TDCM Chapter 133: The Great Dao Is Unfeeling

However, this technique had been lost for many years. Could Ye Chenyuan have received this inheritance by luck because of his Divine Emperor Bloodline? After all, that Demon King was of the Divine Emperor Bloodline.

In his sea of consciousness, Venerable Li noisily told him about how powerful this technique was. If he succeeded in cultivating this, he would easily be able to kill someone whose cultivation was above his, and as long as he didn’t die a premature death, he’d definitely become the first person in the Heavenly Continent to ascend to Heaven and become an immortal!

As long as he agreed to let go of his emotions and cut off all affections, this technique would be his!

If Yuan Chu were here at this moment, she would know that this was the technique that Ye Chenyuan had cultivated in his previous life, to have been able to progress with such speed.

Even after hearing that he would have to give up all emotions and cut off all affections, for Ye Chenyuan’s own good, she would’ve wanted him to agree in order to receive this inheritance.

But Ye Chenyuan didn’t speak.

The soul fragment that was in this space felt rather surprised. He didn’t know how many years he’d been lying dormant for, before someone with the Divine Emperor Bloodline finally showed up, but the young man in front of him actually didn’t show any joy towards such a formidable inheritance, leaving him feeling puzzled.

Hence, he finally appeared with his actual body, and a white-haired old man appeared in front of Ye Chenyuan. He said in an aged voice.

“Why are you hesitating? As long as you give up all emotions and cut off all affections, gradually removing all human emotions and desires, this《Heaven Destroyer》will be yours! A divine rank cultivation method, a supreme grade technique, that once you successfully cultivate, no other person will be your rival, and the world will be within your grasp! Such a fortuitous inheritance, don’t you want it?”

Did Ye Chenyuan want it? Of course he did! If he obtained this, he’d be able to become stronger quickly, then he can protect master like he had always hoped to do. She’d be able to venture into the vast world as she liked!

As long as he was strong enough, he could allow her to live a life free of worries, so he wanted this technique!

But, he had to cut off all human emotions and desires?

This meant that he would become more apathetic the more he cultivated. Even if he were to see master’s smile, he wouldn’t feel happy, and if master was upset, he wouldn’t be able to empathise with her.

This meant that he would no longer be able to feel the stifling agony and intense happiness that master brought him, and all these were things that he absolutely could not give up.

If he couldn’t feel these, then what use did he have for being number one?

After considering all these, Ye Chenyuan closed his eyes, then he opened them slowly.

The old man took a few steps towards him, appearing like an actual person, and he said with a smile, “What is there to consider? Don’t all of us cultivators seek to become the strongest? The great Dao is unfeeling and if you wish to reach the end, you’ll have to give up all human emotions and desires sooner or later.”

Venerable Li didn’t speak. Although he agreed with the other party’s words, he had sensed Ye Chenyuan’s resistance, so he didn’t speak up.

Ye Chenyuan took in a deep breath, then he greeted him with a bow.

“I’m sorry, I don’t want this inheritance. My only request is for senior to undo this obsession because I need the Kunlun Ice that’s outside.”


Not just the old man’s soul fragment, even Venerable Li couldn’t refrain from crying out. He didn’t think that Ye Chenyuan would reject it so bluntly.

Had Little Yuan gone mad?! This……was a chance to reach the heavens with just one step! If he practiced《Heaven Destroyer》, there’ll be a terrifyingly sharp increase in his growth. Hadn’t he always wanted to become stronger? This was his best chance!

The old man’s pupils contracted, and it was only a short while later that he asked.


A divine rank cultivation method was something that people on the mainland wouldn’t have even heard of. The only reason it had been lost for tens of thousands of years was because it could only be cultivated by someone of the Divine Emperor or Heavenly Spirit Bloodline.

There were very few people like this, but this person in front of him had actually declined?

He took a step forward and said, “Kid, have you thought this through? The Divine Emperor Bloodline is tyrannically strong beyond compare but many of them had died during their heavenly tribulations. If you can cultivate the《Heaven Destroyer》, you won’t have to worry about your heavenly tribulations anymore, and you’ll become the only person of Divine Emperor Blood to ascend. Giving it up right now, aren’t you afraid of dying amidst heavenly thunder later?”

