TDCM Chapter 196: I’ll Never Be Able To Turn You Down

Isn’t it all your fault! Homme fatale! If I choke to death it’s definitely your fault!

Yuan Chu complained in her heart, but Ye Chenyuan’s attractiveness was even more destructive at such a close distance so she could only close her eyes and roast him in her heart. Male leads were all like that indeed, they could clearly make a living with their faces but they insisted on relying on their own strengths!

“I……I’m alright.”

Yuan Chu hid the little jar of wine behind her sleeves guiltily.

Ye Chenyuan smiled gently, but when he saw what wine she was drinking, his smile disappeared.

“Master, didn’t I tell you not to drink scented wine? This wine is too strong! You’re still growing, you can’t drink this!”

Saying this, he kept the wine jar into the Sky Pearl without listening to her protests. Yuan Chu pursed her lips and looked at him with an accusatory glance.

Although it’s a little strong, it has just the right flavour! This rebellious disciple is bullying his master!

Yuan Chu felt indignant. Ye Chenyuan pretended to say unhappily.

“This kind of wine will cause disturbances to one’s spiritual energy when drunk in larger amounts, causing one to become irritable. That’s why I don’t let you drink it, but you seem to be quite indignant right now?”

“I’m not……”

Yuan Chu felt very wronged. She’d only wanted to drink some strong wine to clear her head but she wasn’t even allowed to do that……he was the one who caused her to become so strange, he was the real culprit! Yuan Chu thought furiously.

Ye Chenyuan looked at her fixedly, “Since you’re not feeling indignant, should you give me a guarantee?”

Yuan Chu felt even angrier, and she pouted as she said, “I was wrong, I’ll dare to do it again next time!”


Ye Chenyuan said threateningly and Yuan Chu immediately got scared.

Perhaps it was courage that the wine had given her, but after feeling scared, she suddenly jumped up and said, “I said, I want to drink it, hmph, if you still bother me, I’ll……I’ll discipline you!”

Saying this, she stared at him with wide opened eyes and a very fierce expression.

Ye Chenyuan smiled uncontrollably. What should he do, master was being disobedient and he really wanted to discipline her but seeing that she was so adorable, his heart turned soft and he wished he could give her everything that she wanted.

He stood up with a sigh and held her hand as he said, “Alright, alright, I’ll let you drink it, but can you give it to me before you drink it the next time? I’ll help you refine the zhao ling fruit[1] component then you can drink it.”

Yuan Chu looked at him doubtfully, “Is it still strong after it’s been refined?”

Ye Chenyuan answered with certainty, “It’ll still be strong, is that alright now? Master, please don’t be angry anymore.”

Yuan Chu felt that this was very useful. Look, Ye Chenyuan got scared once she got angry, indeed she was still quite imposing!

With this thought, Yuan Chu was glowing with happiness. The wine she’d drunk caused her eyes to appear even more glossy, and together with her slightly reddened cheeks, it made one feel ravenous.

Ye Chenyuan restrained his impulses and said in a hoarse voice, “That’s right, master, I just met with the principal and he wants me to temper myself in the divine sword mystic realm. I told him that I wanted to bring you along and he agreed.”

“Really?” Yuan Chu froze before asking happily.

“Of course.” He looked at Yuan Chu with a very tender gaze as he said earnestly, “My master is so good, I’ll naturally have to respect her, so how can I leave you behind to go and have fun by myself?”

Yuan Chu smiled happily. Alright, on account of her disciple showing such respect for her, she won’t be angry anymore. And that’s because she doted on her disciple.

Seeing that he’d successfully coaxed Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan held her hand as he said.

“Then……let’s go eat some pastries?”

Yuan Chu immediately nodded her head, “I want to eat shortbread!”


“And iced fruits!”


“Little disciple, why do you keep saying okay?”

“……because, I’ll never be able to turn you down.”


Contrary to their sweetness, things were tense on the other side.

Pill Sect’s young miss had been forced to kneel and kowtow in public. Su Heyue felt like she’d never be able to raise her head in this lifetime.

Moreover, news of this incident had spread very quickly and everyone within the Pill Sect knew of this matter within a few days.

Besides secretly laughing at Su Heyue, they were even more curious about that youth who was already a rank four alchemist at such a young age.

Such a talent belonged to the Pill Sect! In the past, the young miss had only been a rank two alchemist and she considered everyone to be beneath her. Now, she’d lost face in such a terrible manner.

“Get out! All of you get lost!”

Su Heyue’s roar sounded from the luxurious courtyard. For the past few days, everyone had been pointing at her wherever she went. She had gone to her father to have him avenge her but when he heard that the other party was a rank four alchemist before he even reached the age of sixteen, he was very shocked and not only did he refuse to help avenge her, he even told her not to provoke him.

Saying things like: The academy intends to cultivate him, that Mu Qingge was a rare talent at such a young age and wasn’t one to be messed with, and asking her to stay at home and do some soul-searching.

This was simply abominable!!

All the servants had been beaten and chased out, there were whip marks on their bodies and they all cut sorry figures.

When Su Heyue’s mother Gu Danhong arrived, she frowned when she saw the servants standing at the doorway confusedly.

“Useless things, you can’t even serve the young miss well and you’re still being eyesores by staying here? Get lost!”

The servants left hurriedly, not one of them dared to stay behind.

Gu Danhong scoffed and left her confidant at the door before going in alone.

Hearing the door, Su Heyue had been about to lose her temper but when she saw that it was her mother, her eyes turned red and she suddenly felt very miserable.

“Mother, you have to help me! Father not only refused to help me, he even confined me! Mother……I can’t let this go!”

Feeling very sorry for her, Gu Danhong sat at Su Heyue’s bedside.

“Alright, alright, my dear daughter. Mother can’t bear to look at how thin and pallid you look! Your father too, so what if the other party is talented and valued? How can those lowly people compare to my darling daughter?”

Hearing this, Su Heyue moved over to lie on her mother’s leg. Whenever she closed her eyes, she’d recall the scene of her kneeling down and Ye Chenyuan’s “kneel” would ring in her ear. She felt humiliated the more she thought about it, and wished she could’ve died at that moment.

“Mother, you have to avenge me! Father has forbidden Uncle Gui and the rest from helping me, I only have you!”

Seeing that they were alone, Gu Danhong lowered her voice and said, “My dear daughter, why else did you think I’ve come here for? Tell me, how do you want mother to help you?”

At the mention of this, Su Heyue thought of wanting Mu Qingge to die, but she thought that that was going too easy on her. And there was also that Ye Chenyuan, she didn’t want to let either of them off! But when she thought about it, the both of them were indeed very strong……

Seeing that her daughter didn’t have any ideas, Gu Danhong sighed and asked.

“Between the two, who do you hate more?”

“Of course it’s Mu Qingge!” Su Heyue replied without a second thought.

Gu Danhong smiled, “Then in your opinion, for a woman, what situation would be the most tragic?”

1. 躁灵果 – This fruit causes disturbances with one’s spiritual energy. Adding a note here because the name is too literal and I can’t think of a suitable translation. Was very tempted to translate it to a shortened version of ‘disturbance wine’ though 😅

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5 thoughts on “TDCM Chapter 196: I’ll Never Be Able To Turn You Down

    1. We had that Hong elite student and that Su girl that opposed the switching of tokens before. I wish good female characters aside from the MC would be highlighted too. (*’へ’*)


  1. That last bit, I’m always shocked when women can wish that kind of evil on other women (assuming I’m guessing right on what they want to do)


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