TDCM Chapter 193: I Can’t Bear For You To Be Angry

Ye Chenyuan felt his heart skip a beat when Yuan Chu made this declaration.

Suddenly hearing the words he’d been wanting to hear for so long, the bitter feeling that was mixed in with the happiness made him hug Yuan Chu even more tightly.

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan’s eyes were constantly on the “rude, wilful, overbearing and unreasonable” Yuan Chu, Gu Qingke couldn’t refrain from saying with a sarcastic smile.

“What does Lady Mu mean by this? You still don’t know this right? Before you met Chenyuan gege, we were childhood friends who had grown up together. Childhood feelings are the purest, is Lady Mu going to get jealous over something like that and force Chenyuan gege to alienate his old friends?”

Her almond-shaped eyes were filled with ridicule and her tone became somewhat overbearing.

“Lady Mu is so narrow-minded, Chenyuan gege must’ve had a hard time while he’s with you.”

Yuan Chu immediately flew into a rage. Ye Chenyuan had a hard time while he was with her?

She’d raised him till he was this old with tasty food and drinks, and although she always took the lion share whenever there was something good, she’d given him the items that he truly needed. Even like this, Ye Chenyuan had a hard time while he was with her?!

Fuming with anger, she glowered at Ye Chenyuan as she said sadly, “Tell me, is it hard being with me?! Be honest, I promise not to beat you to death!”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hold back a smile. In his smile was endless sweetness and doting, and his shimmering eyes looked like they could drown someone.

“It’s not hard……” He reached out a hand to hold her face gently, “Being with you has been the happiest time of my life. I’m very grateful that you’d chosen me at that time, to be able to love you……is the good fortune I’ve spent ten lifetimes cultivating.”

Yuan Chu had been a little unhappy, but she was moved when she heard Ye Chenyuan’s words.

Did he have to look at her with those eyes or talk to her in that tone! S-She’d already forgotten what they had been talking about before!

Yuan Chu was sat in his embrace as she tugged on her lapels with both hands. That lost expression on her face was unimaginably adorable!

In a moment of impulsiveness, Ye Chenyuan reached out and lifted her chin.

“……So don’t be angry anymore, I can’t bear for you to be angry.”

Saying this, he lowered his head and gently covered Yuan Chu’s lips.

That electrifying feeling from before returned. Was Ye Chenyuan actively carrying an electric charge?! It made her feel giddy, such that she actually didn’t push him away.

But after giving it some thought, Little Yuan Yuan was being very cooperative so wouldn’t she be exposing herself if she pushed him away? So she gritted her teeth and put her arms around Ye Chenyuan’s neck. Although her heart was almost jumping out of her chest right now, she didn’t forget to shoot Gu Qingke a provoking look.

Gu Qingke was so angry that her face had turned pale. She didn’t know why she had to stand here and be humiliated like that but she was unwilling to leave just like that.

The only reason why Ye Chenyuan was now so submissive towards Mu Qingge was because he had only just obtained her body! She had noticed the bloodstains on the sofa alright, so what was Mu Qingge getting all pleased with herself for?

On the contrary, people like her were the foolish ones! Men were fickle in love, just like her father and brothers, they had many women around them but they were all just playthings.

The one that cannot be obtained will always be the best. For Mu Qingge to have given out her body already, what was she besides ‘foolish’?

With someone else around, Ye Chenyuan didn’t want to let others see Yuan Chu’s shy side so after a very restrained kiss, he repressed his impulses and let go of Yuan Chu’s lips. He then embraced her, making sure to cover her entire face so that no one else could see her.

After that, he looked at Gu Qingke with a look of scrutiny.

“Student Gu, if you’ve come to look for me regarding the past, I still remember what I’ve told you.”

He paused before continuing earnestly, “You’ve helped me before, so if there’s anything that I can help you with in the future, I’ll be duty-bound to do so. However, that’s on the condition that you really didn’t have a hand in Su Heyue’s matter.”

Hearing this, Gu Qingke panicked and she quickly tried to explain, “H-How could I have……”

It was only then that she remembered her purpose in coming here. She’d previously forgotten about it in her anger.

She lowered her head and said ashamedly, “I’ve come today regarding that matter. Heyue is my closest friend so I really didn’t think that she would’ve done something like that……I didn’t have my guard up against her at all……”

The upset look on her face didn’t seem to be fake, “I think she’d probably done it because of Young Master Mu, she misunderstood that Young Master Mu and……and Student Mu are together so she’d done something like that in a moment of folly. Please do not blame her. If you must, you can only blame……”

Blame Mu Qingge for being fickle and easy virtued, and for seducing someone else’s fiance.

Ye Chenyuan’s eyes chilled, “So it is your opinion that Su Heyue is innocent? She was unable to keep an eye on her own man so she decided to harm another girl. Pardon my inability to comprehend this kind of innocence.”

Gu Qingke’s nails dug into her hands.

She looked at the tiny Yuan Chu who was being protected in Ye Chenyuan’s embrace and she really felt like questioning loudly: What is so good about this woman? She’d caused Su Heyue to make a mistake out of jealousy so why was she still unscathed when Su Heyue had already left?

But these thoughts only lasted for a moment before she relaxed.

“I got it……” Gu Qingke said with a pale and gloomy expression on her face, “I’m apologising to you on Heyue’s behalf. Actually, Heyue doesn’t have a bad character, I hope that you can forgive her.”

Yuan Chu wanted to turn around and throw out a “I’m not forgiving her” but Ye Chenyuan stopped her.

He said with a smile, “She’ll be fine as long as she doesn’t come and provoke us again. Student Gu, my fiancee is feeling a little tired and would like to take a rest before the principal arrives.”

Gu Qingke felt like another arrow had been shot to her chest. She gritted her teeth as she looked at Yuan Chu, then she said with a smile, “Alright then, I’ll leave Student Mu to rest, I’ll……be going now.”

She turned around and left but she couldn’t suppress the anger in her heart.

Actually, be it for males or females, the one that one cannot obtain will always be the best. Previously, she had been interested in Ye Chenyuan and did have the thought of marrying him but it was just a mere thought, because no matter how good Ye Chenyuan was, he didn’t have any backing.

But right now……Gu Qingke recalled Ye Chenyuan’s gentleness towards Yuan Chu and his indifference towards her and she couldn’t suppress the reluctance in her heart.

She didn’t believe it! Be it her looks, family background, character or bearing, she was better than Mu Qingge in every aspect! Wait and see, she’ll snatch Ye Chenyuan’s heart one day! Only she can reject someone else, she won’t allow someone else to reject her!

When that time comes, she’ll see how Mu Qingge continues to act so arrogantly!

Seeing that Gu Qingke had left, Yuan Chu stuck out her tongue, wanting to ask Ye Chenyuan if she’d gone overboard when Ye Chenyuan said.

“Master, stay away from her in the future.”

Yuan Chu was puzzled when she heard this. Didn’t Gu Qingke help Ye Chenyuan in the past?

Ye Chenyuan continued, “She kept saying that Su Heyue is her closest friend but when Su Heyue had stepped forward to take the blame, she’d simply turned and left. Someone like this……it’s better that you stay away from her.”

Sugakookie: I thought that Su Heyue was the crazy one but it turns out that Gu Qingke is crazy too?? Did she just think to herself that she had good character? When she aided in a murder attempt?!

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