TDCM Chapter 176: Master’s Trump Card

Ye Chenyuan looked at her with a forced smile, “According to what they’ve said, the flow of time is one days against fifty days……so master, having not seen me for five hundred days, did you miss me?”

Yuan Chu felt like she was done for. Could her current situation still be salvaged?!

She swallowed carefully “Little……Little Yuan Yuan, I……if I tell you that I accidentally ate a ‘Growth Fruit’ in the high level mystic realm, will you believe that?”

Ye Chenyuan laughed, then he closed in on her, lowering his head to speak into her ear, word by word.

“Master, there isn’t a Growth Fruit in the Heavenly Continent.”

B-B-But the world is huge and full of extraordinary things?!

They were very close and Yuan Chu accidentally caught sight of the scary surge of darkness in Ye Chenyuan’s eyes. She swallowed the words that she had been about to say.

“Also, with master acting this nervous……have you done something that you shouldn’t have?”

It’s finally here!

Yuan Chu felt like running away. She hadn’t done anything bad, why should she stay here while someone tried to extort a confession from her!

However, Ye Chenyuan already had his guard up against her running away and he immediately reached out and hugged her tightly. Pushing her onto the bed, he stared fixedly at her as he asked with a smile.

“Master, you’ve yet to answer my question, where are you going?”

His gentle tone made Yuan Chu’s scalp tingle and her heart sped up. So scary! This rebellious disciple was trying to go against her again!

“You……I didn’t do anything!”

“Then why did you lie?” Ye Chenyuan held her in his arms as he asked softly.

Realising that escape was not possible, Yuan Chu yelled, “Venerable Li save me! This rebellious disciple is trying to go against me again! Aren’t you going to intervene?”

When Ye Chenyuan was bringing Yuan Chu back, Venerable Li had already sealed his senses and gone off to cultivate.

He had noticed that because of her age, Little Yuan was taking care of Little Chu as if she were a child. Disciplining her occasionally and what not, he won’t bother himself with it anymore.

When Venerable Li didn’t come out, Yuan Chu punched and kicked around in a bid to escape but her hands were seized. Even though she wasn’t using her full strength, she realised that she couldn’t actually free herself from Ye Chenyuan’s grip!

So scary!!

Grabbing onto both her hands, Ye Chenyuan lowered himself beside her as he said word by word.

“Master, children that lie will have to be punished.”

Ahhh! No, she didn’t want to be punished!

Yuan Chu was flustered when she saw the flames that were burning intensely in Ye Chenyuan’s eyes, his entire person had become extremely dangerous. Pursing her lips, she suddenly recalled that she still had a trump card!

So she suddenly frowned, her expression turning into one of pain.

Although Ye Chenyuan thought that she was faking it to bluff her way out, when he saw her looking so pitiful, he couldn’t help himself from saying, “Master, stop pretending. I won’t let you have your way.”

However, Yuan Chu’s lips were still pursed as she climbed out from under Ye Chenyuan and sat down. Her face was pale as she said in a weak and aggrieved voice.

“Little disciple, actually……it wasn’t my intention to lie to you, I just didn’t want you to worry.”

Ye Chenyuan panicked when he heard this, “What’s wrong?”

Yuan Chu said in a soft voice, “If I tell you, can you not get angry……”

Ye Chenyuan felt like she was going to anger him to death! Suppressing his anger, he said with a forced smile, “What’s. Wrong. With. You?”

From his tone, Yuan Chu knew that she couldn’t drag this out any longer so she quickly raised her left hand. Ye Chenyuan looked at her lace glove. Could it be that she hadn’t worn the lace glove to look pretty but to hide something?

At this thought, Ye Chenyuan was even more worried. He straightened up immediately and with one hand holding onto hers, he carefully removed the glove with his other hand.

The moment the glove came away, Ye Chenyuan’s pupils contracted and his lips were pressed together.

Yuan Chu’s left hand was emitting a faint gold colour from her using her martial technique. On the back of her hand were strange white veins that upon a closer look, were moving slowly under her skin, seeming like they were living things!

A murderous aura burst out from Ye Chenyuan’s body. Not daring to use too much strength on her hand, he could only glare at her firmly.

“Who was it? Who hurt you?!”

Seeing that Ye Chenyuan cared so much about this, Yuan Chu threw herself into his arms and cried miserably.

“Waaah! It hurts, Little Yuan Yuan, my hand is so painful! Waah……”

Ye Chenyuan hugged her distressedly. The hand he had on her back was shaking because of how angry he felt. At the thought of how that strange white thing in her hand was moving, he was sure that she’d been in a lot of pain. She hadn’t been able to remove this thing for the duration of the five hundred days that she was in the mystic realm, which meant that she had endured this pain for five hundred days?!

His fearsome murderous aura forced Venerable Li to appear, “What’s going on? Has an enemy arrived?!”

Because Venerable Li had come out to see that Yuan Chu was crying, he scolded Ye Chenyuan, “Little Yuan! I didn’t want to say this, but Little Chu is still young, how can you be so fierce towards her that you made her cry? You’re too much!”

Ye Chenyuan wasn’t in the mood to talk back to him so he sat down on the bed with Yuan Chu in his arms and showed Yuan Chu’s hand to Venerable Li.

“Venerable Li, take a look, what’s this?”

Hearing this, Venerable Li came out from Ye Chenyuan’s forehead and took a good look at it before saying.

“This thing looks a little familiar……”

Sitting on Ye Chenyuan’s legs, Yuan Chu nestled into Ye Chenyuan’s embrace as she said sadly, “That person said that this is called a bloodthirsty tree……”

After she said this, Venerable Li cried out in alarm, “What?! Bloodthirsty tree?!”

His nervous voice made Yuan Chu feel nervous too. Sensing this, Ye Chenyuan patted her back to comfort her, then he asked grimly.

“What’s a bloodthirsty tree?”

Venerable Li’s expression was very grave, “This is a very troublesome demon plant that’s also very strong. It’s just that, when I was alive, the Emperor at that time had spent a great deal of effort to wipe out this thing. I didn’t expect it to still be around today.”

Yuan Chu felt a little afraid when she heard that this was something that had been wiped out tens of thousands of years ago, “How scary is this thing? Just tell me, I can bear it!”

Venerable Li spun around them once, then he said in a low voice.

“It’s a type of demon plant that’s very tenacious. It’ll take root in the living being that it has bored into and grow slowly. Moreover, this kind of parasitic demon plant has two characteristics. Firstly, it can bind itself to the human’s soul and secondly, is its especially heaven-defying trait of the ‘fatal backlash’.”

Venerable Li paused and looked at Yuan Chu worriedly.

“If you don’t control its growth, it’ll end up occupying your whole body. If you control its growth, you’ll suffer its backlash, bringing you even more pain.”

“If you try to get rid of it, its ‘fatal backlash’ trait will be triggered. The terrible thing about this trait is that you won’t be able to get rid of it even if you cut off your hand. That’s because the second you make a move, its roots will instantly grow to occupy even more of your body, such that you’ll only ever be able to cut off a part of it.”

Ye Chenyuan’s frown deepened with Venerable Li’s every word.

“Can’t this thing be removed from the body?”

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