TDCM Chapter 174: Wreaking Havoc In The Special Level Mystic Realm

“Snap!” With the sound of something breaking, Ye Chenyuan now held half a twig in his hand and with a smile, he asked the person that had been talking.

“What did you just say? Small mystic realm? Could it be that the flow of time between other mystic realms and the low level mystic realm is different?”

The young man was startled and a chill went down his back. For some reason, although Ye Chenyuan was smiling, he could feel that his hairs were standing on end. He stammered a reply.

“No, that’s not it……” He swallowed, “Time in the outer academy’s low and mid level mystic realm and the inner academy’s high level mystic realm flows at the same rate. It’s just……just the Elite Chamber’s special level small mystic realm that’s different from the other mystic realms. A day outside is fifty days……”

Ye Chenyuan couldn’t put a finger on this feeling, but why did he feel like killing someone right now?

Venerable Li asked bewilderedly, “What’s with such a huge reaction? Even if Little Chu were in the special level mystic realm, with her cultivation, what danger could there be?”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t even feel like talking anymore. Was that the point? Five hundred days!

……At this moment, he only hoped that that wasn’t the mystic realm that master had entered, otherwise he’d definitely destroy the person who had done this!

Meanwhile, Yuan Chu was unaware that they were about to leave. They would be here for five hundred days and it wasn’t like she would count the individual days. After all, when the time came, the mystic realm will eject them.

At this moment, she and her comrades were eying a group of people.

Mu Qinghan said, “Including these five, we’ve already ran into thirty people and there’s only one missing.”

“Who?” Yuan Chu asked.

Mu Qinghan said, “It’s someone named Li Xuanzhi.”

Li Xuanzhi? Yuan Chu expressed that she’d never heard of him before and didn’t know why that person would help others to harm her. However……she stared at the blue lotus that was emitting a divine light and she swallowed.

“While they’re diverting the guardian spirit beast’s attention, we’ll take this chance to grab the treasure.”

The people around her exchanged glances, “Alright!”

Then they immediately launched their operation. Clearly, it wasn’t their first time fishing in troubled waters.

Yuan Huo and Hong Qiao didn’t think much of it. After all, as long as they didn’t kill a fellow student, there was nothing wrong with making the first move.

With Yuan Shui indulging his younger brother and Mu Qinghan indulging Yuan Chu, the group clicked easily. While the other party was distracted, they snatched the snow lotus.

“Oh no, someone has snatched our lotus!”

When the five people who were tied up in a fight with the rank five spirit beast noticed this, they stopped their fight and ran towards them.

Yuan Chu and the rest took a look at them, then they ran even faster. However, the other five people didn’t want to give up a treasure that they’d been so close to getting so they pursued them relentlessly. Behind them was the rank five spirit beast that had gone berserk. The ground was rumbling and vibrating, and even an entire row of trees in the forest had been knocked down, scaring the smaller spirit beasts so much that they all scattered and fled.

Because they couldn’t fly on their sword within this mystic realm, they used their movement techniques to its limits as they shuttled through the forest.

The group of people that were chasing them were wide-eyed when they saw Mu Qinghan. One of them shouted indignantly.

“Mu Qinghan! Has your family gone broke? You’re so rich that you’re almost sleeping in stacks of money yet you’re still snatching our things!”

Mu Qinghan was beside Yuan Chu and his handsome face turned red when he heard this. If it was before, he would definitely not snatch someone else’s things. In fact, it’d be pretty good if he didn’t give out money, but now……

He looked at Yuan Chu who was hugging the snow lotus with a satisfied smile on her face, then he decided to pretend not to have heard those words.

However, Yuan Chu didn’t think that they would have a high grade spirit talisman that could alter space. The five people had been behind them, but two of the girls suddenly appeared in front of Yuan Chu.

“Hand over the snow lotus!”

The snow lotus could dispel evil auras and cleanse the body of any impurities. How could Yuan Chu give it to them? Having previously eaten the Nascent Soul of the person in black, this was exactly what she needed right now.

With someone blocking her way, the other three that were after them soon caught up to her, “That’s right! Hand it over! Otherwise we won’t go easy on you!”

The ruckus created by the spirit beast running towards them was getting louder and it was at this moment that the mystic realm suddenly started to shake.

“Oh no, we’re about to leave!”

Seeing this, the two sisters that were blocking the way wanted to make use of these last moments to snatch back the treasure from Yuan Chu’s hands. Seeing that they were about to leave this place, Yuan Chu was left with no choice and with a “nom”, she stuffed the lotus into her mouth.

She’d actually stuffed it into her mouth?!

The pair of sisters were incensed. They had planned to use that snow lotus to nourish their skin and maintain their youthful looks!

“D*mn b*tch, spit it out!”

Angered, they drew their swords and chased after Yuan Chu. Mu Qinghan immediately intercepted them, then he looked towards Yuan Chu worriedly. Such treasures needed to be refined before consumption because their medicinal properties were very strong. Yuan Chu had eaten it just like that, will she be alright?

Once Mu Qinghan made a move, Yuan Shui and the rest followed suit. During this period of time, Yuan Chu had led them to search for treasures but she had actually taken the least items. Now that there was something that she actually needed, they cannot let it slip by.

The two groups started fighting, with Yuan Chu jumping around amongst them as she avoided the two beautiful sisters that were after her. Soon, the rank five spirit beast also joined the fight.

All at once, the scene became very chaotic, but even so, the two people that were after Yuan Chu refused to give up.

“Spit it out, you’re already that beautiful, why are you still vying with us for the snow lotus?!”

It was only then that Yuan Chu recalled that this thing could also improve one’s appearance. Her cheeks were puffed up as she tried her best to swallow it. Unable to speak and in order not to expose her cultivation, she could only run all over the place.

Finally, a ray of light shone down on them and in the next second, all of them were sent out of the mystic realm.

At this moment, Ye Chenyuan had also left the mystic realm, and the first thing that happened upon his exit was having a tiny thing barrel into his arms.

Ye Chenyuan was shocked, but when he smelled that familiar fragrance, he quickly held onto her.


Yuan Chu clung onto Ye Chenyuan’s clothes as she tried to swallow the thing in her mouth, “Ah, Little Yuan Yuan! Cover me for a moment, quick!”

Ye Chenyuan instinctively turned around with Yuan Chu in his arms. In the next second, Yuan Chu had transformed into an ordinary looking appearance.

This was something that Yuan Chu had planned long ago. She had already informed her mystic realm comrades that in order not to alert the enemy, she’d change her appearance after leaving the mystic realm so that the person who was trying to kill her would think that she had already died.

But right now, the two sisters that had been chasing after Yuan Chu in the mystic realm were angry when they didn’t see any traces of her.

Unable to find her, they could only look for Mu Qinghan and the rest, “Where’s that b*tch? I want to duel her!”

Mu Qinghan calmly looked in the direction of the outer academy students, feeling rather regretful. The five hundred days had passed by so quickly like the snap of a finger……

Because he was unhappy, he answered them with a long face.

He said coldly, “What? I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

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