TDCM Chapter 240: Conscious Acceptance

That unimpeded intimate contact made Yuan Chu tense up.

She restrained the urge to make a sound and bit down firmly on her lower lip.

In fact, they were currently one step away from soul dual cultivation and Ye Chenyuan’s teeth were also clenched as he forced himself to only leave his own mark.

Finally, their souls slowly separated before floating back into their bodies.

Ye Chenyuan took in a deep breath as he placed his forehead on hers.

Having just experienced such intimate contact, Yuan Chu was currently very attached to him and with her forehead against his, she even nuzzled him lightly.

When he felt Yuan Chu’s unconscious actions, Ye Chenyuan felt a surge of emotions and the bright red appeared between his brows again.

How long more did he need to endure this? His beloved was right in front of him and she didn’t have her guard up against him. If he wanted to, there were many opportunities for him to make his move!

But his last bit of reason was still struggling. What he wanted wasn’t for it to be forced but for their feelings to be mutual.

Actually, Yuan Chu’s feelings were already slanted towards him. He was her most important person. The only thing was that she’d already defined him as her disciple right from the start, he was family. Even if her feelings towards him became stronger, it’ll still move in that direction.

What he wanted was to subtly influence her into falling for him so that she’d all the more be unable to leave him. After that, he’d wait for a suitable opportunity to confess to her.

Only in this way would she not flee in fright, then he’ll succeed in getting her to fall into his hands and become his woman.

Before that, the only thing he had to do was to love her and work hard to become stronger.

Those people that wanted a share of her, he won’t let a single one of them off!

After he left his mark on her soul, the atmosphere between the two turned strange. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before they soon arrived at Myriad Sword Sect.

Seeing a familiar place, even though it wasn’t as advanced or magnificent as the Empire, Yuan Chu felt familiar with it.

“Uncle Sect Master, I’m back ~~~”

Yuan Chu jogged all the way from Celestial Pole Peak’s first level to the ninth level. Along the way, many disciples cast surprised looks at her, looking at Yuan Chu with expressions of anger yet not daring to speak up about it.

Causing a racket or running was prohibited in Celestial Pole Peak, but because she was Frost Sword Peak’s senior, they couldn’t do anything about it. After all, even their Venerable Sect Master turned a blind eye to it……

Hearing Yuan Chu’s voice from afar, the Venerable Sect Master who was discussing sect matters with the other elders and peak masters looked up and a trace of a smile appeared on the corner of his lips.

But when Yuan Chu barged in, his expression changed and he pulled a long face as he said.

“What’s with all this noise? After staying outside for so long, have you forgotten the rules?!”

It was only then that Yuan Chu abruptly halted and stuck out her tongue.

Ye Chenyuan who was chasing her from behind was worried that the Sect Master would scold Yuan Chu so he quickly greeted him and said, “Sect Master, please excuse us. Master only forgot her manners because she missed you too much. I hope that Sect Master can let master off on account of her young age.”

Seeing that Yuan Chu the little witch was back again, Spirit Beast Peak’s Long Xiu couldn’t refrain from letting out a cold ‘hmph’, “Twelve isn’t young anymore. Her nominal age is thirteen, does she still not know the rules?”

Because everyone didn’t usually include the time spent in mystic realms, in their eyes, Yuan Chu was still twelve or thirteen.

Yuan Chu was unhappy to hear this voice. She grinned at Long Xiu, “Oh my, isn’t this granny Long Xiu? You’re still a mid stage Nascent Soul at your age, your progress is a little slow……”

Long Xiu suddenly slammed the table as she stood up. She was just about to say that Yuan Chu as a person with an unstable foundation wasn’t qualified to talk about her, but unexpectedly, she could no longer see through Yuan Chu’s cultivation……

What! Why did this d*mn girl’s cultivation advance so quickly?

Seeing that she was holding back and didn’t continue with her words, Yuan Chu said with a smug expression on her face, “Are you thinking about how my cultivation has advanced so quickly?”

Thinking that she was about to reveal some secret cultivation method, the various peak masters all looked towards her.

Yuan Chu grinned, “It’s because I took the time that some people like to spend making sarcastic comments, on cultivating instead!”

“You!” This d*mn girl, she’ll cut her to death!

“Cough!” Moqi Tingfeng let out a cough to stop Long Xiu. The other peak masters and elders all found it funny.

How should they say this? Everyone in Myriad Sword Sect was well-behaved and every day passed the same, but with Yuan Chu here, it was as if a dash of bright and beautiful colours had been added to the grey and white sect, and it didn’t look too bad.

“Alright……” Moqi Tingfeng had something to say to Yuan Chu so he chased everyone else out.

“We’ll settle the matter of the spirit veins like that. You may all leave.”

“……yes, Sect Master”

All the uncles and aunties that had the demeanour of transcendent beings walked past Yuan Chu. Just from their dispositions, the fundamental difference between the Immortal Sects and the Empire could be seen.

The Immortal Sects stressed individual strength and the continuation of the sect, and were uninterested in other matters so they looked even more like celestial beings.

The Empire was still too secular so they weren’t as powerful as the Immortal Sects.

They were all rather friendly towards Yuan Chu because it was rare to have such an adorable child around. So when they walked past Yuan Chu and saw her adorable face, many of them couldn’t refrain from reaching out their evil claws to give her head a rub.

One of the female elders even said with a smile, “Little Chu, why don’t you drop by my place later. Yuan Ling Kingdom has just presented us with a new item, the thousand flower nectar. You’ll definitely like it.”

Yuan Chu nodded her head with a smile, “Alright, I’ll be there. Thank you, Sister Zhou ~”

Addressing the people she didn’t like as granny and the people she liked as sisters. Hearing this, Long Xiu let out a ‘hmph’ before walking off.

Once everyone had left, Moqi Tingfeng asked.

“Little Chu, what’s your cultivation now?”

Yuan Chu was still hiding her cultivation from her little disciple so she replied without any hesitation, “Late stage Nascent Soul!”

Moqi Tingfeng frowned when he heard this.

“Why are you advancing so quickly?” That shouldn’t be the case. Yuan Chu would need ten to twenty years to stabilise her foundation. Why had her cultivation even advanced by two realms in the short span of a few years?

Yuan Chu laughed mischievously, “It’s probably because I’m the darling of heaven!”

Seeing that she was so pleased with herself, Moqi Tingfeng suppressed a smile as he said with a ‘hmph’, “You’re still speaking with no sense of propriety, do you want to be put into detention?”

Yuan Chu immediately shut up and clasped her hands together to try to appear obedient.

Moqi Tingfeng knew that this was how Yuan Chu was so he didn’t ask her about it anymore. It’ll be the same if he asked Ye Chenyuan anyway, so he looked towards Ye Chenyuan……

In fact, he had noticed it the moment Ye Chenyuan stepped in. He was only sixteen right? Although his looks were very outstanding, because his gaze was reserved, it didn’t give people the feeling that he was being flippant, but they’d instead feel that he was very composed.

Moreover, his cultivation was already at early stage Golden Core at his young age! This talent could be said to be rather terrifying. Moqi Tingfeng internally nodded his head.

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2 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 240: Conscious Acceptance

  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Our MC was supposed to be an old lady already given the total time that she lived before, but the author seemed to forget about this and regressed her mental age to a 13 year old through and through


    1. I think that might be because of something that had happened in YC’s 1st life. (The author has dropped hints about it but we still don’t know exactly what happened)
      YC has also mentioned that she didn’t want to grow up, remember?
      I’m thinking that might be why YC’s mental age is like 13.


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