TDCM Chapter 134: Icy Water Prison

Behind him, the illusion started to fade and the multi-coloured pagoda began to collapse. The old man who had been standing under the pagoda seemed to have lost his soul as he stood there unmovingly.

It’s hard to imagine……that for the sake of emotions, there was someone who would give up power, strength, and everything else!

Why? Wasn’t it good to be strong? Being able to act as you liked with no regard for the world, wasn’t that good?

Ye Chenyuan walked away resolutely, but Venerable Li said anxiously, “Little Yuan, this illusion is going to collapse! If you don’t inherit this divine rank cultivation method, it’ll really be lost!”

It was a divine rank cultivation method! Something that others couldn’t have even if they sought it, but Ye Chenyuan was giving it up just like that. He’d rather have the throne that’s outside than the《Heaven Destroyer》, why was that so?

Ye Chenyuan chuckled.

“If it’s lost, it’s lost. I don’t need it.”

His voice dashed the soul fragment’s last strand of hope. Because of Ye Chenyuan’s refusal, the illusion started to collapse and it looked like this technique was really going to be lost.

His aged eyes were glued onto Ye Chenyuan’s back figure. Ye Chenyuan had left so decisively, unrestrained and resolutely.

Amidst the multi-coloured fragments, a smile suddenly appeared on the old man’s lips.

“……It might not be lost. After all, didn’t this kid’s father cultivate it? It’s just that this kid, compared to his father……was truly hard to deal with.”

Ultimately, he had failed to keep this form and the ice region was opening soon.

With this thought, the soul fragment disappeared. Yuan Chu watched as the throne lit up, and in the next second, she was in Ye Chenyuan’s arms.

That was because she had been sitting at the spot where Ye Chenyuan had sat at. They stared at each other.

“I-It’s over?”

Yuan Chu looked at him in panic. Somehow, she felt like Ye Chenyuan had changed after disappearing and reappearing. His gaze had become even more resolute and his smile had also become gentler.

A smile made its way onto his lips as he watched Yuan Chu try to feign calmness when she actually wanted to get off him.

Such a cute little darling, how could he forget her?

So for the first time, he did as he wanted and held Yuan Chu in his arms as he ruthlessly kneaded her hair. Although Yuan Chu wasn’t small right now, she was still “squishy”! With the addition of her long and silky hair, it felt very nice to rub.

“Hey! Hey! What are you doing!!” Yuan Chu struggled but was unable to escape from Ye Chenyuan’s evil grasp. Ye Chenyuan’s smile grew and grew, until he finally hugged the flustered girl tightly. Drawing closer to her neck, he took in a deep breath before sighing contentedly.

“It’s great to have you.”

Because of her, he felt that his life was joyful. Because of her, his life had been filled with various feelings and became full of life!

When he was young, he had been very closed off with his feelings. It wasn’t easy to struggle free from that loneliness, so why must he return to how he was before, just to become stronger? Wasn’t it enough that he had her?

Being embraced tightly by Ye Chenyuan and with him saying something like this……Yuan Chu didn’t know why, but tears started to stream down her face.

Is anyone there? Can someone drag this person away? He’s always taking advantage of her!

Venerable Li had been immersed in his regrets over losing the divine rank cultivation method, but when he saw Ye Chenyuan smiling so happily, he was also smiling before he knew it……it’s fine even if he didn’t practice it! The current Little Yuan was also pretty good, he was full of life. After spending such a long time with him and Yuan Chu, he also felt like he’d come back to life, and every day had become worth looking forward to.

As for the problematic fact that those of the Divine Emperor Blood will all die during a heavenly tribulation, they’ll think of a solution next time.

After a round of bullying Yuan Chu, Ye Chenyuan became full of drive and he kept the Kunlun Ice Jade dragon throne that was beneath them. This time around, it was successful because the soul fragment that had been suppressing the dragon throne had disappeared due to Ye Chenyuan’s refusal.

But what he didn’t expect was for an empty hole to appear beneath them once the dragon throne disappeared.

Wisps of chill and the smell of blood came from the hole.

Ye Chenyuan raised his brows slightly, feeling rather surprised, “That’s right, the divine beast blood is coming from there. I didn’t think that the old man’s main job would actually be to suppress the divine beast?”

After all, if Ye Chenyuan had accepted the inheritance, the old man wouldn’t have disappeared, then the illusion wouldn’t have collapsed, and no one would’ve been able to move the throne.

But in reality, Ye Chenyuan had rejected the inheritance, even saying things that were a complete contradiction to the old man’s will, directly enveloping his soul fragment and causing him to disappear together with the illusion, revealing the secret under the dragon throne.

Yuan Chu immediately roused from her confusion at just having been kneaded till she was giddy, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go down to look for treasure!”

Ye Chenyuan nodded, while Venerable Li scanned Yuan Chu. It was undeniable.

She was just a girl that’s at the greater perfection of Qi Condensation. After they’ve left this place, they can just cast a soul prison on her, then they won’t have to worry about her playing any dirty tricks.

So they dove downwards, and the moment the dragon throne disappeared, visible threads of blood appeared at the opening. They floated along the tunnel heading towards the outside, until finally, the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish’s fourteen eyes opened suddenly.

Divine beast blood?!

It was unusually ice-cold beneath the dragon throne and like Yuan Chu had expected, there was an ice prison.

The glittering and translucent ice prison sparkled, and inside it was a furry creature. It looked like it was on its last breath, remaining motionless even when Yuan Chu and the rest entered.

Yuan Chu noticed that there was an open wound on its furry hind leg, where threads of blood were flowing from. She felt sorry for it. Having been locked up for who knows how many years, and having its blood let out for so many years, will it die?

Ye Chenyuan also sensed that the White Tiger was on the verge of death. Its head was buried in the crook of its arm and it was curled up into a ball. He didn’t know what divine object that ice prison was, that it could actually trap it, and it even looked like it had been trapped for many years.

Venerable Li examined it with a frown, then he said, “Such generosity! This ice prison isn’t your average dark ice prison, but a divine tool moulded from the heart of winter! It’s a pity that this divine tool has lost its divine senses and is no match for the Sky Pearl, otherwise we could’ve tried communicating with it.”

Divine tool?

Yuan Chu looked up at the square ice prison in front of her. There were bars on all four sides and it emitted a faint white glow that slowly whirled around the waters.

“What do we do? This divine beast looks like it’s dying soon……”

Ye Chenyuan frowned slightly at Yuan Chu’s words. Just as he reached out his hand to check the White Tiger’s condition, the space that they were in suddenly shook.

Ye Chenyuan tried to sense what it was, and he immediately knitted his brows, “Oh no! It’s that Heavenly Demon Jellyfish!”

Hearing this, Yuan Chu recalled something and smacked her head, “It must’ve been provoked by the smell of blood! If it continues striking like this, it’ll attract people here very quickly!”

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