Venerable Li hadn’t expected that this《Heaven Destroyer》would actually be able to resist heavenly thunder. This was simply a technique that had been tailored to those of the Divine Emperor Bloodline!

He tried to persuade him, “Little Yuan, if that’s the case, why don’t you just accept it? You’re already at Golden Core. The heavenly tribulations will only become stronger with every realm that you advance. Having undergone two tribulations, you should understand how frightening the heavenly tribulation can get. Now that such a good opportunity is right in front of you, why are you still being so stubborn?”

Venerable Li gave it some thought, then he realised a crucial point, “Could it be because of Yuan Chu?!”

He promptly tried to persuade him, saying, “Cultivating the《Heaven Destroyer》doesn’t mean that your emotions and desires will suddenly be cut off, only that your emotions will become duller the higher your cultivation is. But look at those old geezers on the mainland, anyone who has made astounding progress in their cultivation are all cold and unfeeling. As you continue to get stronger in the future, you’ll also walk down the same path as them. Why don’t you just accept the inheritance now so that you won’t have to suffer that much in the future……”

Although he also hoped that Ye Chenyuan could continue to attach importance to affection between people, but even more than that, he didn’t wish to see Ye Chenyuan die. He had gotten past the Golden Core lightning tribulation, but what about Nascent Soul? And Astral Realm? How would he get past those lightning tribulations?

This《Heaven Destroyer》could solve Little Yuan’s biggest problem, and compared to this, having duller emotions than ordinary people didn’t seem to matter that much.

So he said eagerly, “Little Yuan, stop hesitating and accept it! The great Dao is unfeeling, and even if Yuan Chu were here, she would also be in support of you accepting this inheritance!”

Ye Chenyuan suddenly laughed at their successive attempts at persuading him.

“The great Dao is unfeeling?”

He looked at the old man’s soul fragment in front of him as he asked this word by word.

“If the great Dao is unfeeling, then why was the universe created? If the great Dao is unfeeling, then why is there a need for the sun and moon to orbit? If the great Dao is unfeeling, then how does it support all things on earth? The great Dao isn’t unfeeling……it’s you that have misinterpreted its meaning! Yes, most cultivators will end up alone and with dull emotions, but those people are not me, Ye Chenyuan!”

His back was straight, and even though he was standing on a void under the multi-coloured suspended pagoda, he was still determined as ever.

“Everyone is cultivating an emotionless technique, but I insist on taking an opposing path! You’re cultivating the lone Dao and have no scruples about losing yourself to gain power, but I’m cultivating the Dao of feelings! For the sake of one person, I must be a live and complete person, not a tool that only cultivates!”

“……I want power, but I’ll prove that with emotions in my heart, I’ll also be able to succeed!”

After he said this, as if those last few words carried the weight of ten thousand catties, the entire space shook.

Having said this, Ye Chenyuan turned around to leave, but the soul fragment’s unwilling voice came from behind him.

“……even if you die amidst heavenly thunder later, you still won’t regret it?”

Without even a backward glance, Ye Chenyuan said, “I have no regrets, because she is more important to me than my life.”

Saying this, Ye Chenyuan reached out and tore a large hole in the space.

Ya’ll, this chapter made me emotional.
YE CHENYUAN!!! *screams while waving lightsticks*

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  1. I love this. All the emo was conveyed. I think this an important chapter bc it shows the point where the past and present Xiao Yuan made very important but different choices. He isn’t going to become emotionless like in his past timeline bc he is forgoing with that ultimate inheritance. The difference in choice is obviously bc YuanYuan came into his life early on. We already know from the previous chapters that the past timeline Xiao Yuan was in love with YuanYuan, but he just had not emos to express. So basically they were fated to love each other. We also know YuanYuan loves Past and present XiaoYuan but she denies it bc her past trauma. Uwaaaa, they are so cute!

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