TDCM Chapter 208: You Should Let Me Know Your Pain

What she didn’t know was that this appearance of hers tickled the itch in his heart.

So Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes and suddenly gave Yuan Chu’s palm a lick.

Yuan Chu retracted her hand like she’d received an electric shock, then she gave him an accusatory look.

Seeing Yuan Chu all energetic again, Ye Chenyuan laughed lightly before hugging her, feeling perfectly content.

“Sleep, you must be tired today.”

Yuan Chu was indeed feeling mentally and physically exhausted, but didn’t Ye Chenyuan have any questions about the killing intent she’d revealed after falling to the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense?

Just because he’d protected her, if he asked her about it right now, she would tell him no matter how absurd it was.

So she asked in a nervous whisper, “Don’t you have anything to ask me?”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her fixedly when he heard this.

“What should I ask?”

Yuan Chu said rather helplessly, “Just……ask about why I killed someone.”

Ye Chenyuan pressed his lips into a smile, “So that’s what it’s about. It’s good that master killed him, otherwise I would’ve also committed murder.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu looked at him angrily. This wasn’t what she wanted to talk about! It’s……It’s about her secrets! Should she tell him? Tell everything to this person in front of her?

Then Ye Chenyuan suddenly embraced her. Hearing Ye Chenyuan’s steady heartbeats, Yuan Chu suddenly felt that it was very hot under the blankets and she also started to feel hot.

“I know that master has secrets.”

Ye Chenyuan’s muffled voice travelled over, and Yuan Chu froze.

“Master, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.”

“But……I don’t wish to see master in pain again.”

Yuan Chu’s body gradually stiffened, and because she’d recalled some unhappy things, she started burrowing into Ye Chenyuan’s embrace as if she were looking for warmth.

Just like she wanted, Ye Chenyuan also hugged her even tighter.

“Little Yuan Yuan……I……”

Yuan Chu’s voice was muffled. She really wanted to tell him, she really wanted to! Some things……had already been hidden in her heart for many years and her obsession was too deep and too long ago that when it actually came to talking about it, she didn’t know how to bring up the subject.

Sensing Yuan Chu’s helplessness, Ye Chenyuan felt sorry for her.

“……Don’t say it if you’re unable to, be good, I won’t listen to it anymore……”

Yuan Chu was trembling as she closed her eyes. She felt very stifled and she didn’t know if it was the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense that made her recall the past that she didn’t usually think about, or Ye Chenyuan’s gentle embrace that made her feel like disregarding everything and acting spoiled, complaining and venting her feelings.

She felt very very upset.



“Do you know how to cry?”

Yuan Chu froze.

As Ye Chenyuan caressed her long hair, his eyes were lowered.

“Master, ever since I met you when you were six years old, you’ve never truly cried before.”

Although she’d cry occasionally, it wasn’t like the children he’d seen before, bawling when things didn’t go their way, as if they wanted the whole world to know how wronged they felt.

Although master appeared to be very mischievous, she was actually very sensible. She never spoke of her injuries and her cries were only over superficial grievances.

So he said, “If you’re finding it difficult to bear, how about crying in my arms? I won’t see you or disturb you and I’ll even block Venerable Li out. How about that?”

Yuan Chu’s head was buried in his neck and she didn’t give him a reply or even move.

“I won’t tell others about it, and I’ll forget everything tomorrow.”

“So, you can cry……if you feel sad or hurt, you should let me know.”

To let him experience it like it’d happened to him instead of enduring it on her own.

The room suddenly fell into a silence and just as Ye Chenyuan thought that Yuan Chu had already fallen asleep, he suddenly felt a dampness on his neck. Drops of hot tears were falling on his shoulder.

The tears were blazing hot and it wasn’t long before Ye Chenyuan felt like a hole had been burned into his heart. He was still stroking her hair with his hand and back but his other hand had gradually tightened into a fist.

Yuan Chu didn’t make any sound, and with her head buried into his body, she looked like she was sleeping. However, the tears started falling even harder, almost drowning Ye Chenyuan in them.

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes had also turned red and there seemed to be some frightening undercurrent that was churning in them.

He really wanted to know about master’s grievances and past, but he couldn’t ask her about it because she’s still under the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense’s effects and there’d be intense fluctuations in her emotions. He cannot add more salt to her wounds.

But he really wanted to know! What exactly was it that pained master so much? He wanted to kill any and every person that bothered or made master suffer! He’d remove them from her memories and leave behind his own mark.

He wanted her smile to remain pure forever, he wanted her life to be free of worries, he wanted her to not be so sensible and to go around making trouble. He was willing to clear up the mess behind her, he was willing to do it for the rest of his life.

But master shouldn’t hug him and cry so aggrievedly, not daring to feel broken hearted but crying silently……this broke his heart and made him wish he could kiss away all her tears, kiss her lips so that she wouldn’t think about crying anymore.

But he couldn’t say these. Master was cheerful and carefree but she was also sensitive and sentimental.

Women’s lovable and detestable points were vividly shown on her. The only thing he could do was to love her with everything he had until the last shadow in her heart was dispelled, and only then would she truly become his.

Yuan Chu’s cries became increasingly heartbroken and her tears fell like pearls on a broken string. Even she herself was unable to stop them.

She suddenly said in a hoarse voice, “Little Yuan Yuan……hug me tightly.”

Ye Chenyuan immediately hugged her tightly. On the pink princess bed, they were inseparable and it was also the first time that they were so intimate.

Then, Yuan Chu hugged him like this as she continued crying intermittently for more than two hours.

When she finally had no tears left, she drifted off to sleep. Her tightly shut eyes seemed to conceal her worry.

Ye Chenyuan carefully lay her down, and when he noticed that she was clutching tightly at his clothes, he grasped onto her hand tightly.

He didn’t know if he was mistaken but he had the vague sense that master’s hurt had something to do with her wanting to find the Morning Mirror. An evil aura surfaced in his eyes and he resolved to make master tell him everything if the chance came.

A moment later, he cleaned Yuan Chu’s face with a handkerchief and seeing that she was sleeping peacefully, he heaved a sigh of relief.

He touched her face with his finger as he sighed, “Master, what am I to do with you?”

But Yuan Chu’s eyes were closed and she didn’t reply him.

The next day.

Yuan Chu opened her eyes groggily, until suddenly! Her hands touched a section of smooth skin……

Wait. Something wasn’t right!

She looked up carefully, only to see that she was lying on a half-naked young man! That exquisite face was nosebleed-worthy when looked at from any angle, but this was her disciple!

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4 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 208: You Should Let Me Know Your Pain

  1. Thanks for the chapter. I do wonder if her hatred is for original Yechenyuan, but if her hatred is that strong how could she not hate this Yechenyuan?


    1. Ooh I assumed the hatred had something to do with her first(?)/modern day life. The same one she’d been affected by in the illusion (Chp 96/97)


  2. its so sweet how much ye chenyuan thinks of her wellbeing though, like genuinely not wanting her to bottle up her emotions etc


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