TDCM Chapter 188: Kneeling And Apologising

The elders looked at each other helplessly, then they discussed in low voices, trying to find a solution.

And it was at this moment that the vice-principal arrived.

Gu Qingke had asked him to come because she was worried that Su Heyue would be in an unfavourable situation.

Upon his arrival, Gu Wenshu’s gaze landed on Yuan Chu and he narrowed his eyes.

The elders greeted him, then Gu Wenshu sat down on the host seat. Looking down at the students below him, he said with a gloomy expression on his face.

“I’ve already heard the details of this matter.”

After pausing to ponder for a moment, he said earnestly to Yuan Chu, “You’re all the academy’s students and I hope that you can be lenient. Su Heyue is from the Pill Sect and if you can let this matter go, I believe that your future prospects will go more smoothly in the future.”

Hearing this, Su Heyue raised her chin and looked at Yuan Chu with a proud smile, as if she already knew that this would be the outcome.

When the crowd of students heard this, a strange silence fell over them. There was no way that they wouldn’t feel resentful. Could it be that the rule about paying with their lives if they committed murder was only applicable to the lower class people?

There were also other students who were already used to this. In the Empire, strength would have to bow to power and power meant privileges.

Gu Wenshu pretended not to have seen the student’s resentment and he braced himself as he continued to say to Yuan Chu.

“The academy has a rule that one will have to pay with their lives if they commit murder, but aren’t you unscathed right now? So, it cannot count as murder, but the academy will get the Pill Sect to compensate you generously, and we’ll consider this matter to be settled. After all, Student Su is already a rank two alchemist at only fifteen years old and she’ll have a promising future. You are also very talented, such that regardless which one of you the academy loses, it’ll still be the academy’s lost.”

His words sounded reasonable and fair. The Pill Sect’s compensation wouldn’t be mere spirit stones either, which meant that they’ll probably cover any medicinal pills that Yuan Chu might need in the future. There’d be many people who would want this compensation.

But before Yuan Chu could speak, Ye Chenyuan stepped forward.

“She doesn’t need it.”

Gu Wenshu raised his brows when Ye Chenyuan stepped out, then he listened as Ye Chenyuan said.

“She’s my fiancee. Although I’m no talent and am already nearing sixteen, I’m already a rank four alchemist and can provide her with any medicinal pills that she might need.”

“Rank four!!”

Not just the students, but even the teachers and elders could no longer remain calm. Rank four alchemist, sixteen years old? That wasn’t possible, since when did alchemy become so simple?!

Su Heyue froze, then she said in a loud voice, “Stop boasting, rank four? Even if you started cultivating from when you were born, you wouldn’t be able to reach rank four now!”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t waste time talking to them and instead produced a flame from the palm of his hand. He then threw various medicinal ingredients into the fire, the entire process was done very quickly.

Then, before anyone could make out any of his movements, he clenched his fist and the flame disappeared. The fragrance of the pill he had just refined was in the air. Ye Chenyuan then opened his palm to reveal a grade four strengthening pill. The entire process had taken less than fifteen minutes!

“Does this prove it?”

With this, even Gu Wenshu couldn’t remain calm any longer and he abruptly stood up.

Refining a pill out of thin air, and he’d even done it without much effort! His eyes lit up as he looked at Ye Chenyuan, a young, talented and powerful rank four alchemist. It’d be great if he could become a part of the Gu family.

Su Heyue took multiple steps back in disbelief. It wasn’t just her who had yet to react to his quick and decisive alchemy techniques, but even the few Golden Core cultivators who were protecting her also didn’t think that they’d be able to find such an alchemy genius outside their Pill Sect. It’ll be great if he could become one of the Pill Sect members!

Everyone’s attention had been drawn to Ye Chenyuan. Yuan Chu started hesitating.

With her short-temperedness, she would’ve definitely asked Su Heyue to kneel and apologise but now that Ye Chenyuan had stepped forward, Su Heyue’s hatred would turn to include Ye Chenyuan if she did that.

Ye Chenyuan still had important things to do, she didn’t want to bring him any trouble.

Why don’t she just let things go this time? She can just beat her up next time! After all, things like revenge didn’t need to be done openly.

Just as she’d decided to hold back her anger for now, Ye Chenyuan’s smile disappeared and he hid Yuan Chu behind him.

“Vice-principal, you’ve already seen the situation. You’ve mentioned wanting to settle things, but I only have two words for you, and that is ‘I refuse’!”

At this, the entire arena fell silent. Faced with power, although there were many that wished they wouldn’t yield, but when that day finally arrived, they could only give in to reality.

But this young man in front of them, he had actually refused?

It was only at this moment that Su Heyue snapped out of her thoughts and she looked at Ye Chenyuan with a fearful gaze. Before he came around, she had been the youngest rank two alchemist. The Pill Sect had revered her as their little princess because of her talents, but in front of this person, she wasn’t anything at all.

“What do you want?” Upset, Su Heyue looked at Ye Chenyuan with an even unfriendlier gaze, “Do you want to become enemies with the Pill Sect?”

Gu Wenshu also said, “Student, since the Pill Sect has intentions of making compensation, why would you be so overbearing?”

Ye Chenyuan looked at them with a sneer as he said calmly, “Compensation? I’ve already said that we don’t need that. If they’re really sincere about it, please get this Lady Su to kneel and kowtow to my fiancee in apology! After that, we can discuss the settlement.”

Although he’d said that, he’ll never let Su Heyue get away with it. If master wasn’t this powerful, she would’ve been killed by this woman! This wasn’t a matter that could be let go just because master was fine. Anyone who bullied her would have to pay the price!

Su Heyue stomped her foot in anger, “You’re actually asking me to kneel and apologise? Dream on!”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled, then before anyone could react, he suddenly teleported and put a sword to Su Heyue’s neck.

It was at this moment that he noticed that the old man who was sweeping the floor in a corner finally looked in his direction.

The people by Su Heyue’s side were one step behind in trying to protect her and immediately shouted out, “Let our lady go!”

At first, Yuan Chu didn’t understand why Ye Chenyuan was suddenly acting even more high-profile than herself, but Ye Chenyuan’s veiled glance caused her to take notice of that ordinary looking old man, then she smiled.

Getting an idea, she started acting ostentatiously once more, with both hands on her hips.

“That’s right, kneel and apologise. Having such vicious thoughts at such a young age and harming someone over unwarranted things. You’re a noble, but I’m not one to be trifled with either.”

Angry at being held hostage, Su Heyue shouted towards Gu Wenshu who was up on the platform, “Vice-principal, they’re trying to kill me. Seize them and make them pay for it with their lives!”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan actually dared to hold someone from the Pill Sect hostage, Gu Wenshu quickly said, “Let go of her!”

At this moment, the entire arena was in an uproar over this farce and everyone was restless.

As if he was terribly disappointed, the old man in the corner suddenly threw down his broom and looked up to reveal an old and wrinkled face.

“……Wenshu, I haven’t seen you in a long time, is this how you run my academy?”

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