TDCM Chapter 221: Fireworks In The Night Sky

Initially, Yuan Chu was just taking a gamble because all of her spiritual energy was less than one-tenth of Elder Zhao’s, but it was different for the bloodthirsty witherbark. It had always wanted to grow, but she’d suppressed it by not giving it any spiritual energy or room to grow.

But now, she can only take a gamble and hope that the thing who’s growth she’d accelerated was something that had a divine sense.


There was a loud rumble and the power from the energy blast shook the barrier once more. Nothing could be seen from outside the little wooden house, but once the barrier was gone, the wooden house would immediately turn to dust.

Elder Zhao spat out another mouthful of blood. There was a third person here who was inflicting attacks to his soul and he had to battle with his soul force while also dealing with Yuan Chu and the rest. This situation was a little troublesome indeed.

On the upside, there was nowhere to hide within this house and with this one move, the two little things would be dead or injured at the very least.

However, when the dust settled, Elder Zhao’s eyes widened.

A white spider-web like thing had appeared in the corner of the room and it completely sealed off that corner. However, it was clear that it wasn’t an actual spider web but some kind of plant’s roots. They were tightly intertwined layer upon layer, and the attack that he’d put his full power into had been blocked by it.

Beneath the dense roots, Ye Chenyuan’s pupils contracted when he saw that Yuan Chu’s left hand was completely covered by the roots.

Master……in order to save him, what had she done to herself?!

Just as Ye Chenyuan was about to speak, Yuan Chu started coughing up blood. Although the bloodthirsty witherbark had already helped to block out a large portion of the attack, and even though she had a defensive treasure on her, she had still sustained several internal injuries.

Amidst the witherbark’s white light, she raised her head to reveal eyes that were a strange dark red colour. There were a few roots covering the left half of her face, adding some hideousness to her alluring face. Right now, she looked just like an evil demon that could capture a person’s soul with just one look.

“Master, you……mph!”

Before Ye Chenyuan could finish his words, Yuan Chu suddenly stepped forward and covered his mouth with her own.

In that moment, Ye Chenyuan’s heart was beating very quickly.

However, he was snapped out of this dream-like state by the bloody taste in his mouth. Master……she was actually feeding him her own blood?!

Yuan Chu had pushed him against the wall in that small corner and he couldn’t move because she was pressing against him. Her kiss was very forceful and there was such a strong smell of blood that Ye Chenyuan couldn’t breathe.

“No……” He couldn’t do this, master was injured!

But before he could say a word, the white fibrous roots had wound around his wrist and Yuan Chu grabbed his chin with her other hand. She kissed him forcefully, not allowing him to dodge again.

A trace of blood flowed out from their connected lips. In a slightly evil sounding voice, Yuan Chu spoke directly into his sea of consciousness.

“Weren’t you the one who said that I’m a treasure to you?”

“Then drink this and help me destroy this place!”

That was clearly her voice, but there was a provocation that made Ye Chenyuan freeze. He gazed intently at Yuan Chu, and in the next second, he took the initiative to kiss her.

He greedily swallowed the sweet and cloying blood, then he transmitted a few words to her.

“I’ll obey your command! My master.”

Elder Zhao was tied up with dealing with Venerable Li so he was momentarily unable to make his move on Yuan Chu, giving them this chance. However, Venerable Li was still a soul so all he could do was to attack with his divine senses.

“D*mn it! You all deserve to die!!”

Elder Zhao had had enough of this and suddenly sealed off the entire space using a strange talisman. Then, Venerable Li realised that he could no longer move and he was even becoming visible!

Elder Zhao stared at him coldly, “Huh, so it’s a soul? I’ll scatter your soul today!”

Saying this, he retrieved a golden coloured bell and pointed it towards the immobile Venerable Li. In this moment of imminent peril, the motionless white fibrous roots suddenly wrapped around his spirit tool and the talisman’s effects disappeared. Venerable Li immediately returned to Ye Chenyuan’s sea of consciousness.

Having been interrupted, Elder Zhao glared angrily at the young girl in front of him. Yuan Chu appeared alluring as she stood gracefully in midair in front of him.

“What are you so anxious about?” She wiped her own blood from the corner of her lips before smiling and saying in a clear voice, “Your opponent is me!”

Elder Zhao looked at her left hand that was covered in the white witherbark, then at the white fibrous roots that were writhing frenziedly, and he actually felt a strange sense of fear.

He took half a step back before saying coldly, “Since you’re so eagerly looking for death, I’ll satisfy you! Heavenly Blaze!”

Instantly, the entire house was enveloped by a golden red fire.

All plants were afraid of fire, he didn’t believe that this young girl in front of him wasn’t afraid.

Yuan Chu’s protective shield was crackling amidst the raging fire. The fire was unusual and it wouldn’t be long till even her protective shield would melt.

However, Yuan Chu had a very calm expression on her face and amidst the flames, there was even a strange smile that hung on the corner of her lips.

He watched as the witherbark on her left hand grew silently and a pale blue light was emitting from her right hand.

“Realm of a thousand strengths, power that moves mountains!”

As she raised her hand, the entire house, together with the protective shield, was enveloped by the blue spiritual energy. Then they slowly started to rise, and under the effect of the power that moved mountains, Elder Zhao’s Heavenly Blaze also soared into the sky.

The flames filled the whole room and none of them could see each other.

Under these circumstances, Elder Zhao keenly felt an uneasiness. He quickly formed seals with his hands, intending to intensify the fire and burn these ants to death!

But it was at this moment that he heard a voice that he couldn’t believe.

“Heaven separation sword technique, first form: Everlasting Surge!”

Right after this, nothing happened, then the flames were split into two halves! At the same time, his barrier spirit tool also shattered into pieces.

With a loud “bang”, Yuan Chu’s little wooden house exploded like fireworks in the night sky.

The fire fell down like a shower of stars, illuminating the entire sky.

That fire wasn’t any ordinary fire and every place that it landed on started to burn. The other students were alerted to this and they all tried their very best to put out the flames to no avail.

Hearing the loud explosions and seeing that the flames were everywhere, Yuan Chu no longer had to notify anyone of this. With such bright explosions in the night sky, the people on patrol would have to be blind not to see it.

Elder Zhao was in disbelief. Previously, he had sensed that Ye Chenyuan didn’t have enough spiritual energy after that one strike. Even if he’d eaten medicinal pills to replenish his spiritual energy, he still needed some time to absorb it so he hadn’t thought much of Ye Chenyuan and had focused on dealing with Yuan Chu.

Who knew that Ye Chenyuan would suddenly recover all his strength and break his barrier in one move?!

Oh no! He must leave immediately!

But in this moment that he’d zoned out, Yuan Chu’s witherbark transformed into thousands of antennas that ruthlessly pierced into his body and an endless stream of spiritual energy was drained from him. Elder Zhao’s gaze as he looked at Yuan Chu was as if he were looking at a monster.

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