TDCM Chapter 121: Exceptional Strength

He reached out to feel for Ye Chenyuan’s root bone and realised that he had yet to reach sixteen years of age.

All the other people were stunned. Someone with five spirit roots was actually at late stage Foundation Building? A late stage Foundation Building cultivator that wasn’t older than sixteen years of age. Was this a joke?!

One must know that among this crowd of people, each and every one of them had excellent spirit roots, but the highest were at mid stage Foundation Building, and there weren’t many of them. A late stage Foundation Building cultivator had just popped out, so powerful, why didn’t he have a recommendation letter?

Ye Chenyuan nodded, a gentle smile appearing on his banished immortal like face, “Have I passed?”

“Ah? Ah! Passed, you’ve passed!” That teacher quickly stood up to hand Ye Chenyuan a numbered tile and let him in. As he did this, he muttered about how someone who wasn’t yet sixteen had reached late stage Foundation Building, where did this monster come from.

Testing their cultivation was just the preliminary test and they could become outer students after passing it. Outer students had three assessments, with each one being more difficult than the one before. In addition, the assessments were done separately to prevent any possibilities of cheating.

The first assessment was fairly simple, they only had to exchange three blows with a teacher at late stage Foundation Building. It should be pretty quick.

Ye Chenyuan carefully looked over the test rules on the back of the jade tile and went to look for his assessment courtyard.

Not long after he entered, Yuan Chu finally dared to come out and join the queue. She was so wimpy that no one else could compare.

The appearance she had transformed into was her favourite kind, the enchanting type. If she had to say, it was the style Ji Hongyan had back then. Because Ye Chenyuan didn’t feel anything towards Ji Hongyan, she guessed that Ye Chenyuan liked the pure and noble type, and chose a look that was the complete opposite.

She touched her exquisite oval shaped face as she thought, like this, she wouldn’t have to worry anymore right?

Who’d know that she would catch someone’s eye once she came out. That person was a student of the inner courtyard. He had simply been passing by, but because Yuan Chu was dressed too flamboyantly, in a red dress gilded with gold, he had casted a look over there, then he couldn’t move his line of sight anymore.

“Goodness gracious, the junior sisters this year are actually so stunning!”

The person beside him was rather scornful when he saw him looking at the line of outer students.

“They’re outer students, what’s there to look at? They have neither the ability nor the connections. If you’re searching, you should find one that has similar influence to your family. I think Gu Qingke is pretty good.”

The one that had spoken previously was Wen Liang, and hearing his friend say this, he couldn’t stop himself from poking him.

“Look! Look at the one dressed in red, she’s really beautiful, she also has a good figure. Compared with her, that Gu Qingke is a beansprout[1]!”

Hearing Wen Liang’s words, that somewhat arrogant and cold young man finally glanced over. It was at this moment that Yuan Chu happened to look in their direction, and seeing that there were people looking at her, she sent them a polite smile.

Her face was very enchanting, yet her eyes were clear and bright. When she smiled, the sunshine and bewitching look were combined, causing the two young men to freeze.

“How is it, how is it! Qinghan, wasn’t I right?”

The young man named Mu Qinghan only awoke from this dream-like state when he was given a tug, then his ears immediately turned red.

“She isn’t that beautiful……” At most, at most she was just a little prettier than the eldest princess.

There were three beauties in this number one high school. Born from the Jade Beast aristocratic family —— Gu family’s Gu Qingke, born from the royal family, with the nickname of Fairy Yunshen, the eldest princess Ye Linglong, and born from Pill Sect, the “little princess” with a very special status Su Heyue.

Now that Yuan Chu was here, en……it feels like there’ll be a new addition to the three beauties, on the premise that this beauty could pass the assessment.

Very soon, it was Yuan Chu’s turn. In a natural and relaxed manner, she let the other party test her bone age, then she placed her hand on the crystal ball.

The old man who was taking down the records glanced at it, “Greater perfection of Qi Condensation? Disqualified!”

