TDCM Chapter 228: Tiny Little Chu

The both of them nodded. A battle between Astral Realms, especially one that happened within the Empire’s capital, was something that would be difficult for them not to know about. It’s just that, because it happened within the academy’s territory, they weren’t able to go over.

Ye Chenyuan continued, “Yesterday, someone had sent an Astral Realm expert to catch me, because I just so happen to have the Divine Emperor Bloodline.”

At once, Ye Chenyuan noticed that the two people’s gaze towards him had become rather nuanced, but he pretended not to have noticed it as he continued, “It was the principal who had come to my rescue……within the imperial capital, there really aren’t many people that are able to send out an Astral Realm. That person’s name is Zhao Zhuo, I’ve heard that he’s from the Empress’ Zhao family.”

Things had become even more complicated. This made the two family heads that were in the secret room feel conflicted.

“This matter even implicates the Zhao family?”

That wasn’t any ordinary family clan. First it was the imperial family, the Su family, Mu family, then the academy, and now even the Zhao family was implicated. Things were becoming complicated!

Ye Chenyuan said with a smile, “The Zhao family wasn’t implicated. They’ve been involved right from the start.”

“Think about it. If the current imperial grandson is the real one, there’s no need for him to fake his bloodline. If he’s an imposter, then how was he able to secure his position as heir? It’s my conjecture that the Zhao family is behind him!”

“The Zhao family harbours ulterior motives. First, they had forced the Crown Prince to leave, then they had swapped out the real imperial grandson for a fake. Now, they even want to take my blood to let the imperial grandson change his so that he’ll be able to obtain the Lone Sword. Now, they’ve even made a move on you……just think about it, if the Zhao family succeeds, and the imperial grandson ascends the throne after the monarch’s death, what will happen to you?”

Ye Chenyuan’s words made the both of them break out into a cold sweat. The Mu family’s head was a little calmer, saying with a tense expression on his face, “These……cannot be concrete proof. Unless you’re able to bring out proof that the imperial grandson isn’t a descendant of the imperial family, everything you’ve said is baseless.”

Ye Chenyuan smiled, “I have a way to prove it, but I’ll need both of your families to give me a hand.”

The Su and Mu family listened earnestly, totally unaware that they’d already fallen into the young man’s trap.

When Ye Chenyuan exited the Su residence and saw that it was already dark outside, he felt a little anxious. Although he’d already tried to speed things up, he’d still been held up until now. At this thought, he altered space to shorten the distance and hurried towards the academy.

The academy’s students were out and about in twos or threes, either going to cultivate or to sleep. Ye Chenyuan swept past them and headed for the flower garden.

The moon was clear and bright under the starry sky, and the wooden house that was covered in flowering vines appeared in front of Ye Chenyuan.

Feeling a little suspicious, he took a quick glance at the exterior before reaching out to push the door open.

“Master, I’m back……”

Then he fell silent. The living room was filled with a light blue fluorescent light and the floor was covered with glowing little mushrooms, and so were the walls, and also the ceiling.

At this moment, their round mushroom heads shook slightly and they released their silvery white spores. The silver stardust-like spores were floating around the entire space and Ye Chenyuan was a little dazed by this magical and dreamlike scene.

He walked in, and with every step that he took, the little mushrooms on the floor would hold onto their little mushroom heads as they moved away in order not to be stepped on. Then, a cluster of pretty red butterflies flew over with a note. Ye Chenyuan reached out to take it and the butterflies scattered. Fiery red coloured pollen fell from their wings.

Ye Chenyuan looked at the note. On it was written.

—— Do you like this scene?

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hold back a laugh. Master was weird like this, liking to make changes from time to time. However, he liked tonight’s change a lot, everything in front of him seemed like a dream.

Not seeing Yuan Chu, he searched the entire first floor and not finding her, he could only step onto the stairs that had been paved with flowers.

In such happiness, his steps were very light and slow, as if he was afraid of disturbing this dream……

The gloominess he had been feeling in the morning vanished like smoke and his lips hooked up slightly as his eyes filled with anticipation.

After going up the stairs, he was faced with two doors. One was his room and the other was master’s. Between both rooms was a shimmering line of words.

“One room has a surprise and the other has a demon, you can only choose one.”

If it were any other time, Ye Chenyuan would definitely have chosen Yuan Chu’s room without any hesitation, but today, he ended up choosing his own room.

Once he opened the door, flying water caltrop flowers circled around him. These water caltrop flowers were white but they gave out a warm pink glow, making him feel like he was being surrounded by pink clouds.

He thought to himself: Did master pluck all the flowers? Pink water caltrop flowers, it truly was a colour that made people feel comfortable.

He relaxed even more, becoming even more curious about what master had planned for today. Seeing an exquisitely wrapped present on the table, he quickly walked over, and realising that he couldn’t pick it up, he proceeded to open the box……

The second he opened the box, lotus scented petals flew towards his face and his eyes widened when he saw what was inside.

“Happy Birthday~~!”

Inside was a palm-sized Yuan Chu standing beside a bowl of noodles as she tried her best to hold onto two chopsticks that were taller than her, all this as she jumped up and down with all her might.

“Today is little disciple’s sixteenth birthday! I really couldn’t think of anything else, so I’ll give you a bowl of longevity noodles! Don’t regard it with disdain~!”

Saying this, she jumped up to the box’s edge, but having done it with excessive force, she almost fell down. After staggering on the box’s edge for a bit, she finally got her footing and made a great effort to hand over the chopsticks in her hand. Ye Chenyuan didn’t take them.

Yuan Chu froze. The tiny her looked even more adorable, and she crooked her head, looking a little apprehensive……

“Do you……not like this present?”

Having decorated the house so nicely and made the noodles, she had planned to prepare a present, but because she really couldn’t think of something to give him, she had ended up……giving him a simple bowl of noodles.

Ye Chenyuan gazed at her intently with his lips pursed as if he was restraining something. His chest also fell and rose slightly as he tried his best to restrain himself.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan wasn’t saying anything, Yuan Chu looked up at him puzzledly as she shook the “giant” chopsticks in her hands. In a childish milky voice, she said, “Don’t you like it? You really don’t like it?”

She felt a little aggrieved as she looked at Ye Chenyuan expectantly. She was already so adorable, he can’t possibly be dissatisfied……

Then, Ye Chenyuan finally moved. He reached out and cupped Yuan Chu in the palm of his hand. Because of this sudden movement, Yuan Chu dropped the chopsticks in fright before letting out a soft cry and shrinking into his hand.

She gave Ye Chenyuan a strange look as he came closer and closer to her. She was about to say something when she noticed that Ye Chenyuan’s eyes were red.

Yuan Chu panicked. Real men do not cry easily, how could he cry so easily?

Just as she was about to say something, Ye Chenyuan lifted her up to his lips and gave her an eager, trembling and gentle kiss……

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