TDCM Chapter 242: Past Events Have Faded Like Smoke

Ye Chenyuan found it strange but he nodded his head with a calm expression on his face as he asked, “Can this disciple know why Sect Master has entrusted me with this task?”

Seeing Ye Chenyuan’s calm demeanour, Moqi Tingfeng relaxed before saying with a sigh, “I shouldn’t be telling you about this, but it should be okay to tell you since you’re following Little Chu……”

Then, the Sect Master told Ye Chenyuan about a matter that the entire Myriad Sword Sect wouldn’t even dare to talk about.

Yuan Chu’s mother, Moqi Tingyu. The person she had fallen in love with back then was her own disciple.

This matter had caused quite a stir back then. It was seen as improper for a master to fall for their disciple. However, if everyone could be a little more low-key and quietly settle the issue, although it’ll still be seen as a scandal, it wouldn’t affect things too much.

Regretfully, it wasn’t mutual and Moqi Tingyu was the one who harboured an unrequited love.

Moqi Tingyu was pretty and with her talents, it could be said that things had always been smooth sailing for her and she’d been pampered since she was young. Her father was Moqi Tianhou[1], Myriad Sword Sect’s Ancestor who was currently in seclusion. Back then, he had protected his daughter fiercely because Moqi Tingyu looked very much like his late wife, so Moqi Tianhou had doted on her a lot.

But who would’ve known that Moqi Tingyu would fall for her own disciple, Yuan Zhixu.

Yuan Zhixu was the young chief of a major clan in the Empire and he had come here specially to learn. The Empire was too secular so it was easy to get restless when cultivating. In order to become stronger, he had specially come to the Immortal Sect from afar and took Moqi Tingyu as his master, the peak master who was the most talented in cultivating and had the highest cultivation.

Yuan Zhixu had an outstanding appearance and he was mature and steady. Initially, there were many female cultivators in Myriad Sword Sect who adored him secretly, and with time, Moqi Tingfeng realised that his own little sister seemed to treat Yuan Zhixu very differently.

When his sister secretly told him about her thoughts, Moqi Tingfeng had been against it.

For a master to have fallen for her own disciple, if others were to know about this, it’ll be too embarrassing!

But he was someone who loved his sister a lot and after Moqi Tingyu begged and pestered him about it, he agreed to act as a go-between for her and Yuan Zhixu.

But what he didn’t expect was that Yuan Zhixu already had someone he liked, only that that person didn’t like him.

After learning of this situation, Moqi Tingfeng opposed this resolutely, hoping that his sister wouldn’t pursue someone who didn’t love her.

But Moqi Tingyu was naive and had a stubborn character, firmly believing that with sincerity, even a stone could be warmed. Moreover, with the person that Yuan Zhixu liked having already married someone else, she could no longer restrain herself and kept chasing after him.

Later, when Yuan Zhixu was suffering from a philtre whilst he was out tempering himself and his life was hanging by a thread, Moqi Tingyu had given him her true Yin. Although she didn’t have the Yin Yang Reincarnate Physique, she had the Pure Yin Physique and managed to save Yuan Zhixu in this way.

When Yuan Zhixu awoke to realise that he had already taken her innocence, he decided to marry her.

But on the day of the wedding, the woman that Yuan Zhixu loved had come to find him, saying that she’d trusted the wrong man and her days were living hell. It just so happened that the woman’s husband’s family had also dropped by, and to help that woman, Yuan Zhixu had gotten into a direct confrontation with them. In the end, a joyous occasion was turned into a battleground and Myriad Sword Sect was also thoroughly disgraced.

After this incident, that woman had nowhere to go and wanted to remain at the Yuan family so Myriad Sword Sect had immediately brought Moqi Tingyu away. Moqi Tingyu had been heartbroken but because Yuan Zhixu insisted on letting that woman remain, she was discouraged and had returned to the sect.

Not long after she returned, she received news that Yuan Zhixu had become seriously injured whilst trying to save that woman and that his life was hanging by a thread.

