TDCM Chapter 226: About To Grow Up

If he wasn’t, why would the other party have sent an Astral Realm expert to kill him? If nothing goes wrong, this identity of his should be real.

The principal’s current feelings could be expressed by the saying “wearing out iron shoes in a fruitless search, only to find it when one least expects it”. He had a complicated look in his eyes. On one hand, he felt like he couldn’t believe Ye Chenyuan’s words just like that, but on the other, he felt that Ye Chenyuan’s face was familiar the more he looked at it.

“If it’s true, you don’t look like your father at all.”

The crown prince had also been a peerlessly handsome person back then. Although Ye Chenyuan’s appearance was more similar to that peerlessly talented mother of his, but on a closer look, he can still see it. Like Ye Chenyuan’s eyes that were a mix of phoenix eyes and peach blossom eyes, reserved and moving.

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t refrain from asking, “What kind of person was my mother?”

It seemed like this question wasn’t one that would be easy to answer as the principal opened his mouth wordlessly, “You’ll learn about these next time, but what I can tell you now is that the person who wants you dead is the Empress.”

The Empress? Wasn’t that his grandmother?

As if he understood Ye Chenyuan’s train of thoughts, the principal said with a sigh, “This Empress isn’t the Emperor’s first wife. She was a favoured concubine whose status was raised to wife.”

“……and the reason she wants you dead is very simple. It’s because she’s madly in love with your father. Back then, if it wasn’t for your mother, she would’ve been the one to marry the crown prince. But……the crown prince didn’t want her and she had married the Emperor in a fit of anger.”

Ye Chenyuan finally understood the situation. It seems like his prior conjecture about the mastermind having an enmity with his parents was correct.

The principal was looking intently at Ye Chenyuan, and at the same time that he was in disbelief, there were faint tears in his eyes.

“For the past few years, other than wanting to rescue the crown prince, you’re the one I wanted to find the most……”


After exiting from the principal’s office, Ye Chenyuan was unable to calm his heart for a long time. The principal had told him many things, including that he’d long noticed that there was something wrong with the imperial grandson. Back then, he was the one that had set things in motion to make the imperial grandson test his bloodline, but unexpectedly, the results showed that he had the Divine Emperor Bloodline. With this, he could no longer bring up his suspicions so he could only go out to search for the real imperial grandson alone.

This sincerity was very touching. Even Ye Chenyuan would’ve never thought that ten years after his father’s disappearance, his teacher would still do so many things for his sake.

However, Ye Chenyuan didn’t tell Yuan Chu about all the things the principal had said because he didn’t want her to worry.

He brought Yuan Chu to choose another residence. It was a lone wooden house that stood amidst a flowerbed at the academy’s mountain region and there was no other house in the surrounding area. This could be considered a privilege that the principal had given them.

Yuan Chu liked this place the moment she saw it. The window opened to a variety of flowers and the sunlight. This feeling was too great!

After they shifted over, the first thing Ye Chenyuan did was to ask Yuan Chu about her hand.

“Master, what’s going on with the bloodthirsty witherbark?”

Yuan Chu was eating something at this moment and she looked at her own left hand when she heard this, replying in an overbearing manner.

“I’ve subdued it!”

“Really?” Ye Chenyuan expressed his doubt, “It’s very difficult for these kinds of demon plants to develop a divine sense. Master was able to communicate with it?”

Yuan Chu put down her spoon and told him about the matter with the bloodthirsty witherbark.

“You don’t know this, but the witherbark on my hand is very powerful! Tens of thousands of years ago, when the Emperor wanted to wipe out all the bloodthirsty witherbarks, the ten thousand rooted progenitor knew that it wouldn’t be able to escape death so it had cut off its own roots and used a secret method that returned it to its initial state, turning it into a mutated seed. That’s how it was able to escape that catastrophe.”

Yuan Chu waved her left hand, “After that, its divine senses had become dormant, and that person from before had obtained it by coincidence and activated it. Although its body had been awoken, its divine senses were still dormant and last night, I had used all my spiritual energy to awaken its divine sense. After that, it felt that I had good potential and was a rare talent so it had accepted me as its master.”

She was very proud of herself as she said this, but only she herself knew how truthful it was.

The thing on her hand wasn’t any ordinary witherbark but the ten thousand rooted progenitor from fifty thousand years ago. It was the witherbark’s ancestor, and it was even a mutated one, so how could it be willing to recognise her as its master? Right now, they were only in a partnership……but she definitely couldn’t tell Ye Chenyuan this otherwise he’ll worry about her again.

Sure enough, Ye Chenyuan expressed his suspicions, “Is it really that simple?”

If its divine senses could be awakened with just spiritual energy, then the witherbark wouldn’t have been under someone’s control before. How could it be so easy to awaken its divine senses?

So he looked earnestly into Yuan Chu’s eyes, “Master, if there’s anything, you’re not to hide it from me. I’ve already found a way to suppress the bloodthirsty witherbark. If you’re willing, I can help you to kill it!”

Yuan Chu retracted her left hand. Was he joking? It had already swallowed half her soul, how can he kill it just like that? So she hastily expressed, “There’s really no need, it’s being very obedient right now……”


“I’m swearing on my integrity!”

Seeing that Yuan Chu seemed unwilling to part with the bloodthirsty witherbark, Ye Chenyuan didn’t speak further on this. After all, the process of killing the bloodthirsty witherbark was truly too tormenting.

He’ll put this matter aside for now.

In the following days, Yuan Chu realised that Ye Chenyuan had become even more active than before. Not only did he visit the Su family often, he’ll also go to the Mu family, and the principal was treating him increasingly better……Yuan Chu felt that her little disciple seemed to be planning something big!

On this day, her kite had returned! Along with it was a drop of blood from a Ye family child.

Although they’ve already confirmed that Ye Chenyuan is the imperial grandson, they could verify it even more.

Yuan Chu separated a portion of the imposter’s blood and mixed it together with the Ye family child’s blood before putting it into a round-shaped spirit tool.

The two held their breaths, and in the next second, the spirit tool emitted a red light, indicating that the blood had merged.

Yuan Chu felt speechless, “So scary, the imposter is really from the Ye family! I heard that the Ye family used to be the imperial family’s guards. Perhaps they had secretly swapped the child before resigning from their post and hiding away in a third-rate kingdom?”

Because Venerable Li was still dormant, only Ye Chenyuan could give her a reply.

He frowned, “Perhaps they have some ulterior motives.”

He explained, “I’ve heard that the crown prince isn’t an ordinary person. It isn’t quite possible for a guard to secretly substitute a child.”

Yuan Chu crooked her head as she asked, “It couldn’t have been the crown prince himself that wanted the child to be swapped right?”

Ye Chenyuan thought that this possibility was higher, but when he looked at Yuan Chu’s clear and sparkling eyes that were fixed on him, he felt a tremble in his heart.

“Master, are you……”

He suddenly reached out to touch Yuan Chu’s head as he asked uncertainly, “……you’ve grown a little taller?”

Yuan Chu looked down at herself when she heard this, “Did I? I don’t think so!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded his head with certainty, “You’ve grown about an inch, and it happened overnight, what’s going on?”

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  1. The master said “your father might be the one who swapped you (and cause all your childhood misery)”

    The student looked at her and replied “master, you’ve grown taller (and your chest seem to grow too)”

    This pair of joker, the student is definitely the crazier one lol

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