TDCM Chapter 209: Yuan Chu The Little Devil

Yuan Chu immediately shot right up before cowering into a ball. Ye Chenyuan’s long lashes trembled, he’d been awoken by her.

“Morning, master……”

When he sat up, his well-dimensioned figure that made people lost in wild and fanciful thoughts was fully displayed in front of Yuan Chu.

Yuan Chu covered her eyes with both hands but she could not stop herself from peeking between her fingers as she said with stern righteousness, “How can you not wear anything!”

Ye Chenyuan looked down at himself and said rather innocently, “Yesterday, master was……plus I was too tired so I simply took it off, is it improper?”

His profound phoenix eyes had a trace of craftiness and they narrowed as he smiled, “Besides, haven’t master and I already seen each other’s?”

Yuan Chu’s face immediately turned red. W-W-Who had “seen each other’s” with him! There absolutely hadn’t been such an incident!

She climbed up in a deadpan manner and dressed herself in a deadpan manner before saying in a deadpan manner, “Quick get up, we have to go to class. No skipping classes, we have to be obedient and good students.”

Seeing that she’d worn her clothes inside out, Ye Chenyuan embraced her and asked in a husky voice.

“Has master not worn your clothes by yourself in a long time? You’ve worn it inside out.”

Yuan Chu started to take it off flusteredly, then Ye Chenyuan caught her hand.

“I’ll do it.”

Yuan Chu: “……” Was she so disabled to the extent that she can’t even take care of herself?

She looked at a certain someone in front of her who was meticulously dressing her with a faint smile on his face, appearing to be in a very good mood.

Yuan Chu’s heart started pounding and because she was nervous, the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense that had been suppressed surfaced a little, and bit by bit, it affected her mood.

She suddenly tugged on her clothes wilfully as she said with a hmph, “I’ll wear it myself!”

Seeing Yuan Chu’s abrupt anger, and that she’d even jumped to the ground barefoot, Ye Chenyuan’s eyes narrowed as he said with a smile on the corner of his lips, “Master, you’re still menstruating. Didn’t I say that you’re not to go around barefoot?”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu was about to go and wear her shoes but the nefarious blaze in her heart burned even fiercer.

She tried her best to suppress the violent feelings that didn’t belong to her but two devil horns still grew out on both sides of her head and her gaze towards Ye Chenyuan became ill-intentioned.

“I want to step! I’ll step! Are you the master or am I the master? I’ll step! It’s none of your business!”

Saying this, she jumped around and even threw the clothes she was going to wear to the ground. Even if it were Venerable Li, he’d also want to pick her up and give her a beating when he saw that bad-tempered appearance of hers.

And in the next second, Ye Chenyuan actually picked her up and Yuan Chu’s feet were dangling in midair as she made threatening gestures while looking at him.

“You! What are you doing? You rebellious disciple! I’ll discipline you if you don’t let go of me! I’m serious!”

“Is master throwing a tantrum?”

“Why? Can’t I?” Yuan Chu hadn’t planned to say this but she blurted it out in her grumpy mood. Her celestial maiden like chubby cheeks had now turned into angry buns.

However, Ye Chenyuan still smiled good-temperedly, “That’s not it, master can throw a tantrum, I like it when master throws a tantrum.”

Saying this, he placed Yuan Chu on his lap and bent over to help her put on her shoes. His eyes were full of gentleness and there wasn’t the slightest trace of impatience.

Yuan Chu froze when she heard this, then she asked with a frown, “Are you a masochist? You actually like it when people throw tantrums?”

Ye Chenyuan’s lips curled up slightly, “No, I just think that master will feel very upset if you cannot vent when you’re feeling upset.”

Yuan Chu had a conflicted expression on her face.

“Then won’t you feel upset if I vent it on you?”

“How could that be?” Ye Chenyuan placed her down after helping her to put on her shoes, “As long as master is happy, I’ll definitely be happy. Things like anger cannot be suppressed otherwise you’ll feel stifled. You can vent it on me anytime.”

Saying this, Ye Chenyuan walked into the next room. There was a set of kitchen utensils there, it was their temporary kitchen.

With his upper body bare, Ye Chenyuan secured his hair high up on his head and used a cleaning art on himself before he went to prepare Yuan Chu’s food.

As Yuan Chu looked at him, she tried her best to suppress the evil aura in her heart but she was clear that in the following two days, she’ll occasionally become irritable like this.

She ran over and followed behind the busy Ye Chenyuan with a straight face.

“Then what about you? Little Yuan, aren’t you always holding back too? I’ve never seen you get angry yet you’re still talking about me.”

Ye Chenyuan slowly heated up the spirit cow’s milk and he replied without turning to look at her, “I didn’t get angry because I’m not angry.”

If he were, he would also vent it right back.

Seeing that he was busy in the kitchen, Yuan Chu imitated his every move and jumped around to purposely disturb him.

“How can you not be angry? Only a saint won’t have bad moods, are you a saint?”

In the next second, a cup of milk was stuffed into her hands and as she held the cup with both hands, Ye Chenyuan carried her up before placing her down by the door.

She looked up to see Ye Chenyuan’s doting and smiling gaze.

“It’s too hot here, go to the room and drink your milk while waiting for me.”

“But you’ve yet to answer my ques-……”

“It’s because of you.” Ye Chenyuan couldn’t stop himself from touching her face, “Because of you, there isn’t any gloom in my life so why would I have any resentment? Because I have such a sweet little master like you, I’m always content, so why would I be angry?”

Smashed by this huge wave of sweet words, Yuan Chu was feeling giddy as she was pushed out of the kitchen by Ye Chenyuan.

Finally, Yuan Chu carried her milk as walked back in a confused state, then she sat down and drank a large mouthful.

Eh? Little Yuan Yuan had actually added more sugar? Why would it taste so sweet otherwise? He actually forgot her preferences……hmph, she’s still angry!!


In the next few days, because Yuan Chu was being unreasonable, wilful and difficult on purpose, Venerable Li constantly felt like jumping out to give this little brat a beating. But with Ye Chenyuan protecting her and doing his utmost to coax her, they finally made it through the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense’s period of effectiveness.

Meanwhile, Su Heyue wasn’t that lucky. These three days had been a living hell for her.

Blood-curdling screams came from the Su residence’s inner courtyard everyday. Su Heyue’s father had initially been rather anxious because Su Heyue was the daughter he cared about the most. After all, such a young rank two alchemist was worthy of the clan cultivating her.

But when he realised that there was no way to heal her hand, he went off on Gu Danhong and placed her under house arrest. After that, he never came by again.

After sending Liu Zhan’s body back, the Mu residence had closed its doors to any visitors. The Alchemy Association had later come to investigate but because they didn’t find anything amiss and the demonic energy was also present, the matter of Liu Zhan’s death was left unsettled.

The Su family and Mu family had paid out many items before they finally managed to settle this unexpected calamity.

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