TDCM Chapter 122: Cousins

This caused all of the candidates to be stuck here, and the situation was still ongoing.

“Lingyu, look at you. If you’d agreed to be my concubine, you wouldn’t need to be a teacher at the outer courtyard! Why are you being so stubborn?”

Zhao Lingyu didn’t expect this playboy to come here again. Currently, there were more than ten students waiting for her to assess them one by one, and even more students would be assigned here in a while. With this guy here, how was she to continue?

“Jiang Tianming, please watch yourself! It’s time for the outer students to have their assessments, don’t stir up trouble here!”

With his followers clustering around him, the young master Jiang Tianming wasn’t the least bit afraid, “What’s there to assess with a bunch of trash? Not many of them will be able to pass anyway, but you, if you do not comply with me, I will not leave! I do not care about some assessment anyway, I only care about you……my darling!”

Ye Chenyuan had been putting up with it, lowering his head as he entered a semi-meditative state, but this person still wasn’t leaving. Seeing the time pass as he was wasting his time here, he couldn’t help feeling a little anxious.

That was because the outer students had to finish all three assessments within two hours, and although someone was causing trouble here, the people inside wouldn’t care about what had held them up.

Similarly, the people that came in after him for the assessment were also very angry, but for that person to dare to harass a teacher so openly, it could be seen that his family’s background wasn’t ordinary. If they rushed forward at this moment, wouldn’t they be looking to die?

Rather than dying, it’ll be better for them to be more well-behaved and hope that this guy would leave earlier.

As more time passed, the female teacher reached the end of her patience and wanted to make a move, but was seized by the evil young master’s men. Ye Chenyuan opened his eyes with a frown on his face, when would this be ending!

He was already very upset over master’s departure, and had been feeling stifled with nowhere to vent his feelings, but someone was now courting death!

After the evil young master disregarded the female teacher’s embarrassed expression and asked his men to seize her, he placed his hand on her face.

“There’s a limit to my patience! Don’t make me force you to give in!”

Ye Chenyuan didn’t want to wait any longer, and just as he was going to make a move, it was at this time that a young girl dressed in red walked in.

Yuan Chu held onto her tile and found the corresponding testing venue. The first round was very easy, she just had to exchange three blows with a teacher at late stage Foundation Building and it should be very quick.

Moreover, the rules had stated that all the assessments had to be completed within two hours.

Therefore, Yuan Chu didn’t expect to see so many people when she entered the courtyard.

Wasn’t it three moves? There was a queue for something that could be completed so quickly?!

Everyone looked in her direction once she entered. Yuan Chu realised that Ye Chenyuan was also here, and her smile froze on her face as her scalp tingled.

Before she could retreat quietly, she heard a male voice laughing as he said.

“I didn’t expect there to be such a remarkable beauty among the outer students!”

Needless to say, this person was the young master Jiang Tianming. Once he saw Yuan Chu, he abandoned Zhao Lingyu, whose looks could be considered to be first-class, and he walked towards her.

Yuan Chu froze. What’s going on? With so many followers, this person obviously didn’t look like a candidate.

Seeing that the pervert’s hand was reaching towards her, Yuan Chu wanted to teach him a lesson, but Ye Chenyuan was here right now! Ah! Oh no! He was looking over here!

What should she do? Should she make a move? No, she mustn’t! Hold back!

Yuan Chu slapped Jiang Tianming’s hand away and took a large step back, “Who are you? My face isn’t something that you can just touch?!”

She acted in an arrogant and domineering manner, pretending to be a young lady from an affluent family.

But who would’ve thought that Jiang Tianming would burst into laughter, “There’s no one in this outer courtyard that I do not dare to touch! Beauty, don’t take the assessment anymore. Come with me, I guarantee that you’ll live well!”

Saying this, he ordered his men to block Yuan Chu’s way out, then he reached for her again. With nowhere to retreat to and not daring to make a move, Yuan Chu was so scared that she squatted down on the ground. Not feeling the other party’s hand on her, she was puzzled and looked up, only to realise that Ye Chenyuan had saved her.

So scary! Had Little Yuan Yuan realised that it was her?! He wasn’t the type to meddle in other people’s business!

Once she thought of the lecture she would receive after being discovered by Ye Chenyuan, her face fell, and she looked very pitiful.

“Who are you? Are you perhaps thinking of acting as the hero to save the beauty?!” Jiang Tianming spoke in a vile tone, but he was actually surprised, because even with his late stage Foundation Building cultivation, he was actually unable to move after his hand had been caught by this person.

Ye Chenyuan also didn’t know why he had made a move, but from the moment Yuan Chu appeared, his heart started pounding and without a second thought, he had already made a move.

With the prior experience he had with Yue Chengou, someone that could make his heart beat must definitely be master in disguise! But right now, he didn’t have time to teach this little rascal a lesson, he’d beat up the guy that dared to bully her first.

“Get lost, right now. Otherwise I’ll cripple you!”

Ye Chenyuan narrowed his eyes, and the imposing manner that belonged to a late stage Foundation Building leaked out in a frenzied manner. They were both at Foundation Building, but Jiang Tianming realised that this person was way stronger than himself.

But he was of noble status and had so many people with him. If he were to admit defeat now, how would he live it down in the academy in the future?!

Just as he was planning to grit his teeth and launch an attack, he suddenly heard a cold voice, “What are you all doing?”

Yuan Chu looked through the crack in her fingers and saw that it was the two people that had just left! They had actually come back?

Wen Liang was beside Mu Qinghan and when he saw Yuan Chu who was squatting on the ground in fear, he felt incredibly sorry and he said.

“Little sister Mu, I’ve already told you that the tests are troublesome! With your status, you could’ve simply informed them and entered but you insisted on taking the tests! Look at things now, you’ve been bullied by others right?”

After he said this, Wen Liang pretended to have just realised Ye Chenyuan and Jiang Tianming’s presence as he said in an exaggerated manner, “Isn’t this Childe Jiang? What are you trying to do? Little Mu is young master Mu’s younger cousin, were you perhaps bullying her?”

“Cousin?” Jiang Tianming subconsciously took a step back when he heard this. Although his family was very powerful, it couldn’t be compared to the Mu family!

When Mu Qinghan heard this, he actually went along with Wen Liang’s words and walked in front of Yuan Chu, saying in a soft voice, “Can you still walk?”

His actions showed that Yuan Chu was a member of the Mu family, because besides his own family and Wen Liang, no one in the academy had ever seen Mu Qinghan show concern for anyone else!

Ye Chenyuan was shocked! Cousin?

His eyes narrowed as he looked at Yuan Chu. It hadn’t been long since master left, she couldn’t possibly have gotten herself an identity in such a short period of time. Besides, from Jiang Tianming’s reaction, it wasn’t any average identity. Could he have gotten things wrong?

Then where did the special quality on her that attracted his attention come from?

Ye Chenyuan suppressed his doubts and didn’t say anything, although his eyes never left Yuan Chu.

When Yuan Chu heard Mu Qinghan’s words, she knew that he was helping her. Besides, if she didn’t clear herself of any suspicion right now, then when would she do it?!

She immediately jumped up and very enthusiastically, she shouted at Mu Qinghan.


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