TDCM Chapter 173: Liking Even More

Yuan Chu gave him a small smile.

“It’s good that you’re alright. I’m fine too. As for what you’ve eaten, you wouldn’t want to know.”

Eating someone’s Nascent Soul was like eating a human. It wasn’t her first time eating someone but it was the first time she’d done it in front of someone else.

Mu Qinghan looked at Yuan Chu’s face that had suddenly become even more bewitching. Her current gaze and smile was befitting of that appearance she had transformed into.

An outstanding beauty born with obsequiousness. Was this Yuan Chu’s actual appearance?

Mu Qinghan clutched at his chest as he pursed his lips slightly.

Why was it that when she revealed a side that was the total opposite to purity, he fell for her even more?


Later, when Yuan Chu and Mu Qinghan came out of the jade gourd, the three people waiting outside were taken aback.

“Mu Qinghan……you, y-you’re fine now?!” Yuan Huo looked at him in disbelief.

Yuan Chu said, “I happened to have a treasure that can heal the mind so I gave it to him.”

Hearing this, Yuan Huo couldn’t contain his thoughts, asking, “What treasure is that amazing? Could it be the ten thousand year spirit essence?”

It was then that Yuan Shui gave him a tug. His brother was such an idiot. If Student Mu really had the ten thousand year spirit essence, she wouldn’t have waited till now to save Mu Qinghan. The only possibility lay with the Nascent Soul she had taken……this matter couldn’t be dwelled on, it was better for him to pretend that he didn’t know anything.

When he met Hong Qiao’s gaze, the both of them realised that they knew what the other was thinking. Mu Qingge had saved them before. No matter what she’d done, they couldn’t tell others about it otherwise they would be requiting kindness with enmity.

Having saved Mu Qinghan and killed the enemy, they were all in a more relaxed mood. When night fell, they all sat down beside the campfire. Because Yuan Huo had yet to abstain from food, they’d still make dinner at night.

Yuan Chu was salivating as she stared fixedly at the roast meat that was over the fire rack. She felt really sad. Having starved for so long, she’s finally seeing something that normal people ate.

Seeing that Yuan Chu was staring at the meat, Yuan Huo asked bewilderedly, “Could it be that Student Mu has yet to abstain from food? No way! But you’re already that powerful! But if you’ve yet to abstain from food, I’ll make another portion for you, it’s boring to eat alone anyway……”

Yuan Chu’s eyes lit up, but when she recalled her vow to abstain from food, she glanced at Mu Qinghan guiltily, only to realise that he was also looking at her. Then Mu Qinghan said, “Prepare another portion. She has yet to abstain from food too.”

Then he put down a stool in front of Yuan Chu, “Qingge is still young, it isn’t good to eat too many fasting pills, it’s better to eat regular food.”

Yuan Chu was moved, “Cousin, you’re so awesome! Since cousin is so thoughtful, it’ll be impolite of me to refuse!”

Mu Qinghan felt a little hurt by her quick reply. It looks like the food he’d previously made was very unpalatable.

But when he saw Yuan Chu smiling so happily, that gloom vanished into thin air. It’s decided, he’ll learn how to cook from Yuan Huo later.

Hong Qiao was rather curious when she heard Mu Qinghan say that Yuan Chu wasn’t very old, “No way, could it be that Student Mu is very young? How could that be?!”

They had all reached the Golden Core stage around twenty to thirty years of age, and they could be considered to be geniuses among geniuses. No matter where they went, they were flattered by the people around them and even the members of the Empire’s imperial family will have friendly attitudes towards them.

But if Mu Qingge was younger than them and she was at mid stage Nascent Soul, that would be quite terrifying!

Yuan Chu smiled sheepishly, then she told them about how her mother had used a forbidden technique to push her to the Nascent Soul stage. Everyone felt a little envious when they heard this.

Yuan Huo said, “If only I could also come across such a good thing like this……”

Yuan Shui snorted, “From what I know, the probability of this process resulting in failure is very high. Up till now, Student Mu is the only successful case I’ve seen, the rest have all died.”

Yuan Huo wasn’t envious anymore, “I think I’ll just cultivate diligently.”

Hong Qiao laughed at this, “Alright! Enough of all these, we’ll keep Student Mu’s secret. Besides, there’s now five of us and all of us are very strong. How should we have fun in the following four hundred plus days?”

They were all excited at the mention of having fun. During their previous trips to the mystic realm, they’d always been scared witless, but with Yuan Chu here, the whole feeling has changed.

Yuan Chu was currently holding up the meat with both hands as she ate with relish. Hearing this, she said with a smile, “How else can we have fun? Obviously, we have to empty out this place! It so happens that my storage space doesn’t have any more good items, it’s time to replenish it!”

This was an absolute lie. She still had many good items.

Mu Qinghan quickly said, “What do you want? Tell me and I’ll find it for you.”

Seeing Mu Qinghan’s attitude of wanting to provide for her, Yuan Chu snorted with laughter, “I still prefer snatching things. We’ll do our training here.”

Recalling something, she said with a smirk, “I’ve heard that only thirty people have entered this mystic realm. All of you have to help me keep an eye out on the people we’ll be meeting to see who’s missing so that I can get even when we leave this place!”

They all knew that Yuan Chu was only here because someone had switched her token. Now that she was here, one of the Elite Chamber members would be missing.

Mu Qinghan and the rest quickly agreed. Yuan Chu was so powerful, the person that wanted to kill her was done for.

However, Mu Qinghan looked at Yuan Chu’s hand worriedly.

“In any case, regardless of what you want to do, just let me do it. After all, your hand……”

“My hand?” Yuan Chu laughed, “With no one to aggravate it, it can only be sealed by my Vajra form. Although it hurts, it’s within what I can bear so you don’t have to worry.”

Hearing this, Mu Qinghan stared at Yuan Chu’s hand. Her left hand was a constant gold colour, but even so, the white fibrous roots were still wriggling slowly, only that they weren’t as hideous and frightening as when they were activated……

Mu Qinghan was furious. When he leaves this place, he must find a way to get rid of it! He must!

The five hit it off just like that, then they started on their journey energetically. Every place that they passed was left as clean as if locusts had passed through the area. Amidst her daily trouble making, Yuan Chu’s cultivation rose to late stage Nascent Soul, but she kept this a secret.

Very quickly, five hundred days had passed.

Meanwhile, on Ye Chenyuan’s side, the tenth day finally arrived.

To a cultivator, ten days was just the snap of a finger, but when he thought of Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan felt very anxious as he waited for the realm to open.

It was just ten days, master should’ve been well-behaved right?

But it was at this moment that another young man beside Ye Chenyuan who was also waiting for the mystic realm to open complained to his companion.

“We’ll be leaving soon. It was such a short period of time that I couldn’t find anything! It’ll be great if I could enter the small mystic realm. I’ve heard that that place is filled with treasures and a day outside is equal to fifty days inside!”

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