TDCM Chapter 241: If She Likes You

With just one look, it could be seen that Ye Chenyuan was a resolute and hardworking person. With him by Little Chu’s side, he could be at ease.

So he glanced towards Yuan Chu again, and with this comparison, he felt all the more vexed.

“You……change into another set of clothes before coming back. We have distinguished guests coming over later and you’ll be meeting them with me. Your disciple can stay behind, I have something to ask him.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu immediately looked towards Ye Chenyuan as she blinked her large eyes at him. The meaning was very clear: You have to put in a good word for me!

Ye Chenyuan immediately got what she meant and replied to her with a smile. With this, Yuan Chu left satisfiedly. Say, she hadn’t seen Little Qiu in a long time, she’ll go find her to reminisce about the past.

When Yuan Chu left, it was as if she’d taken the warmth with her and the cold audience hall became even colder.

To prevent the Sect Master from seeing through his thoughts, Ye Chenyuan looked towards the ground in feigned deference.

“Little Yuan, come forward.”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan stepped forward and stood beneath the white jade steps.

Moqi Tingfeng carefully scanned him for a long time before asking a very strange question.

“Little Yuan, what do you think of Little Chu?”

Ye Chenyuan’s heart jumped inexplicably and he pursed his lips before replying earnestly, “Master is very good.”

Moqi Tingfeng questioned again, “Then towards her, what is it that you feel?”

Ye Chenyuan became suspicious and he looked at Moqi Tingfeng guardedly. There was a faint smile on that refined and scholarly face such that others couldn’t figure out his true intentions.

He replied cautiously, “Master is my closest and most important person. This feeling is incomparable and cannot be expressed in words.”

It was then that Moqi Tingfeng smiled with satisfaction, “Very good, you’re a good child and so is Little Chu. It’s just that Little Chu this child appears mischievous and unruly yet she’s open-minded, appearing open-minded yet she’s also very stubborn. Although you’re following her as her disciple, I still hope that you can take care of her.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, “I’ll definitely live up to Sect Master’s expectations, it’s just that……”

“Just that what?”

Ye Chenyuan looked up at Moqi Tingfeng, his back was ramrod straight.

“It’s just that master’s cultivation is too high and although I’ve been cultivating diligently, it’s still difficult for me to catch up to her. So there’s many times that I feel that I’m lacking when looking after master.”

Moqi Tingfeng seemed to have understood what he was trying to say, “Just speak your mind.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, then he looked straight into Moqi Tingfeng’s eyes.

“If possible, this disciple hopes that Sect Master can permit me to enter the Wangchuan Mystic Realm.”

Moqi Tingfeng froze, thinking that he’d heard him wrongly.

“You want to enter Wangchuan?”

As the leader of Myriad Sword Sect, one of the ten immortal sects, he had access to many mystic realms. However, only the small mystic realm Wangchuan was a little special because most of the disciples who enter it are those who have committed great wrongdoings. It was a punishment mystic realm.

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “This disciple has already considered it on this journey back. The way to raise one’s cultivation in a short period of time is to engage in a non-stop battle, and the Wangchuan Mystic Realm will be a very good challenge for me.”

When he heard this, Moqi Tingfeng said with a smile, “You’ve really thought it through? That mystic realm isn’t your average mystic realm. There aren’t any treasures inside, only savage spirit beasts close to deviating that have been imprisoned by the Immortal Sect. Other disciples avoid it yet you’re requesting to enter it? If you meet with any danger inside, there won’t be anyone to save you.”

“Sect Master, please don’t worry. I know my own limits and I’ve already made up my mind. I ask that the Sect Master allow me.”

Moqi Tingfeng looked at Ye Chenyuan in surprise. He had already pointed out how dangerous that mystic realm was yet this child was still so resolute?

“Can I know the reason?” Moqi Tingfeng questioned, “If you want to temper yourself, there’s actually other mystic realms that are more suitable for you. You don’t necessarily have to enter the Wangchuan Mystic Realm. The rankings of the beasts inside cannot be verified and it’s truly dangerous for you to go alone.”

