TDCM Chapter 189: Settling Publicly Or Privately

The old man had said this very softly, but everyone in the arena heard it. Gu Wenshu was startled and immediately came down from the high platform. It wasn’t clear whether he had an excited or nervous expression on his face but when he tried to hold the old man’s hand, the old man avoided it.

With a wave of his hand, his grey outer robe opened to reveal the black and gold formal wear. His hair was a mess but when he straightened his back, his short grey hair looked smart. He sat right down on the host seat, and when the academy’s students heard that the principal had returned, they were all very excited.

The principal had been away for many years. He was a very honest and upright person, he’d probably uphold justice right?!

Yuan Chu met Ye Chenyuan’s gaze, feeling rather pleased with herself. She knew that Ye Chenyuan must’ve been pointing something out to her with that look. Although she didn’t know how Ye Chenyuan had noticed something strange about that old man, he didn’t seem to be the same kind of person as the vice-principal, and that was enough!

Su Heyue was still being held hostage and when she saw that the people by her side didn’t dare to step forward and that Gu Wenshu had retreated to the side, she couldn’t help but to start panicking.

“Principal! Although I did make a move, the attempt failed, you won’t really ask me to pay for it with my life right?! I’m from the Pill Sect!”

Her words were in vain because it was said that this principal was upright and above flattery. She was feeling a little scared.

Yuan Chu looked at her and said, “Who’s asking you to pay for it with your life, am I such a ruthless person? Kind-hearted me is only asking you to give me three loud kowtows, it won’t even hurt you. Can’t you do that? You must know that I’d endured five hundred days of narrowly escaping from death in the mystic realm!”

The Elite Chamber students who’d been robbed by Yuan Chu in the mystic realm: “……”

Su Heyue was reluctant. If she really knelt, she would lose all face!

It was at this moment that the stern old man who had just sat down slowly started speaking.

“It’s an iron rule that one will have to pay with their lives if they harm others. You can choose to settle this in public, which means that you’ll die here. If this student wasn’t that powerful, she would’ve long been dead, so your punishment has nothing to do with whether she’s currently alive or dead.”

Su Heyue’s expression changed.

The old man continued, “You can also choose to settle this in private, as long as the student you harmed is satisfied.”

Once he said this, the person named Uncle Gui who was by Su Heyue’s side immediately said, “We’ll settle this in private!”

Then he said to Yuan Chu worriedly, “Student, let’s settle this in private. If you’re willing, the Pill Sect……is willing to compensate you with a grade seven ascension pill!”

“Uncle Gui!” Su Heyue shouted unwillingly. The grade seven ascension pill was something that their Ancestor was only able to refine occasionally. How could they give it to that sl*t?!

“Lady, please do not speak!” Uncle Gui’s current expression was very grim. The number one academy’s principal wasn’t the average person and his backing couldn’t be underestimated.

Seeing that Uncle Gui was angry, Su Heyue could only shut her mouth angrily. At this moment, Ye Chenyuan’s sword was still at her neck so she didn’t dare to move about. She was letting Mu Qingge that sl*t off lightly!

Yuan Chu touched her chin, “An ascension pill? I’m so tempted!”

How could anyone not be tempted? All the students present wished they could replace her. The grade seven ascension pill could increase one’s chances of forming their Nascent Soul by half and there were many who were stuck at late stage Golden Core, unable to form their Nascent Soul all their life. With the ascension pill, and with their own efforts, even though it wasn’t definite that they’d be able to form their Nascent Soul, they’d have an eighty percent chance of doing so!

Once they formed their Nascent Soul, their lifespan will immediately increase from three hundred to eight hundred years. This temptation was simply too fatal!

But everyone was taken aback by what Yuan Chu said next.

“Although a grade seven pill is very precious, I’m someone who swallows anything but bitter pills, so you’d better kneel and kowtow three times and I’ll consider this matter to be over.”

She was all smiles, appearing very magnanimous. There was a commotion and everyone was in an uproar.

Behind Su Heyue, Ye Chenyuan was looking at her ostentatious expression with a doting smile.

Su Heyue obviously wouldn’t do that. There were so many people present, if she kneeled, she won’t only be losing her reputation but also the Pill Sect’s reputation!

Uncle Gui and the rest wanted to stop this but the principal only let out a cough, “If you don’t want to settle this privately, we can do it publicly.”

Settling it in public meant paying for it with her life. The Pill Sect members weren’t that foolish, so after a moment of struggle, Uncle Gui ended up not interfering.

“Uncle Gui!” Seeing that even her own people weren’t helping her, Su Heyue became anxious and in a bid to get away from Ye Chenyuan’s sword, she retrieved something in her hand. As if he’d already predicted this, Ye Chenyuan’s sword moved and went past Su Heyue’s defence to pierce her skin.

“Ah! It hurts!”

Su Heyue cried out in pain and her bodyguards took two steps forward to try and stop him.


But with one look from Ye Chenyuan, they all stopped.

“Take another step and the sword in my hand will be ruthless.”

“You……” Su Heyue was now scared. When she saw that Uncle Gui and the rest didn’t dare to come closer, she was trembling all over but she put on a strong front as she said to Ye Chenyuan, “You……why are you helping her? She’s just a fickle and lascivious girl!”

Ye Chenyuan’s gaze chilled, “Kneel!”

“How……How dare you!”

Then, another line of blood appeared on her neck.

Su Heyue was so angry that she suddenly cried. Ever since she was young, she had never been forced by anyone like this, she had never been humiliated like that before!

And behind her, Ye Chenyuan seemed not to know how to show tenderness towards girls. Sword in hand, his handsome face chilled as he repeated.


Everyone’s expressions turned strange as they looked at Ye Chenyuan. Although he’d said that Mu Qingge is his fiancee, but to humiliate Su Heyue in public just for his fiancee’s sake, wasn’t he afraid that the people from the Pill Sect would retaliate against him too?

However they thought about it, this wasn’t a very sensible thing to do!

Isolated and cut off from any help, Su Heyue had no choice but to kneel. Nevertheless, her back was straight and she refused to kowtow.

Uncle Gui and the rest were displeased and he said to Yuan Chu through gritted teeth.

“Student, do you have to stir things up to the point that it cannot be settled? Instead of having one more friend, why do you insist on making one more enemy?”

Yuan Chu looked at him with a smile, “Take a look at your lady’s expression.”

Everyone looked over, only to see that although Su Heyue was crying, she was staring at Yuan Chu with a very malicious and ferocious gaze, as if she wanted to cut out a piece of her flesh.

Many of them felt a chill in their hearts when they saw this. Initially, they had thought of Su Heyue as a pretty young miss that liked to stir up trouble and who was slightly domineering, but right now, they’d subconsciously taken her as someone that they had to stay far away from.

Yuan Chu said calmly, “Even if I stop this, she won’t let me off. This enmity had been formed long before I even knew of it, so right now, I don’t mind deepening that enmity. Isn’t it exciting!”

Everyone was speechless. For someone like Yuan Chu, who after knowing that a major noble family had their eye on her not to be in fear and trepidation and think of a way to resolve things, but instead make the situation even worse and provoking them till the end, she was such a brave person!

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