TDCM Chapter 222: Sword Energy Seal

What……exactly was this, it could actually break past his armour and his body’s own defence?

The witherbark was writhing about in the air like a giant net, and feeling the power that the witherbark was channelling to her, Yuan Chu’s smile became dangerous.

“Why are you running?” She looked at Ye Chenyuan who had appeared behind Elder Zhao and her lips hooked into a smile, “The game has only just started!”

Saying this, Ye Chenyuan and her made their move at the same time, not giving Elder Zhao the chance to escape.

Although Ye Chenyuan’s cultivation wasn’t very high, he still had the power of the heavenly thunder that he had stored away in his thunder meridian. As for Yuan Chu, besides having the indestructible Vajra body, she also had the bloodthirsty witherbark that seemed like it could pierce through anything.

With these two being an early stage Golden Core and a late stage Nascent Soul, Elder Zhao had initially thought nothing of their cultivation, but with their attacks being so strange, and with his sea of consciousness having suffered attacks from Venerable Li before, he was momentarily unable to break past their encirclement.

The students at the lower parts of the academy looked up to see that the academy’s protective boundary had been activated. Outside the protective boundary’s white glow, they were unable to make out who it was because they were too far away, but they could still feel the fearsome oppressive force of an Astral Realm.

Who exactly was this, they were actually so powerful! Being able to battle an Astral Realm? Was it perhaps the principal?

The teachers that were on patrol had hurried over. Once they saw that it wasn’t a situation that they could handle, they hurried away to inform the principal.

Meanwhile, the lightning and the sea of flames that shrouded half the sky were still going on relentlessly. Even from afar, it sounded alarming. Fortunately, there was a protective boundary in place otherwise they would all be doomed.

Elder Zhao was becoming increasingly panicked. To escape getting caught, he took the risk of his heart being punctured by the bloodthirsty witherbark and turned to face Ye Chenyuan as he prepared to break through.

When it came down to it, although Ye Chenyuan’s thunderbolts were scary, when compared to that strange witherbark, he was more willing to endure the thunderbolts.

With a flash of his black robes, his figure was already right in front of Ye Chenyuan. The speed one will have at this realm was something that Yuan Chu was no match for. Unable to stop him in time, she could only shout out.

“Quick enter the Sky Pearl!”

Now that the barrier had been broken, Ye Chenyuan could enter the Sky Pearl, yet he didn’t do anything and only looked on as Elder Zhao appeared in front of him.

This person had hurt master yet he wanted to leave just like that?!

Three streaks of divine light burst out from his Lingtian Shield, and it was at this moment that he added a hundred Dragon Shields to himself.

The moment he raised his hand, a wall of talismans appeared vertically in front of him.

Elder Zhao became impatient and gathered all his spiritual energy into his right hand, intending to break through all of Ye Chenyuan’s defences and killing him directly.

That fist carried the power of a thunderbolt, breaking through the barrier of thunder and piercing through the Dragon Shields before finally slamming into the wall of talismans.

The wall of talismans that were emitting a golden glow exploded and the pitch-black sky lit up once more. The explosion spread out and the halo of light was like daytime.

However, all those defences were not enough to stop Elder Zhao.

He gritted his teeth and his expression became very ferocious, “Go and die! B*stard!”

“Be careful!” Yuan Chu rushed to Ye Chenyuan’s aid at the quickest speed but she was still too late. Just as that fist was about to hit Ye Chenyuan’s Lingtian Shield, it was suddenly grasped by someone else.

That person’s silvery grey short hair was particularly eye-catching and his black and gold robes fluttered in the wind.

He asked through gritted teeth, “What are you doing to my students in my academy?!”

He had been outside and had rushed back after hearing the explosions and receiving the message. He didn’t expect Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan to actually be so strong but now wasn’t the time to bother about their cultivation, but to deal with this outsider first.

Elder Zhao’s heart sank when he saw that the principal had arrived. He quickly retracted his hand and retreated.

There were only a number of Astral Realms so the principal recognised who he was after taking a look at his face.

“……so it’s an old acquaintance.”

The principal then waved his hand and a long spirit tool sword with flame coloured patterns appeared in his hand.

“Anyone that attacks my academy will be killed! Zhao Zhuo, I’ll have your life!”

Yuan Chu heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that the principal had finally arrived. She hurried to Ye Chenyuan’s side, “Are you alright?”

At this moment, Zhao Zhuo was already engaged in a fight with the principal, but because he’d been injured by them earlier, he wasn’t a match for the principal who was at the same rank as him.

Of course, at the Astral Realm stage, this small difference wasn’t fatal. Although the principal had the upper hand, he couldn’t be certain that he’d be able to kill him with one move.

The ripples from their attacks were more terrifying than before. The sky was red one moment and white the next. The sound shook the sky, instilling fear in the people who were watching from below.

If not for the protective boundary around it, the entire piece of land would’ve been destroyed.

“I’m alright.”

Ye Chenyuan immediately grabbed onto her as he stared at her left hand worriedly, “What happened to you, what happened to your hand?!”

Yuan Chu was a little pale. She wanted to speak but blood spilled out from the corner of her mouth again. In order to stall Elder Zhao, she’d worsened her internal injuries and she now appeared very dispirited.

Even so, she still forced herself to say in a lively manner, “I’m alright……these, I’ll tell you about it later.”

Ye Chenyuan looked at the traces of blood on the corner of her lips with a scary gaze, and when he looked towards Zhao Zhuo, there was deep hatred in his eyes.

He said, “I’ll go help the principal.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu immediately held him back, “A battle between people of their rank isn’t something that you can participate in. It was already very good that we managed to stall him.”

But Ye Chenyuan pried away her hands, his eyes were fixed on Zhao Zhuo.

“Master, wait for me!”

“Ye Chenyuan……” Yuan Chu was too late to stop him. Ye Chenyuan abruptly stepped forward and used the Lingtian Shield to temporarily seal off her movements.

The medicinal pill he’d previously eaten had been absorbed and the spiritual energy that he currently had in his body was enough for him to use the Heaven separation sword technique again. With the sword tightly in his grasp, he flew above the two people who were engaged in battle. His clothes fluttered in the wind and his eyes were very bright.

Every time the spirit explosion of an Astral Realm hit his body, he almost spat out blood, but at this moment, he held back the sickeningly sweet taste in his throat. There was only one thought on his mind……anyone who dared to harm her will have to pay the price!!

At this moment, Elder Zhao had already noticed Ye Chenyuan but he didn’t have the time to bother about him. After all, in his eyes, Ye Chenyuan wasn’t as much of a threat as the principal.

But the principal shouted at him, “Leave this place lest you’re injured on accident!”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t reply. His lips were pressed together and there were wounds on his handsome face that had yet to heal, but his gaze was all the more fierce.

Suddenly, a shadow burst out of the sword in his hand and it became immeasurably huge. He then raised his sword, and at the same time that spiritual energy was pouring into it, thunderbolts covered the sword’s blade.

At once, sword energy wrapped around the entire sky and that formidable sword intent made the two people who were in the middle of a battle tense as their hairs stood on end.

Zhao Zhuo finally looked squarely at Ye Chenyuan, and when he did, fear was born in his heart. He dodged the principal as he looked for a chance to escape. At the same time, he added six or seven defensive magic treasures to himself.

He thought that even when Ye Chenyuan was at full power just now, his sword energy was only able to break one of his immortal grade magic treasures.

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