TDCM Chapter 175: The Lie Is Exposed

“It’s……” The two sisters froze. It was only then that they realised that although they knew everyone in the mystic realm, they didn’t know Yuan Chu’s name!

This meant that someone who wasn’t a member of the Elite Chamber had run off into the small mystic realm to pick up any remnants. They immediately felt discontent.

“Let’s go, we’ll get the elder to sort this out. Didn’t they say that only the Elite Chamber members can enter? They lied to us!”

“En! Let’s go, we’ll sort this out!”

The remaining three that had been chasing after Mu Qinghan also followed them.

However, what they didn’t expect was for everyone that exited the small mystic realm to look for trouble with Mu Qinghan and the rest.

Didn’t they say that the small mystic realm was only for the Elite Chamber members? An outsider had sneaked in to assist him! What exactly did this mean? They had all been robbed by Yuan Chu before.

“D*mn it, Mu Qinghan, you actually brought an outsider into the mystic realm!”

“Yuan Huo, tell us, where’s that enchantress? I’ll have a fight to the death with her!”

“Hong Qiao, where’s that b*tch? Hand her over!”

The Elite Chamber members were in an uproar and they all had ugly expressions on their faces as they raged. In these five hundred days, what trouble did Yuan Chu create to have offended all the remaining Elite Chamber members?

They were the academy’s most highly valued individuals, and now that they were all this angry, the academy naturally had to send an elder to inquire about the situation.

Together with the rest of the inner and outer academy students, Yuan Chu was watching the commotion with a mischievous smile on the corner of her lips.

This was the effect she was after! In this way, all the trouble she had stirred up in the small mystic realm wouldn’t have been for naught!

The Elite Chamber members were all rather evenly matched, but a highly skilled outsider like herself had actually appeared in their exclusive mystic realm and she’d even bullied all the Elite Chamber members. The academy will definitely not brush this aside. As long as the academy investigates this, the person that dared to switch her token……hmph!

Ye Chenyuan didn’t pay any attention to the commotion that was in the distance. He hadn’t seen his master for ten days, so now that she was out and the elders were too occupied with the Elite Chamber students to attend to them, he immediately led Yuan Chu out.

“Ai! W-W-What are you doing, I’m not done watching the commotion!”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t even look back, “There’s nothing to see, let’s go back first.”

Seeing that besides them, everyone else’s attention was on the Elite Chamber members, she relaxed slightly, “Then don’t walk so fast, I can’t keep up!”

Ye Chenyuan was feeling a little moody. After they’d gone a short distance away, he pressed Yuan Chu against a tree and under its cover, he trapped her between his arms.

“Master, for these few days, where have you gone? Did anything happen?”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her fixedly. His tall and slender body trapped her within his territory, preventing her from escaping.

They’d clearly not seen each other for just ten days, but he felt like ten, twenty years had passed. Although Yuan Chu now had an unfamiliar girl’s face, when he looked at her eyes, he felt a familiar throb and wished he could hug her and examine her.

Yuan Chu instinctively hid her left hand in her sleeves.

“I’m alright, it’s just that someone had switched me to another mystic realm.”

Hearing this, Ye Chenyuan looked her up and down with his keen eyes. Seeing that she really looked fine, he relaxed slightly.

Then he recalled something, and in a very gentle voice, he asked another very important question.

“Which mystic realm were you switched to?”

Yuan Chu tensed.

For some reason, she felt like Little Yuan Yuan would definitely get angry if she told him the truth. For the sake of her life, she impulsively told him a lie.

“I……I was switched to the high level mystic realm.”

Saying this, she looked down at her toes guiltily. Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes when he saw this, lowering his head as he closed in on her.


“En En! Really!” Yuan Chu was flustered by his questioning. To her surprise, Ye Chenyuan suddenly carried her.

Yuan Chu let out a soft cry, but she didn’t have time to even resist before Ye Chenyuan teleported them to their room.

So scary! Could Little Yuan Yuan have discovered her lie so he was now shutting her in to discipline her?!

Yuan Chu was placed down on the bed, but just as she wanted to explain herself, Ye Chenyuan said.

“Change back.”

“Eh?” Yuan Chu froze.

Ye Chenyuan moved forward and reached out to hold a length of her hair, saying in a hoarse voice, “Change back to your own appearance.”

His tense tone made Yuan Chu shiver slightly, and with a “bang”, she transformed back.

Then, a cute little loli appeared on the bed.

Blinking her sparkling round eyes, she was dressed in a gauze white skirt, lace gloves and long socks. Kneeling on the pink princess bed with her hair let down over the bed, she looked at Ye Chenyuan nervously.

“……I……I’ve already changed back……”

Saying this, she bit her bottom lip worriedly as she looked at him uneasily.

Has Little Yuan Yuan discovered her lie or not……

Ye Chenyuan’s gaze instantly darkened.

Right now, Yuan Chu was like a present that had been exquisitely packaged in lace that was sitting on the bed and waiting for him to open up. She will never know how bewitching she looked right now, nor will she understand how much she’d gone overboard. She was constantly……provoking the limits of his patience!

Ye Chenyuan finally responded a short while later, walking to her bedside and reaching out his hand……

He was wearing his usual dashing white and gold uniform with his hair bound high on top of his head. Reaching out a white gloved hand, he gently raised her chin with a finger.

Then, his handsome face was right in front of Yuan Chu’s face. She involuntarily held her breath, sitting on the bed as she looked at him with bright eyes.

“Master, which mystic realm did you just say you were in?”

The young man’s elegant voice revealed none of his emotions but Yuan Chu could see the restrain in his eyes.

This might very well be Yuan Chu’s last chance, but she was scared! Besides, liars are reluctant to admit their mistakes so she paused for a moment before saying, “High level mystic realm.”

Then, she was pushed down by Ye Chenyuan.

Yuan Chu let out a soft cry, her heart was beating extremely quickly. Ye Chenyuan was propping himself up with both hands by her sides, with one leg on the ground while his other leg was bent at the knee and pressed onto the bed. He was very close to her.

Yuan Chu immediately got the feeling that things were going to get messy. Could Ye Chenyuan have already seen through her lie, but how? She had only spoken a few words……

Ye Chenyuan’s exquisite eyes were slightly narrowed as he hooked a length of her hair.

“……I haven’t seen you for ten days, master’s hair has grown three inches.”

Yuan Chu lamented that her hair had betrayed her!

“Master……has also grown taller by an inch.”

Yuan Chu was at a loss for words as she looked at him bewilderedly. How did he make out such a small difference with just one glance?! She didn’t feel like she’d grown any taller!

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