TDCM Chapter 195: The Place Father Went Missing

The principal continued, “Others don’t know about this, but as the crown prince’s teacher, I’m very clear about his situation so I believe that the Lone Sword isn’t necessarily unfeeling. Blindly letting those disciples that are crazy about cultivating to go in and search might not bring any results. Therefore, I’d like to try the very opposite and let you give it a try.”

Ye Chenyuan froze, then he heard him say.

“You attach importance to emotions. Perhaps the Lone Sword doesn’t want to be alone but wants feelings?”

Ye Chenyuan suddenly wanted to possess that sword.

Venerable Li had long started shouting in his sea of consciousness, “What are you hesitating for? Hurry up and accept it! The Divine tool Lone Sword is the strongest attack type divine tool, hurry up and accept it!”

Ye Chenyuan bowed, then he asked in a low voice, “I can agree to this, but I have a request.”

“Oh? Tell me.”

Ye Chenyuan looked at him, “There’s ten spots, I want one more. I want to bring my fiancee with me.”

The principal frowned, but he soon relaxed, “Although she’s very powerful, but do you know how difficult it is to get these spots? The divine sword mystic realm that only opens every ten years, there’s many people vying to enter.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “I know, but I still want to bring her along. Otherwise, even if this is a very good opportunity, I do not want it.”

The principal couldn’t refrain from asking, “Why? Do you know how many good items there are inside? Once you obtain the divine sword, you’ll also be able to get the treasures that the founding Emperor had left behind. You……don’t want it?”

Ye Chenyuan’s back was straight as he looked at him and said earnestly.

“I’m worried about leaving her out here alone. You can say that I have a narrow outlook or that I don’t know how to seize opportunities, but although the divine tool is good, everything will have to take a step back when compared to her.”

Ye Chenyuan had said this very calmly, with an attitude that was neither haughty nor humble. He’d heard of the divine sword mystic realm. Storage spaces couldn’t be opened inside and this entire thing would last a year. A year, he couldn’t possibly leave Yuan Chu outside alone.

Seeing Ye Chenyuan’s insistence, the principal suddenly laughed, “It’s fortunate that you aren’t the monarch otherwise you’d definitely be a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler that gives up everything for one person. However, since you’ve already said it like that, I’ll do as you wish. You don’t have to feel pressured, after all it’s been eight thousand years and no one other than the crown prince has seen that divine sword. You can just take it that you’re going out to temper yourself.”

“Alright.” Ye Chenyuan nodded. Recalling their previous conversation, he couldn’t refrain from asking, “Oh, that’s right, principal. You said that you’re the crown prince’s teacher?”

There was a flash in the principal’s eyes, then he nodded, “That’s right.”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan looked at him with sparkling eyes, “Then, can you please tell me more about him? I respect and admire him.”

The principal scrutinised Ye Chenyuan when he heard this. More than ten years ago, before the crown prince went missing, he had been respected and admired by many people because of his outstanding talent and honourable status. But now, few people would know of someone who has been missing for several years.

The current generation of youth was completely unaware of the peerless talent that the then crown prince was.

“What do you want to know?”

Ye Chenyuan asked in a straightforward manner, “I want to know why he went missing, and where he went missing.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t have much feelings for this person that could possibly be his father. He simply thought that if it was confirmed that he was his son, then he’d be obligated to look for him. They were related by blood after all.

On the other hand, when the principal saw Ye Chenyuan’s concern for the crown prince, he couldn’t hold back a sigh when he recalled the past.

“He……had gone missing because of a woman.”

Ye Chenyuan was puzzled, “Didn’t you say that the crown prince cultivated a special technique that cut off all human emotions and desires?”

The principal’s gaze became even more depressed. After a long time, he stood up and said rather melancholically.

“There is some love that can melt even stone cold hearts. It’s a pity that he understood that too late……although the crown prince’s soul tablet in the imperial family’s ancestral hall is still intact, its divine light is very dim, meaning that he could lose his life at any moment. As for the place he went missing, you must’ve heard of it before, it’s located at the Heavenly Continent’s far northern lands, Meng Xuan Glacier.”

Ye Chenyuan was surprised, “That place……isn’t it said that living persons are prohibited from entering?”

“There’ll always be mistakes.” The principal was rather grieved. Recalling something, he gave him a warning, “If you run into the imperial grandson in the mystic realm……stay away from him. Although he’s also one of the academy’s students, he doesn’t spend a lot of time here and it’s best that you do not come into contact with him too often.”

“Why?” Ye Chenyuan felt a little suspicious. As the crown prince’s teacher, the principal’s concern should also extend to the imperial grandson.

The principal pursed his lips before he finally waved his hand, “You can go now, there are some things that you’re better off not knowing.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t try to get to the bottom of the matter and simply nodded his head, “I’ll keep the principal’s warning in mind.”

Then he walked out of the room.

As the principal looked at Ye Chenyuan’s retreating figure, he actually thought that this child’s back figure overlapped with the then crown prince’s.

But he soon ridiculed himself for his silliness. He did want to find the real imperial grandson who’d been missing but there hasn’t been any clues even after so many years of searching. Was he starting to become overly suspicious now?

He sighed. The monarch was focused on centralising and expanding his power while the fake imperial grandson had already secured his position and wielded great authority.

If he’s still unable to find the real imperial grandson, and with the crown prince being unable to return, once that imposter succeeds in changing his blood to the Divine Emperor Bloodline, it’ll be even more difficult to expose him.


Unable to find Yuan Chu when he came out, Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes with a small smile and used the Blood Mark to sense where she was, then he calmly headed in a certain direction.

Unexpectedly, Yuan Chu was hiding up on the rooftop as she drank wine.

Why was she hiding? Firstly because she didn’t quite want to see Ye Chenyuan right now, and secondly because Ye Chenyuan didn’t usually let her drink the wine that she was drinking now.

It felt wrong the more she thought about it. She’d been so ascetic in her past life, why was she so lustful in this life?

……Could it be that humans will become perverts with age? No way no way, she needed to calm down with a cup of wine!

So with both hands on the wine jar, she threw her head back and chugged down the wine. She’d only just had the thought that she could forget all her unhappiness by drinking when she suddenly realised that Ye Chenyuan was standing in front of her.

She was sitting on the slanted roof while Ye Chenyuan was standing on the crystal lotus that was on the beam’s sharpest point. The wind blew at the ends of his white and gold garment as he stood there agilely, an elusive smile on his face as he looked at her with a gentle gaze.

Yuan Chu felt her heart palpitate, then she started coughing violently. Oh no, she’d choked!

Ye Chenyuan’s expression changed and he immediately flew to her side. Warm spiritual energy poured into her neck and she immediately felt better……

Ye Chenyuan felt quite exasperated. Master was so worrying, he couldn’t leave her side indeed.

Despite this thought, the doting look in his eyes never diminished.

“Master, you’re already a Nascent Soul, why do you still choke when drinking wine?”

He asked helplessly as he patted Yuan Chu’s back gently.

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