TDCM Chapter 61 (Part 2): I Just Like You

So…it’s the holidays, and I lost track of the days, and didn’t realise that it was Tuesday already…
So here’s half a chapter.
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The good-looks club was so unfair indeed, what exactly was she getting so excited over just now?!

But Ye Chenyuan was returning to the Ye family……

She really wanted to go and watch the fun……

But she didn’t want to engage in homosexual pratices!

Yuan Chu’s face bunched up as she pondered, then her eyes suddenly lit up.

Ye Chenyuan liked men, so he doesn’t feel anything towards those coquettish beauties like Ji Hongyan. So, if she transformed into a type that was similar to Ji Hongyan and followed Ye Chenyuan, she wouldn’t have to worry anymore!

The only thing she found to be a pity was the fact that such a handsome guy like Ye Chenyuan actually liked men. But things like sexual orientation was an individual’s freedom, and as an open-minded master, she shouldn’t meddle too much. She’d pretend not to know anything, otherwise that child would be in an awkward situation.

Yuan Chu clutched at her hair as she thought.

Ah, what a pity, his good genes……

After dealing with his emotions, Ye Chenyuan pulled out his spirit tool and travelled across half the Heavenly Continent alone, heading towards the Tidal Kingdom.

The last time he had flown across these skies was when Yuan Chu had taken him in as her disciple and brought him away.

Ye Chenyuan sighed incessantly in his heart when he recalled their first meeting a few years ago, but he couldn’t deny that after he met her, she had filled his dark world with sunshine.

Ye Chenyuan flew nonstop for ten days and nights. After arriving, he first went to pay his respects to the people that had died pitifully because of him back then, then he flew on his sword towards the capital.

In the Heavenly Continent, the difference in power was very clear. There was the Empire, and the ten immortal sects.

The Empire occupied the southern half region of the Heavenly Continent and had three thousand smaller kingdoms under its command. The kingdoms were differentiated into first, second or third rate based on their strength. Tidal Kingdom was a second-rate kingdom in the Empire so it wasn’t particularly outstanding.

The ten immortal sects were located in the northern region of the Heavenly Continent. There were also kingdoms under it, but most of them were very small. The area had been divided into ten regions that were governed separately by the ten immortal sects.

As he looked at the city beneath his feet that was becoming clearer, Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes and smiled.

He had left when he was eight, and now he was back.

Tidal Kingdom’s capital.

The neatly divided small towns were run by the government offices. All the smaller kingdoms within the Empire used a standardised set of laws to govern the common people, so the streets weren’t as messy and disordered as the ten immortal sect’s territory. This place reeked of rules and regulations.

The children here had their spirit roots tested together and were sent to the academy to cultivate together, unlike the ten immortal sects where disciples were chosen every three years.

Both sides had very different practices but when compared, there was more pressure on the Empire’s people. All the experts from the three thousand small kingdoms will be sent to the Empire to ensure the Empire’s standing and lasting prosperity.

The most prosperous street in the Tidal Kingdom’s capital was a tall and magnificent mansion. It probably looked even more extravagant than Tidal Kingdom’s capital, and on a tablet placed above the door was a single character —— Ye!

‘Ye’ was actually the Empire’s family name. Before coming to the Tidal Kingdom, the Ye family’s ancestors were the royal family’s imperial guards.

Later, by chance, an ancestor of theirs had earned great merit and was specially conferred with the family name of Ye. So, ten years ago, when the Ye family separated themselves from the Empire to establish themselves, this family name allowed them to become an upper class aristocratic family within the Tidal Kingdom.

Even the Tidal Kingdom’s monarch would have to show some courtesy towards the Ye family, resulting in the younger generation of the Ye family having haughty and contemptuous characters.

Ye Chenyuan stood in front of the Ye family’s door. As he looked at the familiar door head, his dismal childhood swallowed him up like tidewaters once again. But very quickly, he strengthened his conviction and took a step forward.

Just as he was about to knock on the door, it suddenly opened from the inside.

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