TDCM Chapter 227: What Present Should I Give

Yuan Chu immediately fell silent. It was probably because she’d eaten Zhao Zhuo, but she couldn’t say that!

So she quickly changed the subject, “Say, little disciple, you’re not attending classes today, are you going to the Su family?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded before looking at Yuan Chu, “I might be returning slightly later today, don’t wait up for me.”

“Ah……you’ll be returning late?” Yuan Chu revealed a disappointed expression, but she still said, “Can you come back earlier, you still have to tell me a story!”

Ye Chenyuan also didn’t want it any other way, so he said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll try to come back earlier.”


Seeing that Ye Chenyuan had left, Yuan Chu clung to the window as she watched his figure until he disappeared from view, and only then did she start busying herself in the little wooden house.

Hehe, it’s Ye Chenyuan’s sixteenth birthday today! She wanted to give him a surprise.

In the past, Yuan Chu would also celebrate Ye Chenyuan’s birthday, but it had always been done very simply, with the both of them having a meal together. On the contrary, it was on Yuan Chu’s birthday that Ye Chenyuan would make elaborate preparations for it.

However, sixteen was different in Yuan Chu’s eyes. Within the Immortal Sects, boys that turned sixteen had reached adulthood and could become the head of the family. Within the Empire, sixteen was the age that one could take a wife and have children. Therefore, this birthday had to be celebrated properly!

But how could she make this birthday unforgettable? Yuan Chu held her head with both hands as she thought long and hard about it.

What did Little Yuan Yuan like? It seems like……there wasn’t anything that he particularly liked.

What did Little Yuan Yuan like to eat? It seems like……he only ate when he was with her.

What did Little Yuan Yuan need? He already had a divine tool and the Lone Sword would also be his soon. He didn’t lack magic treasures or medicinal pills, there didn’t seem to be anything that he needed, nor could she afford those that he did.

Then……then what should she give him?

Yuan Chu’s expression cracked and she started to become frantic.

As she recalled the conventional methods of celebrating birthdays in the modern times, she suddenly had an idea.

Although it was a little ordinary, it was the thought that counts, so there was no need to care about these details!

She started on it immediately. First, the house they were staying in definitely needed to be tidied up. Yuan Chu ran outside the house, and seeing that the little wooden house did look quite pretty amongst the flowers, she reached out her hand and poured out her spiritual energy. The wooden house was enveloped in a pale white light and it wasn’t long before the flowering vines around the wooden house started to grow very quickly, until they finally enveloped the entire wooden house.

With this, the house was now covered with flowers and it looked even prettier than before!

Then, she ran back inside the house. She didn’t have any balloons or ribbons, but as she stroked her chin, she thought of a very good substitute.

She instantly disappeared before returning shortly after, and with a wave of her hand, the house was filled with a kind of small mushroom. There were larger and smaller mushrooms, and they grew on the wall or floor once they touched it. The mushroom’s cap gave out a dark blue or light blue light, and at nighttime, it’ll even scatter tiny spores.

Those spores were transformed from pure spiritual energy so they weren’t harmful to people, and they even looked pretty!

Yuan Chu looked at the house that was filled with little mushrooms and she nodded her head in satisfaction. She won’t turn on the spirit crystal lamp tonight, she’ll leave the lighting to these little mushrooms. The silver stardust-like spores that they dispersed will definitely be very pretty, especially the ones that would scatter down from above like rain, it’ll definitely be dreamlike!

After fixing up the place, next was to prepare the birthday cake, but……she didn’t know how to make it! Even with magic, it can’t be done……Yuan Chu gave it some thought before deciding to make longevity noodles. This she knew!

So she eagerly headed to the kitchen to knead the dough.

The kitchen was her little disciple’s territory and it was always spotlessly clean. After finding the spirit wheat flour, she started to get to work.

She only had to knead the dough before rolling them into long strips right? It seemed very simple, she used to be very good at playing with modelling clay in the past!

Yuan Chu hummed a song as she kneaded the dough. She didn’t use any magic during this entire process, simply thinking that it was better that she made this bowl of birthday noodles by hand.

A small bird flew past the exterior of the house. The interior and exterior of the house was filled with the fragrance of plants, making one feel carefree and relaxed.

Yuan Chu looked at the lump of dough in her hand as she thought: Her little disciple would definitely be happy with this thing she’d made herself right?


Meanwhile, because Yuan Chu had asked him to return earlier, Ye Chenyuan had been in a rush the entire day. However, he still needed to finish the things that had to be done.

Just as he’d thought, the person that wanted to plant the bloodthirsty witherbark on Mu Qinghan was from the imperial palace. Although Ye Chenyuan thought that the possibility of the monarch being the culprit was higher, he led both family clan leaders to think that it had all been done by the imperial grandson.

Because the Crown Prince was missing, the next in line for the throne was the imperial grandson. Hence, he had to gather his own forces before the succession. If he could kill Mu Qinghan, then his parents, and obtain the Ji Dao auction houses, wouldn’t he have nothing to fear?

The Su and Mu family were very angry when they heard his conjecture. If it was the imperial grandson’s intention to kill or suppress them, they weren’t one to be trifled with either.

It was at this moment that Ye Chenyuan said, “There’s no need to be too angry. I have information that might be of help to you.”

The Mu family head was a very carefree person, but when it came to his interests, he wouldn’t just sit around and resign himself to fate.

He said, “Little friend Ye, please feel free to speak your mind.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head. Although he was seated modestly beneath the both of them, his calm manner and confident words obtained the respect of both family heads.

Ye Chenyuan said, “Are the both of you aware that the imperial grandson doesn’t really have the Divine Emperor Blood?”

His words stirred up layers of waves and the both of them looked at each other, not daring to believe what they’d just heard.

“Back then, the principal had called into question the imperial grandson’s identity and had requested a public test of his blood. At that time, we had all seen with our own eyes that the imperial grandson has the Divine Emperor Bloodline and the monarch had even held a huge celebration over this.”

Ye Chenyuan shook his head with a smile, then he retrieved a recording pearl and poured his spiritual energy into it. Soon after, the voices of the two Golden Core cultivators that Ye Chenyuan had killed within the mystic realm could be heard.

This included how the imperial grandson was searching for people with the Divine Emperor Bloodline and how the imperial grandson was planning to change his blood.

If it were any other time, both family heads might think that this was fake but now that they already didn’t have a favourable impression of the imperial family, they believed eighty percent of this.

“Does this mean that there’s something wrong with the imperial grandson? After all, why would he do this if nothing’s up?”

As long as he was of the imperial family’s bloodline, it wouldn’t matter even if he didn’t have the Divine Emperor Blood. However, he had pretended to have the Divine Emperor Blood. This could only mean that he wanted to make his identity more believable.

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head, “To be honest, through mine and the principal’s efforts, we have already confirmed that the imperial grandson is an imposter. Also……the both of you should be aware of the commotion that happened last night right?”

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