Yuan Chu smiled, and just as she wanted to voice that she had a special skill, it was at this moment that a male voice was heard.

“Hey, old man, you didn’t even hear if she has a special skill before disqualifying her. Isn’t that too unfair?”

When the old man saw that it was the Mu family and Wen family’s young masters, he hastily stood up.

“What brought both young masters here, please take a seat.”

But he had qualms in his heart.

Didn’t these two young masters usually have crowds of people following them wherever they went? Why are they so low-key today?

Besides, students from the inner courtyard are usually arrogant and considered everyone else to be beneath them. They even looked down on their fellow outer courtyard students, not to mention these outer students that had yet to be admitted. Why are they suddenly standing up for someone today?

At this thought, he glanced at Yuan Chu’s face, and everything became clear. So these youths were acting impetuously because of the beauty! This was really……

He humbly asked Yuan Chu under his breath, “Girl, do you have any special skill?”

Yuan Chu gave it some thought, then she retrieved a piece of dark crystal iron from her storage space. This kind of iron was very hard and could only be forged with special fire.

Yuan Chu said with a smile, “My special skill is……exceptional strength!”

As she said this, she worked at it with her fingers. The dark crystal iron that was filled with sharp edges suddenly became like mud and was pinched by her into various shapes with just one hand.

Everyone gasped in surprise. Goodness gracious, what would they do if it was their bones being pinched? This girl’s strength was too terrifying!

After Yuan Chu was done pinching it, she placed the dark crystal iron on the table and said very cutely.

“Here, you can check it! It’s really a dark crystal iron!”

The old man looked at it closely, it’s real! He looked at Yuan Chu with new eyes……it’s just that……

“It’s just that, according to the academy’s rules, great strength cannot be considered……” a special skill!

Before he could voice the last three words, he heard a cough from the cold looking young man that was standing at the side. The old man had a sudden realisation.

“En……this is a very good special skill, here, pass!”

So that was how Yuan Chu got in. She had still thought that she would change to another if this special skill wasn’t alright. Unexpectedly, she was able to pass so easily. Of course, that was because someone had helped her out.

“En……thank you!” Although she didn’t need their help, she had to show appreciation for their kindness.

Just as Mu Qinghan wanted to speak, he was pushed aside by Wen Liang who was beside him. He moved forward and said, “Little sister, I’m your senior, my name is Wen Liang, I’m the Empire’s most……”

Before he could finish his words, there was an “ouch”, it turns out that Mu Qinghan had pinched him.

Seeing that Wen Liang had obediently shut his mouth, Mu Qinghan looked towards Yuan Chu as if he had something to say, but as Yuan Chu gazed towards him earnestly, his face inexplicably turned red.

His heart was racing. In so many years, this was the first time he was feeling this way!

Yuan Chu good-naturedly waited for him to speak, but who’d know that in the next second, Mu Qinghan suddenly left, dragging Wen Liang behind him, without even saying a word!

“En?” Yuan Chu looked at their back figures, as Wen Liang protested, and she tilted her head. Not understanding this small episode, she went straight in.

On the other hand, Ye Chenyuan had run into trouble again.

The first round of testing should’ve been completed very quickly, but the teacher that was supposed to assess them had suddenly been blocked and harassed by a group of people.

1. He’s basically describing her as thin and weak, with a big head, like a beansprout.

Just a little refresher:
Ji Hongyan – The saintess of the demon race that that crashed in on Ye Chenyuan’s lightning tribulation (Chp 42)
Gu Qingke – Ye Chenyuan’s cousin (Chp 62)

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  1. I just love watching our little yuan chu dig her hole. She’s so deep down at the moment that I wouldn’t be surprised if she hit the middle of their planet and or discovered a new realm.

    thanks for the chapter!


  2. Love that Yuan Chu was prepared to go through a bunch of different special skills to get in, I kinda wanted to see the look on the examiner’s face when they realize what she can do xD

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