TDCM Chapter 132: Divine Rank Cultivation Method

Although he said that it was getting stronger, Yuan Chu didn’t smell anything. If Ye Chenyuan wasn’t sharing his life with the dragon egg, he wouldn’t have been able to smell it either, so all this was the will of heaven.

Yuan Chu swam after Ye Chenyuan carefully. Although she was protected by the Dragon Shield, she could still feel that the water’s temperature was dropping. There should be some sort of ice prison under these waters.

The deeper they went, the more the amount of sensing spirit stones there were in the tunnel. Although there wasn’t anyone else here, the defense was very strong. Without mentioning anything else, just that giant jellyfish, if Ye Chenyuan didn’t know dragon language, they wouldn’t have been able to enter so easily. When they finally swam out of the tunnel, their eyes lit up.

Right in front of their eyes was a glowing green throne that looked like it had been carved out of some kind of jade. Sat on top of a set of pyramid-like steps, it looked very……familiar!

Yuan Chu gave it some thought before she suddenly clapped her hands. She had seen this throne with the male lead in her last life!

And this should also be something that was very important to Ye Chenyuan. It turns out that he had gotten it here!

She quickly tugged on Ye Chenyuan as she said excitedly, “Go there and sit on that dragon throne. There might be a fortuitous encounter!”

Ye Chenyuan was very familiar with this action of hers. In the past, every time there was a fortuitous encounter, master would always be the first to realise but she never wanted it for herself and always pushed it to him. This made him feel rather helpless.

Ye Chenyuan said with a sigh, “No rush, it’s dangerous underwater. I’ll see if I can keep it into my storage space.”

Saying this, he swam towards the dragon throne. Once he neared it, Venerable Li suddenly spoke up in his sea of consciousness.

“Not bad, this dragon throne is a good item! It’s carved out of Kunlun Ice and if you cultivate while sitting on it, you’ll be able to condense your spiritual energy and concentrate to the greatest extent. It can also block all human emotions and desires, preventing Qi deviation. She didn’t seem like it but that girl has a pretty good eye!”

Upon hearing that this item could prevent Qi deviation, Ye Chenyuan’s eyes lit up and he became determined to bring this item away.

He hadn’t forgotten that master’s foundation wasn’t stable. Sect Master had previously mentioned that he was worried that she would Qi deviate, and although master said that she wouldn’t, it was better to be prepared.

But when he touched it, he was actually unable to keep the dragon throne into the Sky Pearl.

Venerable Li said apprehensively, “I reckon that there’s a bind on the inheritance. You’ll have to sit on it to accept the inheritance before you can take it away.”

Ye Chenyuan frowned, but when he thought of the dragon throne’s function, he couldn’t give it up, so he told Yuan Chu, “This dragon throne has remnants of memories. I’ll have to sit on it and resolve the memory remnants before I can take it away. If anything happens later, you don’t have to care about me, and just protect yourself okay? I have my storage space.”

Yuan Chu suddenly felt a little touched, and she patted her chest as she said, “Go on! It’s alright, there isn’t a single soul here, I’ll be careful!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, then he sat down on it. Suddenly, that glistening green glow intensified, lighting up the whole underwater space.

It was at this moment that Yuan Chu realised that this place was like a gigantic alchemy furnace. She was surrounded by numerous complicated patterns, and this space was oval shaped.

But she didn’t touch anything rashly. In the next second, Ye Chenyuan disappeared amidst the green rays of light.

Yuan Chu waited and waited. She waited for a long time. The dragon shield that enveloped her didn’t break. Feeling bored, she sat down on the dragon throne. Strangely, the dragon throne didn’t show the slightest reaction after she sat down on it. Yuan Chu curled her lips, she had long known that this world was biased and didn’t have any expectations for it anymore.

It was also like this in her last life. She would always arrive before the male lead, but all the soul fragments of those old geezers, and the treasures that had a divine sense, would always choose Ye Chenyuan and not her. So every time, she could only watch helplessly as the treasures slipped past her, then she’d angrily try to snatch it from the male lead’s hands later.