On that very day, Moqi Tingyu secretly left Myriad Sword Sect, but because the distance was too great, Yuan Zhixu was already dead by the time she arrived.

It’s said that before he died, Yuan Zhixu had even asked his family to treat that woman well, showing that he truly loved her.

It was then that Moqi Tingyu understood that Yuan Zhixu only felt responsible towards her, and towards that woman, he had true love. Despite feeling like she’d just taken a knife to the heart, she still couldn’t let go of him.

Moqi Tingyu ended up doing a very rash thing, and that was stealing Yuan Zhixu’s body.

According to legends, when a person dies, the soul will slowly leave the body, but if one could chase the soul back, the person will not die.

What she did garnered the ire of the Yuan family. He was already dead yet she still wasn’t willing to let off their young master!

Myriad Sword Sect was also enraged, and as the leader of the Immortal Sects, their reputation had been stomped under people’s feet.

People from both sides were searching for Moqi Tingyu but none of them were able to find her. She had brought the body with her and disappeared for ten years.

Moqi Tianhou had been angered to the point of vomiting blood and proclaimed that he wouldn’t recognise her as his daughter any longer.

The Yuan family also didn’t want their young master’s body to be abandoned outside and had never stopped searching.

Ten years later, Moqi Tingyu returned with a breathing Yuan Zhixu. While he was still unconscious, she had returned him to the Yuan family.

The Yuan family was very shocked, they’d never heard of a dead person coming back to life before! They had wanted to ask her some questions but Moqi Tingyu didn’t stay to wait for Yuan Zhixu to regain consciousness. She had handed him over to the woman he loved before returning to Myriad Sword Sect.

She had returned secretly, and upon her return, she knelt in front of her brother who was now the Sect Master, and from a jade bottle gourd, she had brought out a little girl.

Moqi Tingfeng had initially been very angry, but when he realised that his sister’s soul had been exhausted and her body was broken, he felt very anguished.

Just as he was about to move to heal her, Moqi Tingyu grabbed onto his hand.

“Brother……for the past few years, I’ve gone to many places that I shouldn’t have gone to, my body has already been completely destroyed. It took me seven years to birth my daughter and I’m now an arrow at the end of its flight, I can sense that I do not have much time left. My daughter……I’ll leave her in your care.”

Moqi Tingfeng was very shocked and he immediately reached out his hand to examine her, only to realise that things were actually even more serious than what his sister had said. He didn’t know where she’d gone, but not only was there no advancements in her Astral Realm cultivation for the past ten years, her body was even filled with formidable sword energy and demonic energy that were constantly tearing away at her body. If this problem couldn’t be resolved, she wouldn’t have much time left.

But if they begged their father to help, there would be a chance of survival. However, Moqi Tingyu had refused.

“……Even if I’m alive, I’ll only be Myriad Sword Sect’s embarrassment and a disgrace to father. If it weren’t for my daughter’s sake, I wouldn’t have lived till today. I can’t face father anymore. Can brother please help me one last time……”

Moqi Tingfeng felt as if a knife was being twisted in his heart. Unable to reject her final request, he had let her remain while he secretly searched for a way to treat her.

However, the first thing that Moqi Tingyu did was to enlighten her daughter.

It had created quite a commotion back then, so many people had realised that Moqi Tingyu was back, including her father.

……No one had expected that the Moqi Tingyu who might have been able to prolong her life span if she recuperated properly, would actually do something like this at a point when her life was a matter of life and death!

1. I would just like to point out something about their names that I find very cute:
万俟天候 Moqi Tianhou – ‘Tianhou’ means weather
万俟听风 Moqi Tingfeng – ‘Ting’ means listen, ‘Feng’ means wind
万俟听雨 Moqi Tingyu – ‘Ting’ means listen, ‘Yu’ means rain

Ya’ll I’m translating this with tears in my eyes it’s so annoying I can’t seeeee

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