his society to marry the girl, he chose to obey the law.
    However, his further actions proved he was an irresponsible and ungrateful person that didn’t have an ounce of respect towards Moqi Tingyu.
    Every action of his ruined her reputation in the eyes of society: ruined wedding, decision to allow the woman he loved to live in the same house with him. He just publicly humilated Moqi Tingyu: his legal wife, his Master from the sect and, most importantly, the saviour of his life.
    I got the impression, in the eyes of society everything was Moqi Tingyu’s fault. Even though the one who really acted wrongly was Yuan Zhixu, Moqi Tingyu was the one to be blamed for the disgrace he brought to her and her family.
    Before saving Yuan Zhixu for the second time, Moqi Tingyu at least had power (her cultivation). After reviving Yuan Zhixu from the dead, she was left with nothing but a ruined reputation. That’s why, despite there was a chance of recovering, Moqi Tingyu decided to die: “…instead of continuing to burden her father, why don’t she just die.”
    Pretty similar to those Chinese novels about ancient times, when the only way for a woman to get rid of shame in the eyes of society was to kill herself.
    Yes, you can say she could choose not to save him second time, but, in my opinion, it doesn’t change things much. The path of cultivation is dangerous. If a mishap happened during her cultivation, she would be in similar circumstances.
    Yuan Zhixu is portrayed enough talented and smart individual to become personal disciple of a peak master in a major sect. He couldn’t not know the consequences of his actions.
    It is a pity Moqi Tingyu’s love for him was too strong.

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    1. That’s a fair reasoning, but I’m pretty sure there’s much more to it. after all, one of the many characteristics of this novel is that nothing actually is how it first looks (we could take the previous life of the mc and the ml as an example). With this story it’s obvious that he wronged and humiliated her in many ways, and she took all the blame in the eyes of the society, but it’s just too weird that he would act like this with no reason at all (leaving aside the woman he loved). Marrying her was his decision, because in the previous chapters it’s clearly said that in the cultivation world even if the girl loses her virginity, she doesn’t have to marry the one with whom she lost it. Even if we were to say that he doesn’t necessarily stick to this type of thinking since he’s from the Empire (which wouldn’t make much sense imo, since I’m pretty sure he spent a lot of time in the cultivation world), from what i understood from their laws they’re actually even more open minded than those from the Immortal Sects. I can’t wait to actually know the truth behind this story.

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