For so many years……had she ever won?

She actually had. It’s just that she could never snatch the items that she actually wanted, and when she succeeded, they were items that she didn’t really want but were useful to her. So she felt very resentful, feeling like the male lead got to eat the meat while she was left with the soup.

There’s a reason why she remembered this dragon throne. In her last life, while she was in the middle of a fight with the male lead, the hidden injuries in her body had reached a breaking point and she almost Qi deviated. She had then awoken to find that the male lead had tied her to this dragon throne.

She had been so angry, but had been unable to free herself. Later, after a day and night had passed, the evil energy on her body dissipated, so she didn’t actually Qi deviate, but that had been a very close call.

Lost in her thoughts, her self in her memories seemed to appear in front of her eyes, making threatening gestures towards Ye Chenyuan……

“Ye Chenyuan! Let me go if you dare. We’ll have a fight to the death!!”

Ye Chenyuan was roasting some meat in the cave and he didn’t even spare her a glance, frustrating Yuan Chu to no end.

She hung her head as she thought about how she’d had more losses than wins after so many years of fighting. Just as she was feeling terrible, in the next second, a skewer of roast meat was brought up to her mouth.

“Eat, then we’ll have a fight to the death.”

When she smelled the fragrance, Yuan Chu really wanted to eat it, but she recalled that this guy had actually dared to tie her up. She turned her head away and scoffed coldly, “In any case, I’m the final BOSS. Do you think that a skewer of roast meat can corrupt my soul? We’ll still be sworn enemies!”

Ye Chenyuan chuckled. Amidst the fire’s light, half of his figure was in the light while the other half was in the dark. That thin smile of his never reached his eyes, except when he was looking at Yuan Chu, only then was there a slight difference.

“Sworn enemies?” He raised his brows slightly, “From two hundred years ago until now, we have been fighting constantly, and you’ve always been chasing after me. Those ladies who said that they loved me cannot compare to the length of your feelings. So, towards me, are you sure that you just want to get rid of me?”


Yuan Chu flinched. So scary, so scary! Why did she suddenly think of this?

She shook her head, wanting to shake a certain bewitching b*stard from her mind.

In her last life, Ye Chenyuan smiled at everyone, but was cold and distant towards everyone. Also, as a normal male, he was still inexperienced even when he’d ascended. Was this because he was devoted to cultivating or was there some other reason?

Yuan Chu vaguely sensed that she was on the cusp of finding out some truth. At the same time, a gigantic floating pagoda had appeared in front of Ye Chenyuan. Endless pressure spread out along the light and shadows, and although it was just a mirage, it made people want to submit to it once they looked at it.

He remained motionless and didn’t speak, but a deafening sound echoed around the whole place.

“Let go of your emotions, become just and fair. Be still and seal away your feelings, then you’ll achieve the great Dao! If you’re willing, discard your emotions and desires here, and you’ll inherit 《Heaven Destroyer》, becoming the first person to walk on the heavenly path!”

“《Heaven Destroyer》!”

Before Ye Chenyuan could speak, Venerable Li exclaimed, “That’s the technique that the Demon King cultivated tens of thousands of years ago! It’s said that Pangu[1] was enlightened to this technique the moment he split apart the heavens and the earth, and it has tremendous power! It’s a divine rank cultivation method that can really allow one to instakill anything!”

1. In chinese mythology, he’s the creator of the universe.

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  1. Oh??? So even in the last life he didn’t consider her an enemy at all 😏🤭

    Also the “heavenly path” is reminding me of the novel library of heavens path :’)

    Thank you for the translation, happy holidays!!!

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  2. tbh i didn’t remember at all this scene, and as someone who read all the novel (with extras) in mtl, this is actually insane. i was so confused on many things but this actually cleared so many of my doubts, i just love their relationship (leaving aside the age problem lol)

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