However, Ye Chenyuan had already made up his mind because he knew that the time difference in the Wangchuan Mystic Realm was the most terrifying. A day outside was equivalent to a year inside.

Moreover, the Wangchuan Mystic Realm’s entrance was very close to Frost Sword Peak. He wanted to become stronger yet he didn’t want to leave Yuan Chu, so that was his best option.

In this way, he’d still be able to come out and prepare dinner for Yuan Chu every night. This was something that he’d planned during the journey here.

So he simply said, “I hope that Sect Master can agree.”

Hearing Ye Chenyuan’s resolve, Moqi Tingfeng was going to advise him against it but he then recalled that he was already an early stage Golden Core at his young age so he must be counting on something and might not be that inexperienced.

Moreover, since he was so insistent on training, if he was able to raise his cultivation quickly, it’ll be a good thing for Yuan Chu too. So, he didn’t try to stop him anymore.

“Alright then. So……when do you intend to enter? And for how long?”

Ye Chenyuan replied, “During this period of time that I’ll be at Myriad Sword Sect, this disciple intends to enter for sixteen hours everyday and will come out in the evening. I hope that Sect Master can grant me the mystic realm token.”

On account of Yuan Chu, Moqi Tingfeng wouldn’t be stingy towards him so he retrieved the token and a bottle of medicinal pill.

“The Wangchuan Mystic Realm is filled with danger, but if you insist on going in, I won’t stop you. This is my token and with it, you’ll be able to exit the mystic realm at any time. However, you still have to be very careful because this token might not be able to save you in time if the danger is imminent.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t think that he’d be able to persuade Moqi Tingfeng so easily. He said gratefully, “Sect Master, thank you for allowing this!”

Moqi Tingfeng nodded his head. After this, he asked Ye Chenyuan about what Yuan Chu had experienced for the past few years. Ye Chenyuan answered everything that he could and his manner was composed throughout it, not letting anyone see that anything was wrong.

In the end, after Moqi Tingfeng had asked about everything he wanted to know, he suddenly stared at Ye Chenyuan’s face for a long time.

Ye Chenyuan felt that this was a little strange, and it was a long time later that he finally heard Moqi Tingfeng say.

“Little Yuan, this appearance of yours is indeed the best out of all I’ve seen in all these years.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t understand why the topic had suddenly jumped to this so he looked at the Sect Master in confusion, then he heard him continue.

“Little Yuan, there’s something that I have to remind you about.”

Ye Chenyuan frowned slightly, “Sect Master, please speak.”

Moqi Tingfeng was conflicted for a moment, then he said in a lowered voice, “You’re already sixteen and are resolute and composed, but Little Chu is still small. Besides……she’s at the age where she’ll start admiring young men. If……”

Ye Chenyuan looked at him fixedly.

“If……Little Chu starts treating you differently, you must not blindly obey or spoil her. You have to guide her onto the right path.”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression became very strange. After a while, he pursed his lips before asking in a hoarse voice.

“What you’re saying is that, if I notice that she’s starting to have other thoughts towards me, I have to point it out and correct her? I have to reject her?”

Moqi Tingfeng nodded his head seriously, “Correct, that’s exactly what I’m trying to say.”

He had only brought this up because he didn’t want Yuan Chu to repeat her mother’s mistakes, yet he couldn’t always be with her so he could only call Ye Chenyuan’s attention to this issue.

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3 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 241: If She Likes You

  1. If only Moqi Tingfeng knew there is no way yuan chu could make the same mistake as her mother because yuanyuan sticks to her like glue and loves her so much he would destroy the world if she asked him to or something happened to her. Like there is no way he would ever jilt her.

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    1. If he only knew what this unruly disciple’s been up to (hugging, snuggling, kissing, leaving soul mark) toward his beloved (and still very young!) niece, I bet he would very much like to sort YCY out, and probably put a prohibition so he won’t be able to come within 100 meter near her (the feeling of a doting dad) LOL

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