TDCM Chapter 187: Su Heyue Takes The Blame

The entire arena was instantly covered with fierce winds that marked multiple lines on Yuan Chu’s coat. Just as everyone was feeling worried for Yuan Chu, she suddenly made her move.

She closed in on Li Xuanzhi, going against that increasingly powerful gale as she flashed forward. Then with a circling back kick, she destroyed Li Xuanzhi’s defensive treasure and ruthlessly kicked him out of the arena, smashing his body into the wall.

Everyone immediately cried out in surprise but she wasn’t done yet. Before Li Xuanzhi could even react, Yuan Chu ran to him and took him down from the wall, holding him by his lapels as she smiled and said through gritted teeth.

“Do you like me even more now? Come on, I’ll give you a love that you’ll never forget!”

Saying this, she took advantage of Li Xuanzhi’s dazed state to throw him upwards. There was a loud “bang”, then Li Xuanzhi smashed all the Langya Crystals to bits.

Many people stood up. Although Langya Crystals were called ‘crystals’, they were actually very hard, even more so than Black Iron. Will Li Xuanzhi die?

Li Xuanzhi fell from the air to the arena’s centre, cutting a sorry figure. Then, the entire ceiling of Langya Crystals started dropping down one after another. They fell piece by piece, as if it were snowing.

The fragments reflected multi-coloured rays that made the entire arena appear like an unreal illusion. That was, if one ignored the person who was vomiting blood nonstop in the centre of the arena.

Because Yuan Chu’s speed had truly been too quick, the great elder hadn’t managed to stop her in time. In just a second, Yuan Chu had dealt with an early stage Golden Core with just two moves. However, she really hadn’t used her cultivation and it was all because her physical body was very strong, not the late stage Golden Core that everyone had thought but late stage Nascent Soul.

“You……you……” The second elder Liu Ya’er stood up as she had a flash of understanding, “This was just a match between academy students, how could you attack him so viciously?”

Yuan Chu looked at her with a smile on her face as before, but she moved her leg to step on Li Xuanzhi’s back, making him spit out another mouthful of blood.

“Doesn’t this pretty teacher know that ‘Beating is a sign of affection and scolding is a sign of love’? He likes me so much that he was willing to risk punishment to send me into the special level mystic realm. I was awfully touched so I wanted to repay him.”


The second elder flung her sleeves back furiously, then Ye Chenyuan stood up.

He greeted them with a bow and said politely, “Elders, the circumstances have now been made very clear. Could it be that the academy wants to shield the criminal and isn’t willing to give us students an explanation?”

At this, the other students started fanning the flames, murmuring among themselves, “That’s right, Student Mu is so strong that Li Xuanzhi wouldn’t have been able to take her things even if she were asleep!”

“This obviously looks like murder! The academy’s rules states that for murder, one will have to pay with their life! This person must be found!”

Hearing these, Gu Qingke’s fists tightened around her skirt.

Who was this Mu Qingge, she was actually so powerful! Originally, the severity of this matter could’ve been reduced but now, she’d have to abandon Li Xuanzhi.

The elders were overwhelmed by the pressure and looked towards the second elder. Faced with their doubtful gazes, the second elder was very furious.

But now that Yuan Chu had already created such a mess of things and Li Xuanzhi was now unable to speak, the second elder was left with no choice and she said angrily, “Qingke, you better come out!”

Gu Qingke trembled, but she eventually stood up.

Ye Chenyuan was slightly dazed to see her. Yuan Chu stared at her fixedly as she thought, could it be Gu Qingke that did this?

That couldn’t be it. She didn’t even get in her way.

All the students shut up the moment Gu Qingke stood up. Gu Qingke was a fellow inner academy student and she was usually gentle and easy-mannered. They didn’t believe that Gu Qingke was the one who had done this.

In front of everyone, the second elder said unhappily, “Qingke, I’d trusted you and left you in charge of all the tokens. Now tell me, what is going on?!”

Gu Qingke pursed her lips. Her master had already made things very clear, that everything had been handed to her. That is to say that if anything happens, it’s either that she had tampered with it or she had neglected her duty.

But she didn’t want to bear either of these wrongs. At this thought, she discreetly shot a glance at Su Heyue who was sitting amongst the crowd.

Su Heyue had been holding it in ever since Yuan Chu had unleashed her skills. Seeing that she’d forced Gu Qingke to this point, she felt indignant and abruptly stood up, saying, “I did it! Everything was done by me!”

Once Su Heyue said this, everyone looked towards her but she ignored her secret guard’s attempts to stop her and she jumped right out.

“Stop making things difficult for Sister Gu! It was me, I couldn’t stand this sl*t so I went to look for Sister Gu to hang out with her, then I tampered with them when she wasn’t paying attention! Li Xuanzhi was also someone I’d bribed!”

Her understanding of this issue was very simple. Although the academy has a rule that one will have to pay with their life if they committed murder, Mu Qingge wasn’t dead so at most, she’d only be expelled from the academy. The academy’s people couldn’t possibly dare to kill her.

Yuan Chu let go of Li Xuanzhi and she walked towards Su Heyue.

“It’s you again?” Yuan Chu looked at her in surprise, “I believe that I haven’t provoked you. Why are you constantly finding trouble with me?”

Once she saw her, Su Heyue recalled how Mu Qinghan had smiled at Yuan Chu. Mu Qinghan had never spoken to her like that or even smiled at her!

With this thought, her eyes turned slightly red, “You rub me the wrong way! You’ve only just entered the academy but you’re already going around seducing guys. You even seduced my fiance, I was just teaching you a lesson!”

Learning this inside story, the crowd started gossiping.

Yuan Chu was speechless. What was going on, did the children here all mature that early?

She crossed her arms and instead of looking at Su Heyue, she asked the elders, “Here, the main culprit has come forward. She was trying to kill me. In accordance with the academy’s rules, how this should be dealt with, the academy can do as you see fit, I’ll obey the elders. ”

The elders felt like their heads were going to explode.

How else could this be handled? That was the Pill Sect’s little princess, they couldn’t possibly kill her!

The second elder shot Yuan Chu a glare, but since she’d already been cleared of any suspicion, she turned around and left. Gu Qingke quickly followed her, but as she was leaving, she turned around to give Yuan Chu an unknown look, then she looked at Ye Chenyuan.

The Pill Sect wasn’t the average noble family and if Mu Qingge offended the Pill Sect, her future prospects within the Empire will definitely be halved. She only hoped……that Ye Chenyuan wouldn’t get himself involved and be implicated by this girl……

As if he’d sensed something, Ye Chenyuan looked at Gu Qingke but this time, he didn’t smile at her and instead looked at her fixedly in a scrutinising manner.

Gu Qingke was frightened by the look in his eyes and flustered, she quickly left with her master.

In any case, Su Heyue had already taken all responsibility for this matter, it had nothing to do with her! Yeah, it had nothing to do with her!

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  1. Bleh, both those bishes will get what’s coming to them, but feel sorry for the Pill sect girl, Su Heyue. She really didn’t do anything except be being stupid.

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