TDCM Chapter 210: Going High-Profile Is Self-Preservation

Venerable Li went around to gather information and when he returned to see that Ye Chenyuan was still in class, he went over to talk to him.

After he’d passed on the information to Ye Chenyuan, they started to converse in his sea of consciousness.

Venerable Li asked, “What do you plan to do next?”

Ye Chenyuan said, “Of course it’s to drop by and resolve this matter, we’ll try to get it done quickly.”

With Su Heyue there, he could now experiment as much as he liked. He looked at Yuan Chu who was sitting cross-legged on the cattail hassock[1], her eyes wide open as she listened attentively, and he let out a faint smile.

He’ll only be in the frame of mind to consider other things when master’s hand is healed.

Venerable Li asked, “Then are you going there in another form or in your actual form?”

“Of course I’ll be going in my actual form.”

Venerable Li was somewhat confused, “Under these circumstances, shouldn’t you avoid doing anything that may arouse suspicion? After all, Su Heyue and her mother already suspect that you’re the one that did this so wouldn’t you be walking right into a trap if you go to the Su family in your actual form?”

Ye Chenyuan was very calm, “Don’t worry, with Liu Zhan’s death, the Alchemy Association will definitely cause the Pill Sect to lose a large sum of money. Su Heyue is only favoured at the Pill Sect because she’s talented at refining pills but now that her father knows that her hand cannot be treated easily, how much say do you think they’ll have within the Pill Sect?”

Although Ye Chenyuan had grown up in a small clan, he’d seen enough of the hypocrisy of the world. It was very common to see mothers rise in status with their child but once the child was useless, the things that had been given could be taken back.

That was the case with small clans, so not to mention larger clans.

Venerable Li felt that what he said made a lot of sense, “Even if that’s the case, you don’t have to go there in your actual form.”

Ye Chenyuan replied, “I have to. Going there in my actual form will make my identity clear. They’ll definitely be suspicious if they don’t know where I come from, but if they know that I’m the academy’s student, they’ll be less suspicious. In that way, I’ll be able to investigate some things through the Su family.”

“Is it about the bloodthirsty witherbark?”

Ye Chenyuan gave a hum in reply, “The bloodthirsty witherbark had originally been used to harm the Mu family. Now that the Mu family is fine while something had happened to the Su family, the perpetrator will get restless upon learning of this and might even go to visit Su Heyue. By staying at the Su family, I might be able to find any suspicious persons.”

He paused before continuing, “Master and I have the same speculation, and that is, for the person to have made a move on Mu Qinghan, there’s a very high probability that the other party is from the imperial family. If I act as a go-between to have both the Su and Mu family join hands in investigating this, and if it turns out that this had indeed been done by the imperial family, I……might even be able to make use of both families.”

Venerable Li was a little confused by all this. He was actually someone who was very obsessed with refining pills and wasn’t too interested in anything else. However, he’d taken note of the main point, the imperial family. Did this mean that Ye Chenyuan was finally going to make his move against that imposter?

He was very happy, but he asked curiously, “Say, you’re obviously the imperial family’s child, why don’t you just go straight to the imperial family to expose that imposter? Once the imperial family knows that you have the Divine Emperor Bloodline and have the both of you test your bloodline in front of everyone, that imposter won’t be able to use someone else’s blood to bluff his way through.”

Ye Chenyuan shook his head when he heard this, “It’s not that simple.”

“Firstly, it’s just mother’s words that I’m the imperial grandson and I’ve yet to verify this. Although certain actions that the imperial grandson made have shown that something is up with him, I will not come forward until I’m absolutely certain.”

“The imperial grandson has been able to remain in that position while his parents were missing and with other cousins eyeing him. If he’s really a fake, there must be a huge influence behind him so I cannot act rashly.”

What Ye Chenyuan didn’t mention was that he’d revealed his identity right from the start because he was waiting for that imperial grandson to come looking for him. With the protection of the number one academy, he won’t make any big moves but if he keeps failing to get rid of him in secret, once there is a problem, he will definitely come to look for him in person.

The one that should be becoming restless at this moment should be the other party and although it seemed dangerous for him to reveal his identity, the more active he was, it was also a form of protecting himself.

Venerable Li was lost in his thoughts after hearing this.

At this moment, Yuan Chu had already finished listening to the portion of lecture that she wanted to hear and she turned her head to whisper to Ye Chenyuan.

“Little Yuan, look at this Teacher Zhao Lingyu……”

Ye Chenyuan immediately looked over, only to hear Yuan Chu whisper, “her figure is so good……”

Ye Chenyuan immediately froze, then he looked askance at Yuan Chu as he said with a smile, “Yours is better than hers.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu immediately covered her chest and glared at him before saying angrily, “Hmph, you’re becoming less cute the more you grow up!”

Her little disciple was so good when he was young, he took her at her word, he was lovable and obedient, ignorant and gullible.

Her current little disciple……although he was still very lovable and obedient, but something was just different……yeah, he now liked to disrespect his master!

After the day’s classes were over, Yuan Chu heard the other student’s start discussing something.

“Have you heard? The Su family is offering a large sum of money to any physician that can treat complicated cases.”

“I’ve heard that it’s some bloodthirsty witherbark, I’ve never even heard of it.”

“It’s a pity, the reward that the Su family is giving is very generous……”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu quietly asked Ye Chenyuan, “Can we make our move now?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “I’ll go over later.”

Yuan Chu became excited, “Can I go too?”

But Ye Chenyuan actually rejected her this time around, “No, you can stay at the academy or in the Sky Pearl.”

“Why?” Yuan Chu blinked as she asked.

Ye Chenyuan replied, “Because……I’m worried that they’ll still have the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense. Master, I don’t want you to feel sad again.”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu thought of something and her eyes dimmed, “Then I’ll wait for you at the academy. Recently, I can feel that I’ll be breaking through soon.”

“Oh? So fast?” Ye Chenyuan raised a brow in surprise. After all, it hadn’t been long since master had broken through to late stage Nascent Soul. For many people, it’ll take them ten over years or even a few hundred years to advance from late stage Nascent Soul to greater perfection Nascent Soul. But for master, it had only been……a few hundred days?

Yuan Chu nodded. The reason why her cultivation rose so quickly, the first was because of her physique, the second was because mentally, she had an additional lifetime of cultivation, and the third was because she’d been stimulated by the 3-Day Soul Enticing Incense, but that wasn’t something to be happy about.

“It’ll slow down after Astral Realm……” Yuan Chu said glumly.

“What?” Ye Chenyuan didn’t understand what she meant but he keenly sensed something questionable.

“I-It’s nothing!” Yuan Chu waved her hand, “Go on, I promise to be good.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded. The academy was actually quite safe. The teachers took shifts to guard the place all twenty four hours of the day and once any suspicious person was found, the place would even be sealed, so he wasn’t too worried.

Most importantly, Su Heyue’s current state should be quite tragic and the Su family wasn’t easy to deal with. He didn’t want master to see those dark people or matters. She’d just been agitated and needed to rest.

1. TDCM210_Cattail Hassock

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