TDCM Chapter 151: Gu Qingke’s Feelings

Yuan Chu felt speechless, but after giving it a second thought, she realised that she might actually be Ye Chenyuan’s emotional support, which explained why he was so nervous over her.

On top of that, Ye Chenyuan was still young and these stubborn desires would wane as he grew up.

She should give him a bit more time.

Besides, Little Yuan Yuan was at a crucial stage of his growth. Should she……start showing concern for Little Yuan Yuan’s mental health?

Yuan Chu fell asleep as she thought about it, so she didn’t hear the bedtime story.

Ye Chenyuan stared at Yuan Chu for a long time, looking at her sleeping appearance.

Master still trusted him as much as she did before. As long as he said that it wasn’t so, she’d believe him. A trust like this, how great would it be if it had stemmed from another kind of feeling?

He carefully lay down beside her. In the dead of the night, her soft breathing was of the greatest comfort to him.

He suddenly understood why master had rejected him, because……she really took him as her disciple.

Such a simple reason! Because he was her disciple, his feelings went against ethics, so she expressed her disapproval when she sensed the first signs of his feelings.

But why was he so angry?

Ye Chenyuan thought that perhaps……it was because he had stopped seeing her as his master a long time ago?

After he figured this out, Ye Chenyuan’s mind was at ease. As long as he knew what the root of the problem was, he’d have a direction to work towards. However, it was too early for all that right now, he still wasn’t strong enough and his little rascal had yet to grow up……

Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes and fell asleep on the same pillow as her. He didn’t cover himself with the blanket and simply lay on top of it as he gently patted Yuan Chu……and Yuan Chu slept even more soundly with his pats.

The next day, Ye Chenyuan was called by the academy again. Yuan Chu found it odd but Ye Chenyuan felt that it shouldn’t be about the Silent Lotus Throne.

“Little Yuan Yuan, go on ahead, I’ll wait for you in my room after class.”

Yuan Chu said obediently.

Ye Chenyuan set his mind at ease, “En, I’ll be back soon. Master, wait for me.”

Yuan Chu waved her hand, then Ye Chenyuan left. He had guessed correctly, the academy had called for him regarding a matter that would be considered a happy moment to other students.

In the magnificent council room, four elders sat at the long table as they sized up Ye Chenyuan.

Ye Chenyuan was puzzled to see that Gu Qingke was also present, then the great elder spoke.

“You’re Ye Chenyuan?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “I am.”

The great elder said with a smile, “I’ve heard from Gu Qingke that although you’re only at late stage Foundation Building, you can already use the Golden Core stage’s teleportation. Is that because you’ve concealed your actual strength, or?”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression didn’t show the slightest change when he heard this, and he explained, “I can use teleportation, but it’s not because I’ve concealed my actual strength. I had once used teleportation to escape from an extremely dangerous situation, and later managed to grasp the technique.”

Ye Chenyuan’s words were seven parts truth and three parts lie so the academy didn’t suspect him and they all praised his talents.

One must know that all who entered the academy were geniuses and Foundation Building was the admission standard, but there were very few that would be able to reach late stage Foundation Building within four years, or even form their core.

So as teachers, they’d be more lenient towards students that showed the potential to enter the inner academy because they were the pillars of the future.

The great elder said with a smile, “It’s like this Student Ye, based on multiple assessments, we think that you have the potential to reach Golden Core stage. Moreover, you’re already at late stage Foundation Building so the outer academy’s teachings won’t be of much help to you. So, we’ve called you here today to seek your opinion on whether you……are willing to become the second elder’s disciple?”


Ye Chenyuan followed his gaze to look towards the second elder, only to realise that the second elder was a gorgeous looking mature and sophisticated woman, and Gu Qingke was standing behind her.

As if he thought that Ye Chenyuan had some misgivings, the great elder said with a smile.

“Once you become the second elder’s disciple, she will vouch for you this time next year, and you’ll be exempted from the assessments and will be able to enter the inner academy straightaway. Also……although the second elder is female, her powers are tyrannical and aren’t that different from the vice-principal. Lady Gu is the second elder’s personal disciple, her cultivation is at late stage Foundation Building. She had directly entered the inner academy last year, and if you’re acquainted, it’s also fate to be able to study under the same master.”

The second elder scoffed when she heard this. It wasn’t clear if it was due to arrogance or because she wasn’t feeling too happy.

Venerable Li realised what had happened, “It seems like this was all Gu Qingke’s idea! Yesterday, she found out that you know how to teleport and today, she recommended you to her master. Like this, she’d be able to study and cultivate feelings with you. I’ll have to say that this girl is trying her best!”

Ye Chenyuan ignored him.

Venerable Li continued, “Why don’t you just accept it. In the Empire, master disciple relationships aren’t given as much importance as in the immortal sects. With another master, you’ll be able to learn more things too.”

Moreover, this second elder’s temperament was very similar to his senior sister’s back then! It’ll be good to have her around as eye candy!

Although Gu Qingke didn’t say anything, she looked at him expectantly when she saw that he was looking over at her.

Although Chenyuan gege’s master was also a Nascent Soul, she herself was a mid stage Nascent Soul while her master was at the greater perfection of Nascent Soul and would be entering the Astral Realm at any time. Since Chenyuan gege has come to the Empire, acknowledging a powerful master would bring him innumerable conveniences, so he’d probably accept right?

“So, what do you think?”

The great elder asked unhurriedly, certain that he would accept.

Who knew that Ye Chenyuan would actually decline their offer without the slightest bit of hesitation.

“I’m sorry. Many thanks for your kind intentions, but I do not intend to accept a master.”

Even though accepting a master will bring him many benefits, in Ye Chenyuan’s heart, he’ll only have one master in his lifetime.

It was only then that the second elder finally looked him in the eye, but it was one of scrutiny.

Gu Qingke had praised this Ye Chenyuan to the high heavens, so she’d taken a look and saw that he was pretty talented, reaching late stage Foundation Building at his young age. If it weren’t for the fact that making an exception to let him enter directly into the inner academy went against the rules, Ye Chenyuan should already be in the inner academy right now.

So, she had the thought of valuing this talent, but who’d know that this person would actually not appreciate her kindness?

“Chenyuan gege!” Gu Qingke was rather anxious. She walked over and pulled Ye Chenyuan to the side before telling him in a soft voice.

“Chenyuan gege, you have to think about this carefully! If you accept my master, you won’t have to wait four years and can enter the inner academy directly. Chenyuan gege……don’t you wish to become stronger? The inner academy is the only place for learning, with your talent, why do you have to waste time in the outer academy?”

Ye Chenyuan knitted his brows, not because of Gu Qingke’s words, but because of her as a person.

He recalled how master had misunderstood that he had feelings for Gu Qingke when he’d only spoken a few words with her……

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