TDCM Chapter 150: The Person I’ve Decided On Long Ago

By the time the two finished their dinner, Yuan Chu had returned to how she was before. She was back to her usual self, rolling around the room to aid in digestion.

Whilst Ye Chenyuan was clearing the dishes, Venerable Li couldn’t hold back any longer and had floated out. Yuan Chu then told Venerable Li about the entire matter, and Venerable Li started to become nervous.

“No way. That time in the giant clam, did Little Yuan succeed?”

Yuan Chu shot him a glare.

“Of course not! Ah……anyway! You’re not to bring up this piece of dark history anymore!”

Hearing this, Venerable Li heaved a long sigh.

It’s not a big issue if it was just a couple kisses. It’s good that the misunderstanding has been cleared up. Although it was a huge mistake, he wasn’t the one left feeling awkward anyways.

Besides, when he recalled that the advantage of the White Tiger hadn’t been given to someone else, Venerable Li immediately threw aside this matter and asked excitedly, “What about that White Tiger? How is it now?”

Yuan Chu said helplessly, “Its too weak right now so I’m still nursing it. When it reaches a stage where it won’t die easily, I’ll let it out for you to take a look.”

Hence, these two carefree people simply put it behind them, totally unaware of Ye Chenyuan’s current mood.

That night, Ye Chenyuan tucked Yuan Chu into bed, but he didn’t leave.

“What’s wrong?” Yuan Chu who had transformed back into her original appearance, rubbed her eyes and looked at him.

“Master……” Ye Chenyuan said in a serious manner, “Today, I was able to escape the academy’s suspicions because I had told them that during the few days I was missing, I had been in the forest with you, and I also told them that we’ve already decided to be together for the rest of our lives.”

“Ah?” Yuan Chu shot right up, “What do we do? Oh……you’re worried that someone is secretly keeping watch on you and going next door to sleep will expose your lie?”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, “It can be easily explained in the future, but it’s better that I stay here for the next few days. Master, please be reassured that I won’t rest and will just meditate.”

Yuan Chu felt a little embarrassed. She had only put her guard up against him because he kept taking advantage of “Mu Qingge” alright?

She replied, “Only meditating for the next few days, will you be able to take it?”

After all, Yuan Chu measured others by her own standard and although she could replace sleep with meditation, she’d still feel tired if she did it for long periods of time.

Ye Chenyuan shook his head. What he didn’t tell Yuan Chu was that when he’d been trapped in the mystic realm, in order to be able to come out earlier, he hadn’t slept even once.

But Yuan Chu frowned after giving it some thought, then she suddenly retrieved a small bed and placed it beside hers as she said earnestly, “It’s better that you rest. You’re still young and you need sleep in order to grow taller!”

It was only then that Ye Chenyuan stopped insisting. He then lay down on the bed and turned to face Yuan Chu.

Moonlight was shining in through the window. There was only a metre between their beds but Ye Chenyuan felt that this metre was very distant.

It’d be great if they were back in her childhood. Back then, Yuan Chu would definitely tell him to sleep with her and not on separate beds like this.

Also, Yuan Chu’s reaction today was unexpected. He had originally thought that after accompanying each other for so many years, they had become fond of each other and even if Yuan Chu were to find out about his feelings, she’d perhaps feel surprised or maybe run away in fear, but in the end, she’d definitely be able to accept him because the only obstacle between them was their identities as master and disciple.

But today, Yuan Chu’s sudden cold manner brought a chill to his heart because he’d suddenly realised that master was very opposed to affection. He didn’t know if it was because she had yet to grow up or if she truly detested it. Was she resistant to everyone or……was it only towards him?

“Are you asleep yet?” Ye Chenyuan was startled by Yuan Chu.

Before he could speak, he heard Yuan Chu say worriedly, “Umm…can you tell me a story? I can’t sleep.”

She looked at the ceiling, feeling that her request was very wilful, but Ye Chenyuan obediently stood up, then he sat down beside her bed.

“What does master want to hear?”

In the past, Ye Chenyuan would also take the initiative to tell her stories. To do this, he had hunted high and low for many books and interesting stories, just so that she’d reveal a sweet smile when she heard the story. He was satisfied with just that.

Yuan Chu felt a little embarrassed at how obedient he was being. As she looked at him, she suddenly asked.

“……Little Yuan Yuan, have I……always been bullying you?”

She was already an oldie, and she was clearly the master, but she still needed Ye Chenyuan’s help with everything, to the point that she was already used to treating him like a slave.

But what she didn’t know was that these habits had been meticulously cultivated by Ye Chenyuan, and only she herself was unaware of these. As she thought back to the past, she realised that she hadn’t been a good master.

A gentle smile appeared on Ye Chenyuan’s face. This was the first sincere smile that he had revealed today.

Master still cared about him. Just this one point was enough to appease his patience that had been in imminent danger.

He looked very good when he smiled. The moonlight descended on his face and illuminated the doting look in his eyes. His bearing finally changed from one of uneasiness to the warmth he previously had.

“No, master, you didn’t bully me.”

He then lay down on his side, just like he’d always done before. He gently circled Yuan Chu in his arms as he said earnestly.

“If not for you, I might still be a waste with a crippled dantian right now. If not for you, I might’ve died a long time ago. Everything that I’ve gained and everything that I have, is granted by you, you’ve given me a new life.”

Yuan Chu felt troubled when she heard this. Little Yuan Yuan had always been sensible since he was young, and now that he was older, he was so sensible that it made one feel sorry for him.

She thought: Even if she hadn’t saved him back then, he definitely wouldn’t have died. Also, the mystic realm that she had brought him to was originally his and she had only brought him there earlier.

But because of this, Ye Chenyuan was very grateful towards her and took great care of her, even following her every wish.

Just as Yuan Chu was feeling guilty, Ye Chenyuan suddenly said.


He reached out and carefully grasped Yuan Chu’s hand before speaking as if he were making a vow.

“From the moment you saved me, ever since I took you as my master, you became the most important person to me. So, master, can you not leave me?”

His senses were really sharp. Yuan Chu had to admit that when she became suspicious of Ye Chenyuan’s feelings, the thought of leaving did come to her, but right now, she felt that she had been too sensitive.

To Ye Chenyuan, she wasn’t just his master but also his family, or maybe his sister, or playmate, et cetera. Ye Chenyuan had always been respectful towards her, how could she think that of him, even having the thought of leaving?

She felt even guiltier the more she thought about it……Little Yuan Yuan treated her so well, yet she was suspicious of him and even wanted to leave, that was too despicable of her! So, she grasped Ye Chenyuan’s hands in hers, and amidst the darkness, her tone was very earnest.

“I’ll try not to leave you unless I’m forced to. This is the biggest promise I can give you.”

Ye Chenyuan rejoiced at her words and he couldn’t hold back a soft laugh. Looking at Yuan Chu, he suppressed the impulse to kiss her and instead, he spoke sincerely into her ear, pausing after every word.

“I too……even if I have to face death, I do not wish to leave master. So don’t even think about throwing me aside in this lifetime……”

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  1. the fact she thinks even if she wanted to leave she could is funny. Like girl your trapped for life your future husband will make sure of it😂

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