TDCM Chapter 194: Divine Sword Mystic Realm

Yuan Chu thought that this made sense. After all, if she did something bad, Little Yuan Yuan would definitely take the blame for her.

This shows that Gu Qingke and Su Heyue weren’t close at all but she still made it look like she was apologising for a friend. No matter how one thought about it, it was so fake!

Yuan Chu nodded her head vigorously. She then looked up, wanting to say something, only to notice that Ye Chenyuan was looking at her.

He looked stunning, especially that pair of eyes that combined the advantages of phoenix eyes and peach blossom eyes. The corners of his eyes were slightly raised and when he put all his focus into looking at one person, it gave Yuan Chu the false belief that she was his entire world.

This made her recall the gentle and restrained kiss from before, his kiss……didn’t make her feel like she’d been violated, but instead made her feel very nervous.

She had subconsciously forgotten about it before, but she’d just involuntarily recalled it now.

Ye Chenyuan watched as Yuan Chu’s face suddenly turned red and she kept taking furtive glances at his lips as she hesitated to speak.

This tugged at his heartstrings and he moved closer to ask, “Master, did I cooperate well with you just now?”

Yuan Chu nodded her head quietly. Gone was her usual lively manner as she sat in his embrace in a reserved and adorable manner, just like a kitten that had kept its claws. This made Ye Chenyuan feel like teasing her.

“Then, master……do I get any reward?”

Yuan Chu’s head was lowered, but when she heard this, she immediately looked up at him. Seeing that he was staring at her with sparkling eyes and a gaze that was even more ardent than before, she started burning up.

“Master, your body is so hot……”

Ye Chenyuan’s voice was very gentle like a feather, carrying hints of a smile, “Are you running a temperature?”

Saying this, he touched her forehead gently. His fingertip seemed to have an electric charge, making Yuan Chu feel like something was wrong with her.

She scuttled away from Ye Chenyuan’s embrace before saying nervously, “I’ll go and see why they’re not done with their meeting yet. Sit here and study the witherbark fibrous root or something, don’t follow me……”

Saying this, she quickly ran away. Ye Chenyuan looked at her retreating figure with a smile that reached the depths of his eyes.

He thought happily: She’d finally grown a little. She was even more adorable than before, but he still had to put in effort.

Not long after escaping, Yuan Chu patted her chest fearfully when she saw that Ye Chenyuan didn’t follow her.

What should she do? Did they overdo it with the electric shocks just now? She’d actually had the thought that her little disciple was becoming more and more good looking, making one wish they could ravage him!

Argh……this wasn’t a good thought! She must’ve been stimulated because the process of severing the witherbark was too scary which was why she’d become so strange now. She needed to loosen up, right, she needed to relax!

Not long after this, the academy’s teachers exited from the conference hall and Ye Chenyuan got to see the principal.

He appeared to be a reserved old man, looking at others with a very strict gaze, revealing a manner that was upright and above flattery.

Two young male teachers followed him in silently. The principal got them to wait at the side before he said to Ye Chenyuan.

“Why are you alone, where’s the little girl?”

Ye Chenyuan replied without batting an eye, “She’d gotten a scare and is now……probably resting.”

The principal was dumbfounded for a moment, as if he didn’t think that that ostentatious girl would be scared, but he still nodded, “Alright, it’s the same even if I ask you. Although I’ve already learned of the sequence of events, I’d still like to hear a detailed account from your side.”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, then he told him about the entire incident in a very calm manner.

After he was done, he noticed that the old man was looking at him with a favourable gaze.

“You’re very good”

“En?” Ye Chenyuan looked up at him.

The principal said, “You’re very good to have been able to stand up for your fiancee under those circumstances. I thought that you didn’t know how powerful the Pill Sect is, but you actually did, and yet you were able to do all that. So, you’re very good.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t think much of this. After all, anything that master did was correct, so he said, “It’s my duty, it doesn’t deserve the principal’s praise.”

The principal studied him for a moment before he suddenly said, “You look very much like someone.”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan looked at him fixedly.

“Especially that gaze. Although your appearance isn’t that similar, but the look in your eyes and your bearing is very much like someone. However, that person only has coldness in his eyes, you’re better than him.”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t make any comments because he didn’t know who he was referring to.

The principal closed his eyes, then he continued when he recalled something, “The decennial opening of the Empire’s divine sword mystic realm is approaching. The number one academy has a number of spots, when that time comes, you can go too.”

Ye Chenyuan felt a little sceptical when he heard this. After all, he was merely a newly enrolled student and shouldn’t huge matters like searching for divine tools be passed to people who are more trusted?

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan’s initial reaction wasn’t to be pleasantly surprised but to be cautious, the principal felt all the more pleased as he said, “There’s no need to be doubtful. The number one academy has ten spots and in the past, we’ve indeed sent either the Elite Chamber students or the teachers, but I think highly of you. You have an advantage over them.”

Ye Chenyuan lowered his voice as he asked, “Can I ask what advantage that is?”

When considering his cultivation, a late stage Foundation Building like himself definitely wasn’t at an advantage. In regards to his understanding of the mystic realm, it would be his first time and there would be people from the academy who had entered ten years ago.

Hearing this, the principal tapped his finger on the table as he thought.

His silvery grey short hair looked very smart and his gaze was imperceptibly sharp as he looked at others.

“If you must know, I’ll tell you. Have……you heard of how the then crown prince almost obtained the divine tool Lone Sword?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “I’ve heard of it.”

The principal said, “At that time, he’d already seen the divine tool but do you know why the Lone Sword refused to accept him as its owner?”

Ye Chenyuan looked at him, “Can the principal please resolve this doubt.”

The principal nodded, “The divine tool Lone Sword, what do you understand of it?”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t expect him to test him all of a sudden, but since he had never seen it, he could only take its literal meaning. Lone Sword, Lone Sword, could it possibly mean cutting off all human emotions and desires and devoting oneself to cultivating?

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan wasn’t that interested in it anymore, but he still voiced his thoughts.

The principal replied, “You’re not wrong. Anyone who hears the two words Lone Sword will think that only someone who’s devoted to cultivation is worthy of possessing it. However……at that time, the crown prince had been cultivating the divine rank cultivation method《Heaven Destroyer》. Those that cultivate this technique need to cut off all emotions, affections and desires, but even so, he wasn’t able to receive the Lone Sword’s recognition.

Ye Chenyuan suddenly recalled the inheritance he’d rejected when obtaining the Silent Lotus Throne, the《Heaven Destroyer》. If so……the person that was possibly his father had also received that inheritance before?

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