TDCM Chapter 120: Surreptitiously

Yuan Chu nodded earnestly, “I’ll try my best. You have to work hard in the number one high school too ~ don’t disgrace me!”

“”I will. Ye Chenyuan looked at her lively appearance and couldn’t stop himself from lowering his head and dropping a kiss on the top of her head.

“Wait for me to return.”

Yuan Chu felt giddy as she was leaving. Ye Chenyuan, seems to have kissed her?

Although the kiss was on the top of her head, and although it didn’t feel like the desire a man had towards a woman, and seemed more like the warmth of an elder towards a child, Yuan Chu had never been kissed by someone like this and she felt very shy.

It didn’t feel bad……especially when the other party was such a handsome guy……

Ah! Stop it, stop it! Why was her imagination always running wild recently? Yuan Chu patted her chubby face as she gave it some serious thought……should she find a master’s husband for Ye Chenyuan?

Because she realised that she’d been getting restless recently, was it because she’d gone vegetarian for too long?

But when she thought about having to dual cultivate if she found a partner, she really couldn’t bear to give away the spiritual energy that she’d been accumulating for so many years.

Besides, what if after getting her spiritual energy, the other party becomes stronger, then has a change of heart and holds her in captivity to use as a furnace?!

Yuan Chu shivered at this thought.

Previously, she hadn’t dared to look for a partner because dual cultivation would require her soul to leave her body as both the spirit and flesh mixed, and she was worried that the other party would take this chance to attack her.

But now, she didn’t dare to do so even more! She had become a piece of tangseng meat that would allow others to ascend with just one bite. Whoever obtained her would receive great powers, just like the people in the secular world who suddenly became rich overnight. This would be a huge test of that person’s heart!

And eighty percent of people would become more greedy and warped. With her special physique, it was better that she didn’t take this risk.

As for Ye Chenyuan, his entire disposition changed after he sent Yuan Chu off. Although he was still smiling, his previous smile was gentle and tolerant, like a breath of fresh air.

But now, his smile was cold and distant, preventing strangers from getting closer.

Venerable Li was obtuse and didn’t realise these changes in Ye Chenyuan, even urging him.

“Alright, Little Chu has already left, you should also get down to business!”

He had long disliked how Ye Chenyuan always took Yuan Chu at her word, how he doted on her without limits. Hmph, he was clearly the one that met Little Yuan first, not only did he not recognise him as his master, he was still so biased towards her, how hateful!

He wasn’t jealous!

Ye Chenyuan nodded. Seeing that it was still early, he went straight to the venue where the number one academy was recruiting new students.

The number one academy was deserving of the two words “number one”.

The Empire had many first, second, and third-rate kingdoms within its realm, with many larger and smaller schools, but only the best of the best, the elite of the elite, the richest and most powerful among the rich and powerful, would be able to step through this door.

A large portion of the students that could attend this school were people that had received recommendations from the first, second, and third-rate kingdoms, and they were called “inner students”.

They’d be able to attend the school as long as they could pass the final assessment, so they didn’t need to queue.

And those that could receive recommendations from the various small kingdoms had a high probability of passing the assessment.

Without a recommendation letter, those that wanted to enter the school would need to line up and be tested one by one. If they were up to standard, they would become “outer students”, but if they wanted to enter the school, there were still three more tests. These tests were stricter than the ones the inner students received, so there was a high probability of outer students getting eliminated.

As someone from the immortal sect, Ye Chenyuan obviously didn’t have a recommendation letter, but he wasn’t worried about his enrollment. He had already made inquiries and found out that the base standard for inner students in the number one high school was to be under sixteen years of age with a cultivation that reached at least early stage Foundation Building.

Even if the assessment for outer students was stricter, his cultivation was now at Golden Core so there was nothing to worry about.

It’s just that, queueing took a very long time and it was very difficult to queue.

Most of the people that came to take part in the outer student assessments didn’t have any connections, but they were capable, but they didn’t reach the criteria to receive a referral.

After all, every year, the first rate-kingdoms could only recommend ten people, the second-rate kingdoms could only recommend five people, and the third-rate kingdoms could only recommend one person. So, a large majority of the people that had ambitions, had ability, and had special skills but were unable to get a place could only come and take the assessment.

Ye Chenyuan looked out, and as far as his eye could see, there were more than a thousand people in the queue, most of whom were at early stage Foundation Building. Even if they hadn’t reached Foundation Building, since they dared to queue here, they probably had some special skill and their ability shouldn’t be too far off either.

They were likely considered to be geniuses in their own kingdoms.

If not for their ambition, they probably wouldn’t need to go through an assessment if they studied in their own kingdom’s high school, and they’d even be valued by their school.

But they have come here to the number one high school, so it can be seen that they had ambition and motivation.

Ye Chenyuan was currently in the queue, and although he was standing, he was quietly circulating his cultivation. He never slacked off with his cultivation, so he didn’t notice a pretty girl by the side that was acting furtively, and who was secretly looking at him.

The girl looked to be of similar age to Ye Chenyuan, but she looked bewitching. She was dressed in red, and the swell of her chest couldn’t be underestimated.

Her sparkling black eyes swept across Ye Chenyuan once, then she didn’t dare to look at him any longer. Although Ye Chenyuan was cultivating, Venerable Li would always be on the lookout for him, and he was very alert. What if she took another look and got caught.

Needless to say, this annoying thing was Yuan Chu.

She was surreptitiously hiding behind a corner of the wall, her cultivation seeming to just be at the greater perfection of Qi Condensing. Among this crowd of geniuses, she was definitely not the least bit eye-catching.

But she didn’t want to enter so quickly, she would go in after Ye Chenyuan. In this way, she wouldn’t run into Ye Chenyuan and wouldn’t feel too guilty……

Yes, guilty. Yuan Chu didn’t know why she would feel guilty. Although she had said that she would be returning to go into seclusion, she had ended up following them here secretly. Despite knowing that there was a spirit beast at the number one academy that could possibly recognise her, she still took this risk……

But she could swear on her integrity! She would absolutely not expose her physique!

Despite this, when her gaze landed on Ye Chenyuan, she still felt guilty……ah! She was such a wimp! She was obviously the master alright?

After queuing for a long time, it was finally Ye Chenyuan’s turn. He awoke from his semi-meditative state and followed the other party’s instructions to put his hand on the testing crystal ball.

This was the simplest method of testing one’s cultivation, and it was also very easy to bluff, only that an overwhelming majority of people would hope for their cultivation to be higher, to amaze everyone. There were very few people that would be like Ye Chenyuan, who would adjust their cultivation to late stage Foundation building.

Soon, the crystal ball lit up, emitting five different coloured rays, which meant that he had five spirit roots, the kind that was the worst for cultivating.

The people that were queueing behind Ye Chenyuan couldn’t hold back their laughter. Someone with five spirit roots dared to come here?

But in the next second, the words that appeared on the crystal ball caused everyone’s eyes to widen.

“En……en?!” The attitude of the old man who was taking down the records changed, and he looked at Ye Chenyuan in shock, “late stage Foundation Building?!”

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  1. I’m kind of confused – is she hiding behind the wall and there is another girl who is staring at YCY? Or are they the same?


  2. Thank you so so much for the translations! XD

    I’ve been dying to read this novel since the last translator dropped it, but the MTL is just too unpalatable. We’re finally getting to the school arc, this was the last arc that I read in the webcomic, so I’m very excited!

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