TDCM Chapter 131: Go Explore, Young Man

Three years?

Yuan Chu looked at him in confusion. In just a few days, this rebellious disciple was already acting like she was the only one he would marry, even making such a promise. Perhaps this was due to the hormones?

But since Ye Chenyuan had already said this, she won’t act like a coward anymore! Although the male lead was bad, it was difficult for anyone to keep their word and if he dared to go back on his word, she would beat him up till he was unrecognisable!

So a moment later, the two sneaked out of the room and headed towards a forest within the number one academy, before finally stopping by a rushing river.

“It’s here!”

Ye Chenyuan detected it through the dragon egg, then he said, “There’s beast blood flowing beneath this river. Although it’s very faint, I can’t be wrong, that is the divine white tiger beast’s blood!”

Yuan Chu froze. She didn’t expect Ye Chenyuan to have told her everything. Was he perhaps the type to tell all his secrets to the one he liked?

Before she could say anything, Ye Chenyuan pulled her into the river. In the next second, the yellow halo of the Dragon Shield lit up around her, it was Ye Chenyuan protecting her. She could breathe in the water and didn’t need any shield of her own.

After jumping in, they realised that this river was deeper than it looked, but besides it’s depth, there wasn’t anything else that looked suspicious.

Just as Yuan Chu was wondering about this, Ye Chenyuan bit his finger and offered a drop of blood and drew a red arc of light under the water.

This drop of blood wasn’t ordinary. Back when he had formed the life contract with the white dragon, the white dragon had given him a drop of dragon blood and there was a fragment of this dragon blood in the drop of blood he had just offered. He planned to use the white dragon’s divine beast blood to sense the location of the white tiger blood that was drifting in the water.

Yuan Chu’s eyes widened.

The dark waters in front of her eyes had become clear and glowing red strings of blood appeared beside her. There were countless threads and they all came from one direction.

“Found it!”

Ye Chenyuan swam to where the strings of blood originated from and found the array’s eye. In the next second, he and Yuan Chu disappeared from the river.

Beneath the deceiving array was an underwater precipice. It was so deep that one cannot see the bottom and it had a somewhat gloomy force.

The further down they went, the more pressure they felt.

Ye Chenyuan pulled Yuan Chu along as he continued his dive down. About an hour later, they passed through the deep precipice and entered the wider waters beneath the precipice.

Because they were currently at a very deep area, there wasn’t the least bit of light in their surroundings nor was there any other living creature. At this depth, the water didn’t flow and it was lifeless, as if they had reached a still space.

Yuan Chu didn’t like this circumstance, but she didn’t voice it because Ye Chenyuan had been holding her hand all along.

“There’s a Heavenly Demon Jellyfish that’s guarding the area in front. I’ll put it to sleep using dragon language later. Follow me carefully, you must not touch its tentacles.”

Ye Chenyuan’s voice sounded in Yuan Chu’s sea of consciousness. Yuan Chu nodded. Soon, when they dived down to a certain depth, among the vast black waters, Yuan Chu saw a giant jellyfish whose body was full of starlight.

Its whole body was lying on top of a black wall of rock and its numerous tentacles covered the wall of rock like a net. From the bit of light that the jellyfish emitted, Yuan Chu could see that there were dark crystal iron bars not far from its main body. The entrance was beneath this jellyfish’s body?!

Yuan Chu sensed that this jellyfish was at the level of late stage rank six, equivalent to mid or late stage Nascent Soul. Moreover, spirit beasts were naturally stronger, and they were also in the water, so Yuan Chu felt that she might not be a match for this huge monster.

She looked at Ye Chenyuan rather nervously, but Ye Chenyuan had a calm expression on his face. His finger emitted a faint glow and he pointed towards the jellyfish as he chanted a hypnotic dragon spell in his elegant voice. Like a song of despair, it immediately spread around this area of waters.

All of the giant jellyfish’s eyes had already been closed, but after hearing Ye Chenyuan’s voice, it seemed to have sunk into an even deeper sleep.

Yuan Chu became bolder when she saw this and she sneaked over. She noticed that the gaps between the iron bars were quite large and that she’d be able to get through it if she was careful, but that was only if she didn’t touch the jellyfish’s tentacles that were hung on the iron bars.

Ye Chenyuan continued to chant the dragon language. He let Yuan Chu go first, and he would cover their retreat.

Although dragon language had the innate ability to suppress all spirit beasts, more spiritual energy was needed to control someone of a higher rank than himself.

Worried that Ye Chenyuan would expend too much spiritual energy, Yuan Chu wordlessly made her way through the bars.

In this period of time, Yuan Chu didn’t dare to even breathe as she carefully made her move, little by little. Suddenly, the jellyfish’s tentacles moved and held down her skirt!

Yuan Chu tensed, then she cut off that piece of clothing before continuing her dive down. It wasn’t long before she got through.

“Ye Chenyuan, come in quick!”

Yuan Chu transmitted her voice to Ye Chenyuan, and he also halted the dragon language. He moved faster than Yuan Chu, passing through the iron bars with a “whoosh”.

His movements drove the currents and disturbed the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish.

Before the jellyfish moved, Ye Chenyuan brought Yuan Chu into the Sky Pearl. In the next second, the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish’s dozens of blood red eyes looked towards the iron bars, only to see that there was nothing else besides the pitch-black waters.

Strange, had it been its imagination?

The jellyfish’s large body swayed as it changed its position before it settled down again. Thanks to its huge size, it didn’t see the small piece of clothing that Yuan Chu had left behind.

After Yuan Chu and Ye Chenyuan entered the Sky Pearl, she was momentarily dazed, then she watched as a black ball of smoke floated over and said angrily.

“Little Yuan, what’s wrong with you? How could you let someone else know about your storage space?!”

Ye Chenyuan’s expression remained unchanged, while Yuan Chu started to panic.

“You……you have a storage space?!” She pretended like it was a huge thing.

Ye Chenyuan’s gaze swept across Venerable Li, then he briefly touched Yuan Chu’s lips with one hand, “Don’t speak, let’s continue.”

Saying this, he ignored Venerable Li who was hopping mad, and brought Yuan Chu out again.

They appeared at the same spot they had disappeared from. The waters were now quiet. Yuan Chu had been tense when she came out, but when she heard the Heavenly Demon Jellyfish snoring, she relaxed slightly.

“Go, let’s enter to take a look.”

Yuan Chu nodded and followed Ye Chenyuan in to explore.

Judging from the direction and distance they’ve travelled, together with the campus map she’d seen that morning, Yuan Chu felt that they were currently at the centre region of the school, which was also the place where the experts gathered. Her expression became even more serious.

Although they were currently very deep down below it, the underwater world was accessible from all sides and it would be better for them to be more careful.

Behind the iron bars was a long tunnel, and after closing his eyes to sense it, Ye Chenyuan said with a smile.

“The smell of blood is getting stronger.”

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