TDCM Chapter 239: Can I Leave Another Mark?

“Because……after that happened, I was worried that you’d feel awkward so while you were still unconscious, I had erased that portion of your memory.”

Yuan Chu suddenly recalled that dream she’d had and she didn’t feel quite well anymore.

So that wasn’t actually a dream……but rather, she’d actually slept with Ye Chenyuan?!

Ye Chenyuan felt better when he saw that Yuan Chu’s face had turned red. It seems like master didn’t feel nothing for him and he just needed a chance, a chance to turn her feelings around.

The atmosphere became hot and dry. The heat on Yuan Chu’s face wouldn’t go away and she felt like she was about to go crazy.

She looked at Ye Chenyuan as she hesitated a few times, not knowing what to say. In the end, it was Ye Chenyuan who took the initiative to say.

“Master, the person who removed my mark? Who is he?”

Yuan Chu didn’t hide it from Ye Chenyuan, “He’s the demon world’s demon lord.”

Ye Chenyuan’s gaze sharpened, “It’s that demon lord who’s away from his demon palace for long periods of time and likes to travel around?”

Yuan Chu nodded, “He wanted to leave a mark on my body but I managed to seriously injure him with the bloodthirsty witherbark so he didn’t succeed.”

Even though he didn’t succeed, the fact that he’d intended to do so has already placed him on Ye Chenyuan’s little death note.

But before all that, Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu as he said calmly, “If that’s the case……master, will you be willing to let me place another mark?”

Yuan Chu immediately panicked and jumped off the bed.

“Y-Y-You want to dual cultivate with me?!”

Her words made Ye Chenyuan feel excited. He did want to, but would she let him?

But on the surface, he said in all seriousness, “Not dual cultivate, I……want to leave a new mark on you.”

His directness caused Yuan Chu’s body to turn pink.

“Y-Y-You what are you trying to do?!” Did this rebellious disciple perhaps harbour unmentionable thoughts towards her?!

Ye Chenyuan sighed when he saw Yuan Chu’s guarded expression, “Master, I’m only worried about you.”

“Worried about me?” ”Yeah.” There was a strange light in his eyes, “With your physique, things are already very dangerous for you. What if you’re injured one day and someone wants to force you? If I leave behind a mark, I’ll be able to sense it immediately. So, in order for your disciple to have peace of mind, can master let me leave another mark?”

He looked very affectionate and concerned, he was dead serious.

This was obviously a very shameful matter yet in his words, it was about being worried for her and wanting to protect her?

Yuan Chu was confused.

When he saw that Yuan Chu was contemplating it instead of rejecting him immediately, Ye Chenyuan continued calmly, “When my mark was removed before, only the heavens will know how afraid I was. Once others discover your physique, we don’t know what scary things they’ll do when driven by greed.”

“I know that leaving a mark might not be of any use, but it can at least let me know about your situation. Master……I’m really worried about you.”

His words that carried a hint of self-reproachment made Yuan Chu feel very guilty. It was only because she, as his master, kept getting into trouble that he would feel so insecure.

Since she didn’t intend to find a husband in this lifetime, letting her disciple leave a mark seemed……quite okay?

So she came to a decision and she said earnestly.

“Alright! If you want to leave one……then leave one!”

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes lit up.

Yuan Chu then asked nervously, “Will it hurt?”

Ye Chenyuan reached out to pull her to his side.

“It won’t hurt……I’ll be gentle.”

He was looking at Yuan Chu with eyes that were surging with feelings that she didn’t understand. At the thought of what he was about to do to her, even though he was experienced at schooling his expression, he still couldn’t stop his face from turning red.

Being attacked by her little disciple’s manly charms at such a close distance, even though they’ve spent so much time together, that banished immortal like face had become even more vivid after being tinged with a trace of red. This made Yuan Chu forget what she was going to say.

The Heavenly Ship’s interior was silent. The two people who were looking at each other could hear their own heartbeats.

“Cough……” Ye Chenyuan was the first to shift away his line of sight before asking, “Master, then……I’ll start now?”

“En……” Yuan Chu replied in a very soft voice. What’s with this awkward atmosphere?

To break up this awkwardness, she summoned up the courage to ask, “Then is there anything I should do?”

Ye Chenyuan gave her a small smile. Yuan Chu’s brain crashed when that peerlessly beautiful face that made one feel stifled got closer to her.

He asked in a lowered voice, “Does master still remember the dual cultivation technique that I passed to you? Although I’ve already erased your memories, you should still remember it.”

It was only quite a while later that Yuan Chu took in a deep breath, taking half a step back as she said, “I-I think I remember it.”

“Good.” Ye Chenyuan’s eyes were sparkling as he pulled Yuan Chu a little closer to himself.

He was currently seated yet he was taller than her who was standing. Completely enveloped in his scent, Yuan Chu suddenly felt regretful. Perhaps she shouldn’t let him leave a mark?

Just as she was about to voice this, Ye Chenyuan said.

“Master, close your eyes.”

Yuan Chu kept feeling like this situation was a little dangerous, but she’d grown up together with Ye Chenyuan and they’d eaten and slept together so she trusted him exceedingly. So she gritted her teeth and closed her eyes.

Then she heard Ye Chenyuan’s warm breath brush past her ear with a trace of ambiguity.

“Master, release a part of your soul and quietly circulate the dual cultivation technique.”

Yuan Chu was a little hesitant. It was a very dangerous thing to let out one’s soul in front of someone else. Because of this, she had never intended to dual cultivate with someone, but when the other party was her little disciple, she didn’t seem to be that afraid, only feeling that it was a little strange and feeling rather nervous……

But since things had already come to this, she gave it some thought before letting out her soul.

What did a soul look like?

Because Yuan Chu had only released a portion of her soul, it was formless and it emitted a white glow, looking like mermaid gauze as it spun slowly above her head.

During soul dual cultivation, two people’s souls will entangle without any consciousness or form, becoming one whole. That was an intimacy that was even deeper than that of the physical kind.

Ye Chenyuan looked at Yuan Chu’s soul rather fascinatedly. He had looked forward to dual cultivating with her for a long time and had only endured for so long because her body’s growth had been restricted by her cultivation.

He looked at Yuan Chu, looked at her fixedly. At this moment, her eyes were closed as she remained in his arms rather uneasily. In fact, he could leave a mark even if she didn’t circulate the dual cultivation technique, but she wouldn’t feel anything in the process of him leaving the mark.

He wished that she would feel something towards him.

“Master……I’m coming.”

Yuan Chu became nervous when she heard Ye Chenyuan’s words. Ye Chenyuan let out a soft laugh before releasing his own soul to embrace Yuan Chu’s soul.

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      1. Whaaa!!!? I need to go back to that chapter and reread. Do you recall the chapter #? I know it was the arc where they were separated and he got trapped in the other realm.


  1. Thank you for the chapter!
    Given an inch, swallow a whole yard. Yuan Chu really should learn to put up her guard against this black bellied disciple of hers!

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