TDCM Chapter 152: Another Love At First Sight

He was very eager to avoid her, so why would he become senior brother and sister with her?

Ye Chenyuan took a step back to put some distance between them, then he said resolutely.

“I’m sorry, Lady Gu. I appreciate your kind intentions but I’ve decided to take a few years in the outer academy to improve myself. When the time comes, I’ll rely on my own abilities to enter the inner academy.”

Gu Qingke looked at him in shock, “Chenyuan gege, you……what did you just call me?”

Ye Chenyuan looked at her calmly, his exquisite and sparkling eyes carried hints of alienation.

“Lady Gu, I’m grateful for the help you’ve given me in the past. In the future, if there’s anything that I can help you with, I’ll be duty-bound to do so, but since you aren’t actually my cousin, I cannot call you that anymore, I hope that Lady Gu can forgive me.”

Gu Qingke didn’t think that Ye Chenyuan would draw a clear line between them so suddenly.

She had some understanding of Ye Chenyuan’s character and knew that he attached importance to ties of friendship. The things she had helped him with in his childhood, to others, perhaps it might not be worth mentioning, but to Ye Chenyuan, he would’ve engraved it in his memory.

But now, why was he distancing himself from her all of a sudden?

Gu Qingke vaguely recalled that girl in red, she was called……Mu Qingge? Could it be because of her that Ye Chenyuan……

When Ye Chenyuan saw that Gu Qingke was in a daze, he walked over and bowed in another gesture of respect, “Many thanks for all the teachers’ kind thoughts. I’d still like to remain in the outer academy to lay a solid foundation, so I’ll have to disappoint everyone.”

The great elder didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to actually turn them down. If it were some other outer academy pupil who had something like that happen to them, they would’ve hastily agreed. But this also showed that Ye Chenyuan was special. He was neither conceited nor rash, and he remained indifferent whether he was favoured or humiliated. Even without a teacher, he’d be able to make something of himself.

So, the great elder didn’t press him anymore and just as he was about to nod his head, the second elder suddenly said.

“Could it be that……you’re looking down on me because I’m female so you refuse to take me as your master?”

With a raised brow, Ye Chenyuan immediately made his position known, “That’s not my intention!”

“How about this?” The second elder stood up, her movingly voluptuous body made one’s imagination roam, but her expression was haughty.

“If you can take three blows from me, whether you want to acknowledge me as your master will be up to you. If you can’t, then you’ll have to acknowledge me as your master. How about that?”


Meanwhile, Yuan Chu was already done with classes and was surprised to see that Ye Chenyuan had yet to return. She then walked out of the court and just as she stepped through the gate, she ran into Mu Qinghan.

Mu Qinghan seemed to have been waiting there for a long time. He wasn’t wearing his uniform but a misty blue-green clothing instead. He looked handsome and there was a chill around him, causing the passing female students to cast repeated sidelong glances in his direction.

Yuan Chu felt embarrassed when she saw him because she had already lied to him a few times……

“Umm……are you here to see me?” She moved closer and blinked her eyes.

Mu Qinghan was startled. Seeing that it was her, he nodded carefully.

“Follow me.” Then he walked on ahead of her.

Yuan Chu followed him curiously. She could sense that not only was Wen Liang absent, the people that had been secretly protecting Mu Qinghan were also nowhere to be found.

Yuan Chu followed Mu Qinghan to a secluded garden in the academy. He then stopped walking and asked earnestly.

“Qingge, please answer me seriously, who is Ye Chenyuan to you?”

He turned to face her, his cold eyes staring fixedly at Yuan Chu. She didn’t know if it was her misperception, but Yuan Chu felt that his gaze was somewhat indignant.

Huh? Indignant?

She flung her head back and said rather guiltily.

“If you really have to know, he……is my most important family, yeah……I’ve already told you this! Really!”

Mu Qinghan’s eyes lit up and he said without a second thought, “As long as you’ve said it, I’ll believe you.”

Yuan Chu froze, this child was too easy to deceive.

She asked curiously, “You came to ask me about this?”

“No.” Mu Qinghan shook his head. His heart relaxed when he heard Yuan Chu’s reply about her relationship with that person, and there was the slightest hint of a smile at the corner of his lips. As the setting sun shone on him, the chill around him dispersed.

“I’m here for a very important matter.”

“En? What is it?” Yuan Chu was all ears.

Then Mu Qinghan said, “Qingge, will you marry me?”

“Oh……ah? Ah!!!”

Yuan Chu was so shocked that she took three steps back. Still badly shaken, she asked, “What did you just say?”

Mu Qinghan seemed to have been amused by her expression and he walked towards her step by step.

“I said, I want to marry you.”

“B-B-But we’re not familiar with each other!”

Yuan Chu looked at him in shock, her bright eyes had widened into round circles. “Besides, you don’t even know what my family does, you’re treating this too carelessly!”

When Mu Qinghan saw that she was so agitated, he laughed and covered his mouth with his hand. That was obviously a very feminine gesture, but when he did it, it was elegant and natural, making one’s heart skip a beat.

“It’s true that I don’t know you well, but I just feel that I’ll be very happy if I can marry you.”

Yuan Chu was momentarily speechless. She told him with a remorseful expression on her face, “No! You’re wrong, you’ll definitely regret marrying me! I’m not the young lady of some distinguished family. Not only is my family poor, we even have a bunch of annoying relatives that like to sponge off us. So, you definitely won’t be happy if you marry me!”

Mu Qinghan laughed at her words, there was an unusual twinkle in his eyes. He asked in a soft voice.

“Qingge, do you know what the Mu family does?”

Yuan Chu shook her head, “I don’t know……” She had been planning to change her family name later when she’s free, but since a mere family name could help her, it should be a well-known aristocratic family.

Mu Qinghan said with a smile, “Similar to the Empire, the Mu family has eight thousand years of history. My family has always been in the auction business and over the past several thousand years, we have opened auction houses in every large or small kingdom within the Empire. Also, our business has now grown to include the immortal sects……so, no matter what your identity is, or your status, I do not care. Because I have everything that you’d want, and all I want is you.”

So scary!! A major tycoon is here!!!

Yuan Chu looked dazedly at a certain low-profile extravagant person in front of her. She didn’t expect the random older cousin she had accepted to actually be a member of the Empire’s wealthiest family.

Those Ji Dao auction houses had the widest sphere of influence and had been around for many years. With powerful backers, they had forced other auction houses aside, such that they were only left with the soup[1], and its owner had the family name of Mu.

This family name was valuable indeed!!

Yuan Chu was excited, but when she finally processed his last sentence, she immediately took another three steps back.

What did he just say? H-He wants her?

“I……Can I know why?”

Could it be that with the coming of spring, the youths are all becoming restless?

Mu Qinghan took a step forward. Although he had mustered up a lot of courage before coming here, now that he was face to face with her, his red ears betrayed him. He said earnestly.

“Because……you’re very cute, and I had fallen for you at first sight.”

1. You know, like…all the meat, vege, rice etc had been eaten by the Mu family and their competitors are left with just soup.

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