TDCM Chapter 223: We’ll Do This Together

Currently, all his magic treasures were being used to defend himself because he didn’t believe that an early stage Golden Core like Ye Chenyuan would be able to harm him.

Ye Chenyuan drained all the spiritual energy in his body. Amidst that formidable storm of spiritual energy, his long hair danced in the air while his white and gold uniform fluttered in the wind and purple electricity flashed in his eyes.

He would kill this person in front of him, no matter the price he had to pay!

However, because he’d poured in too much thunderbolts and spiritual energy, his hand was shaking uncontrollably and his sword seemed like it would escape his control at any time.

Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth and he had no choice but to wield his sword with both hands. Then he felt a softness on the back of his hand, fair and slender fingers had covered his. The other hand had the witherbark wound around it……it was Yuan Chu! She was right behind him, helping him as they grasped the sword’s hilt together.

By the time Yuan Chu had freed herself from the Lingtian Shield, the sword’s domain had already formed around the surroundings, and sensing that the power behind Ye Chenyuan’s sword couldn’t be stopped, she decided to help him out.

“Master……” His sword energy had filled the sky and one could get injured if one wasn’t careful so he wanted Yuan Chu to leave, but behind him, Yuan Chu only said.

“We’ll do this together.”

There wasn’t any flowery words or inspiring declarations. Just the words “We’ll do this together” filled Ye Chenyuan’s body with strength.

Suddenly, his grasp on the sword’s hilt became steady and the purple electric currents faded from his eyes. After his restless heart had been calmed down, he looked at Zhao Zhuo’s sorry state and revealed a smile.

“Alright, we’ll do this together.”

“Heaven separation sword technique, first form!”

“Everlasting Surge!”

The principal had sensed that Ye Chenyuan’s attack was unusual so he quickly used a thousand thread magic treasure to entangle Zhao Zhuo. This thing would only be able to trap Zhao Zhuo for a moment, but a moment was all they needed.

The giant purple and gold sword that seemed to hold up half the sky swung towards Zhao Zhuo with the force of ten thousand thunderbolts. Amidst that endless storm, a light also burst out from Yuan Chu’s hand that was holding onto Ye Chenyuan’s.

“Let me give you a hand —— Power that crushes ten thousand Jun!!”

Because of the fearsome power that Yuan Chu had suddenly poured out, that formidable sword move became even more unrestricted, as if it could split the heavens and earth, cutting out a hole in the sky.

Zhao Zhuo’s aged face turned pale and when he finally managed to free himself, that sword move had already locked onto him……


In the end, he only had time to shout out a single word before his magic treasure was shattered and with an overwhelming force, the giant sword cut him into two halves.

Astral Realms would usually be able to live even after being split into half, but the sword light and the strange thunderbolts were firmly attached to his flesh, and before long, his body was burnt till nothing was left.

In the end, Zhao Zhuo had no choice but for his spirit to leave his body and escape quickly.

Because he had done this very quickly, and the principal had also been injured and blasted away by the sword energy, Zhao Zhuo managed to escape. When he finally noticed this, Zhao Zhuo was already long gone.

Yuan Chu had already been injured, and after forcefully using her martial technique, she was no longer able to stand it and she fell into Ye Chenyuan’s arms.


Yuan Chu gave him a weak smile, “I……I’m alright, let’s go back to rest.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, but the principal stopped them.

“Shouldn’t you give me an explanation for today’s matter?”

Ye Chenyuan’s handsome face turned cold as he spoke in a rapid manner, “Tomorrow, I’ll definitely give the principal an answer, but right now, my master is injured. I ask that the principal not bother us.”

The principal was becoming increasingly curious about these two, but when he saw that Yuan Chu indeed looked weak, he didn’t stop them and instead handed him a bottle of good wine.

“That old guy Zhao Zhuo is really good at attacking simultaneously with his divine sense and spiritual energy. This girl must have suffered a lot of damage to her mind, this wine can nourish the soul, take it.”

Hearing that it was something that would benefit Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan didn’t refuse it. Then he left with Yuan Chu.

Seeing that the two culprits had left just like that, the principal couldn’t help but to shake his head as he let out a sigh. He still had to extinguish the fires on the ground so he really didn’t have the time to keep an eye on the two of them.

However, they were clearly just a Nascent Soul and a Golden Core, yet they were able to kill an Astral Realm in just one move? It was fortunate that because he’d been present just now, those people that wanted to snoop didn’t dare to come closer. Otherwise, these two would become famous by the next day.

After leaving, Ye Chenyuan brought Yuan Chu into the Sky Pearl while they were still in the air. He then placed her into the thousand year spirit spring and fed her the wine. Soon after, Yuan Chu’s complexion improved.

Ye Chenyuan heaved a small sigh of relief when he saw that her condition had improved. As for Venerable Li, he had expended too much energy and had become dormant.

Just as he was about to use the ten thousand year spirit essence to help Yuan Chu recover, Yuan Chu stopped him.

“I don’t need this right now.”

Ye Chenyuan thought that she couldn’t bear to use it so he quickly said, “Your mind must have suffered serious damage, be good, don’t move.”

However, Yuan Chu was still gripping tightly onto his hand as she said earnestly, “You don’t have to worry too much, it’s really just a small injury. It’ll recover by tomorrow……if it doesn’t……you can just give it to me then.”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan still had something to say, she closed her eyes as she said, “Go and treat your own injuries first……I’m very tired, I need to rest.”

Ye Chenyuan’s heart ached when he heard this.

“……I’m alright. Rest if you’re tired, I’ll be right here. If there’s anything, we can talk tomorrow.”

Yuan Chu nodded, then she closed her eyes before opening them again. She leaned on the side of the spring as she asked, “Is the imperial grandson making his move on you?”

It was clear that Ye Chenyuan didn’t want to talk about this right now yet he still replied, “I don’t think it’s him.”

Sat by the spring’s edge, he used his finger to push the hair on her forehead behind her ear. Seeing that the witherbark’s roots on her face had decreased, he felt relieved.

“The imperial grandson wants me as a living sacrificial offering so he won’t kill me, but I think that he probably has a powerful influence behind him that’s helping him, and Zhao Zhuo’s real master is the person behind him. That person……wants me to die.”

This was something that Ye Chenyuan hadn’t anticipated. It seems that, within the imperial family, there was someone that held bitter hatred for his father or his mother, so much so that they even wanted him dead.

The other party wouldn’t have expected the Astral Realm they sent to fail. After all, the Empire’s number one academy’s principal was also an Astral Realm!

With this failure, they’d probably stop for a short period of time.

Yuan Chu nodded, then she abruptly asked, “Didn’t you want to ask about my hand?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded. At this moment, Yuan Chu’s hand had already recovered to how it was before, but he will never forget how scary her hand had looked.

Yuan Chu suddenly smiled at him, “Come closer and I’ll tell you.”

Ye Chenyuan moved over, his guard was totally down. In the next second, Yuan Chu had tapped on the back of his neck with her finger and he fell unconscious. Yuan Chu held him up with both hands.

She placed him down horizontally, then she came out of the water and with a wave of her hand, she had changed into a set of black clothes.

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